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Hi Good-Reads Community.

I am Anthony Ashmore LCSW (Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist).

Feel free to to ask me any questions in "Dear Abby" format, that you feel comfortable posting within a Public Forum.

(Please nothing confidential).

If I can be of assistance to you, via an exchange of casual encouragement and support ... it would be my pleasure.

Consider this the "Dear Abby" of the Good-Reads Platform!

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Angie Bates (mybookhaven) | 2 comments What books do you recommend for someone who is working on their masters degree to become a therapist?

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Hi Angie.

Thanks so much for reaching out.

The books you explore should absolutely be reflective of your specific interests as a Clinician & what field of practice you plan to enter into.

For me, personally, I derived a ton of valuable information from reading work by: Carl Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Freud.

I also utilized my free access to Empirical Journals, which were a major benefit of being a student, at the time.

I also found topics like Hypnotherapy and Clinical Reporting of Near Death Experiences, quote interesting.

To keep it more grounded, I also watched a lot of Documentaries and You-Tube videos, as Produced by Mental Health Professionals, that highlighted the presentation of Clinical Diagnoses.

I hope this helps ...

Again, the most important thing is to research what interests you and is reflective of your clinical trajectory.

Much Encouragement and Support to you!

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