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O.O we're onto #6 already???

Whoa, if only people would actually do them... >.>

The rules are the same as always, if you'd actually do them you'd know what they were... I'm lazy so you'll have to deal with it! XP

Due: September 20, 2009

You have to have two characters like this:

Name: Sophie Brins
Age: 8
Personality: fun and loving thinks the whole world revolves around her
Species: dragon

Name: Soul Jakins
Age: 105 (you can make him look as young or as old as you want)
Personality: dark and demented
Species: dragon hunter

please with your story add a picture of both characters, make sure that you don't use someone elses picture or you will be disqualified... the judging, remember, is NOT based upon the picture quality.
I will put up a pole one day before the contest ends, if you add yours the last day I will just add yours later; but remember that some might have already voted. Please vote if you entered, and don't vote for your own, I will be watching to make sure you don't.

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Don't feel bad, atleast you're participating now! ^ ^

(obvious one) written by you
(another obvious) no sex scenes
no word count limit but atleast 3 legal paragraphs

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