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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 575 comments Mod
When Cain came into power, the churches and other holy buildings were demolished and it's contents nearly destroyed. Most of the homeless and the weary seek refuge in these shells of former beauty.

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Yukino walked around and entered the abandoned, demolished church, watching where she stepped. She looked around and saw a cross on the wall, the cross was untouched. She chuckled at the thought. She remembered when someone found out she was a vampire once, they shoved a cross in her face. Fortunately for her, that's not really how things work. She did not believe in the power of a god and well, being half human and everything might help with the whole 'cross' myth. She stared at the cross. 'I know there probably isn't a god, or spirits, but just in case, if you can hear me little brother... I'm sorry I didn't make it fast enough. You had a whole life ahead of you, and it was destroyed because I wasn't strong or fast enough.' Yuki thought. It was silly. She was praying, even though she didn't believe in a god. She was raised to despise religions, yet here she was, in front of a cross. She let out a small laugh. "Things never work out as planned, huh, Dad?" Yuki mumbled, mainly to herself. She probably looked insane, talking to herself and everything.

Yuki yawned and sat under the cross. She took out a book and began reading it peacefully. As she read, she drank from her canteen, some of the blood dripping down from her lips. She wiped it off with a handkerchief and gagged at the taste. "Bleh... Animal blood still tastes as terrible as ever." She mumbled bitterly.

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Kit-Kat Samantha made her way over to the church. The old abandoned church was her safe place, where she didn’t have to put up an act, where she could just exist, and not be depended on to do something. Sam walked into the building, but noticed someone sitting under the cross. She muttered a curse under her breath as she snuck around to observe the person, watching to determine if they were friend or foe.
Sam sat down behind one of the still standing pews, listening to any sound.

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"I swear. I want to punch one of those vampires in the cult. They are drinking human blood, which probably tastes amazing, and I'm here drinking animal blood. Why can't animal blood be tasty...." Yuki complained under her breath. She let out a sigh and chased it down with water. Unlike other vampires, she was still half human, so blood was always going to taste a bit weird. She turned her head when she heard a noise. A small white fox walked over to her. She pet the fox cub gently and then it looked over to the opposite direction. "What is it Onyx?" Yuki mumbled quietly. She looked over toward the direction the fox was looking but did see anything. But, she did smell something. It was the smell of a human. Yuki quickly covered her nose and rummaged through her bag, dropping her book. She took out a cloth and tied it around her neck. She used the cloth to cover her mouth and nose. "Hello, anyone there?" She asked. She didn't want to succumb to her vampire side, hence the cloth and covering her nose thing. It was a precaution. She could still somewhat smell the human, but the smell wasn't as strong. "I bite. Stay away." Yuki said coldly, but then Onyx bit her hand. "Ow! Fine. I don't bite. Neither does he. Well, obviously he does, but he doesn't bite strangers." she mumbled, caressing her now bleeding hand.

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Kit-Kat Sam heard the girl talking about vampires and blood, and began to fear her. Being caught by a vampire was a bad thing, especially if you were technically spying on her.
When the girl began to ask who was there, Sam began to panic, but calmed her lately down with deep breaths. She was usually good at keeping calm in tough situations. “I’m not here to hurt you. I just some here to get away from the chaos of the city. I didn’t mean to intrude, but there is usually no one here that isn’t homeless or lost. I had to see if you were friend or foe.”

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Yuki studied the older girl for a moment. "Ah. It's fine Miss! I'm sorry if I startled you!" Yuki hummed as she placed the book in her bag and stood up, holding the fox in her arms. "I'm not evil or anything, just so you know. If I was evil, I definitely wouldn't be drinking this disgusting animal blood." Yuki hummed, holding up her canteen. "Your.. uh... Not with any vampire cults are you?" Yuki asked. The small fox then started licking the blood that was leaking from Yuki's arm. She took out her handkerchief and cleaned the blood off. Once she finished, there was no visible wound on her skin. It seemed as though the wound never existed.

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Kit-Kat “No. No cults for me. Just a...” she hesitated, not wanting to reveal she was an assassin. “Just a girl traveling the city and wanting some quiet.” She slowly approached the vampire girl. “Do you not like vampire blood?” Sam’s cheeks flushed. “Sorry. Don’t mean to be rude.”

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"It's fine. My mother was a vampire and I didn't really get along with her. So I kind of don't want to go near other vampires. Other than my siblings of course, but we're all half human, so it's fine." Yuki explained. "Animal blood just tastes a bit weird. It's definitely a... acquired taste." she said through the cloth that covered her mouth and nose.

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Asia/Merci | 224 comments It’s acquired not required-))

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((My mistake :P))

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Asia/Merci | 224 comments It's okay!))

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((Kat? I has a question!))

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Kit-Kat ((Omg Yuki sorry I haven’t responded.
What’s your question?))

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((So, I know theres another roleplay I'm in with you, But I can't find it anywhere! XD It's the one with your pirate guy and My little Neko--))

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Kit-Kat “I can leave if that would make you feel better. I can find somewhere else to go.” Sam began to turn away but stopped. “Wait. I have something here. Can I grab it before I go?”

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Yuki looked at the girl and smiled. "You don't have to leave. It's a public place after all." Yuki hummed. "And theres really no need to ask me if you can do anything. I'm not going to get angry at you or anything, my status isn't that high, even in the rebellion." Yuki said, as she took off the cloth that covered her mouth.

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