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Downtown Xandra is bustling with villagers, a good place to take a stroll, see the liveliness and look at the kiosks.

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Xwft | 204 comments ((Lol i was writing this when the song “Sorry about your parents” came on and I died poor darling Tenma))

Syannis raised an eyebrow as Tenmas excuse. He needed to study? Syannis never had to study when he was Tenmas age, he didn’t even think Wren or Kaito had to study and they were at least ten years younger. So Syannis knew Tenma was waving him off deliberately. MAking up some excuse because he didn’t want to go out. Whether it was because Tenma didn’t want to be with him or just because he didn’t want to go out Syannis had no idea but either way it stung. Syannis knew his years of neglect were to blame and all that was purely his fault. But that didn’t stop the words hurting. Syannis reached out a hand going to take his brothers arm as he passed but very quickly thought against it, clutching the fabric of his tunic to stop him doing anything dumb. Instead he just watched his brother go full prepared to be. Forcing Tenma to do anything wasn’t what Syannis wanted to do. Anything he did would be his choice. After years of being told what to do there was nothing like choosing your own fate for once. Syannis knew that all too well. He wasn’t sure he himself had chosen right but he was determined to make sure all his siblings did. That they picked something they were happy to do, fell for someone they really loved, lived a life they were happy with. So if Tenma was happy locked in his room who was Syannis to stop him?

Syannis was about to turn to Kaito in hopes he wouldn’t be to upset about Syannis chasing Tenma off. They were getting along great before he stepped in and who was he to interfere with the two siblings who had barely seen each other. However a chirpy voice cut him off. A voice in which Syannis didn’t recognize straight away. However as the man talked Syannis recognized that owner of the voice as a young man called Andrei. Syannis made a note to remember the names of all the staff. Of course many came and went. Where, he never knew but he had a terrible feeling that some of them didn’t just ‘start a new life’ as he was told. However Andrei was someone he recognized. Being after twenty three years of living in the same place you very quickly learnt the names and voices of most the staff around you. You even learnt the sound of their footfalls and even the way each of them knocked on the door. Especially the maids who were constantly hovering around.

Spinning on his heel, Syannis turned to face the new arrival a mixture of surprise a wonder written on his face. The man didn’t stop his talking completely ignoring all of Tenmas attemptid protests. Yet he did all with a smile acting completely unfazed by how Tenmas gaze slowly got more and more dark. Syannis chuckled as as Andrei patted Tenma on the hand and strode off. That man had guts talking to Tenma like that. In fact talking to any royalty like that was basically asking for trouble but Andrei seemed not to care. Very few had the bravery to talk to them like this. Many, other than Syannis closest servants who would tie Syannis to bed if the time arouse, Totally not talking about the fact he’s dying in the other Rp with him because he refuses to sit still would never dare to do anything Andrei just did. They stuttered and ran as soon as they could. In fact Syannis partly admired the young man's bravery and how he smiled as if nothing was wrong. AS Andrei trotted off Syannis was more than aware of the way Kaito tried not to laugh and couldn’t help but grin himself as his comment. He was kinda like Minami, or Yuki, the more thought about it the more he noticed the similarities. Reaching over, Syannis ruffled his youngest brothers hair the way he use to do with Tenma even though they were only three years apart. A cheeky sort of grin now playing on his lips. He didn’t want to force Tenma to come himself but if Andrei made him that wasn’t exactly Syannis fault. Loopholes.
“Well…” Syannis thought. He himself wanted to go test the freaks of nature. To test his luck and go somewhere that wanted to kill him. Being stuck in a room for hours gave him this desire but he wasn’t prepared to take either of his siblings any place like that. JUst because he was bored and wanted something to get his heart racing didn’t mean his brothers did. So he had an alternative plan.
“Meet me at the horse stable in ten ask them to get two horses ready. I need to get out of these clothes and get some cash. Kaito make sure Tenma doesn't run Andrei got him into this and there ain’t no backing out now.”

Approximately seven minutes later, Syannis sprinted down the long marble halls skidding around corners and almost running into half the staff who screeched and jump out the way. Some, who knew him better, just gave him a look he understood very well.
You’re nuts.
Syannis just grinned and continued past them. He said meet in ten minutes and eight minutes had now passed so he had to hurry. It hadn’t taken long to change clothes, dark blue pants black top and a black coat thing to tie it all off. However it was more finding his coins that proved a problem. Syannis rarely went out to town and if he did it wasn’t to just wander around with loose change. So it took a good few minutes to hunt down his sake of coins amounts the many amounts of papers he kept telling himself he should pack up. Thankfully he had found them and was no racing to get to his brothers within two minutes.

Amazingly Syannis skidded to a stop right in front the stables just the ten minutes passed. Syannis wore a slightly smug grin as he trotted into the stables.
“I’m assuming you both know how to ride?” Syannis asked open the gate of Igbys stall and leading him out. Igby, his sleek black stallion who had gotten Syannis thought many sticky situations and he was surprisingly attached and to. He had been out with Kaito one or twice viva horse back but he wasn’t sure how well he could ride. As for Tenma... Syannis had no idea if he could ride. He remembered them learning together as kids but had no idea how much the test of time made him forget.
“If not one of you can ride with me. If you don’t mind being seen on the back of the horse with you brother. Or I can ride and tie your horses to mine it wouldn’t be the first time I lead two horses at once but you would have to more riding in that case,” he said while saddling Igby up.
There was a reason he told Kaito to only get two horses ready and it was because Syannis liked doing Igbys on his own. Sometimes people didn’t know how to saddle a horse and Syannis wasn’t prepared to let other do it for him. Slight trust issues yes but after falling off more than once thanks to straps not being done up good he grew a perrance to do things himself. After fully saddling Igby and doing a quick check of his brothers horses he looked towards them.
“So what you guys wanna do?” He asked saying a quick thanks to the stable boys before leading the three horses out into the sun. Igby tugged on the reigns in Syannis hand snorting slightly when he didn’t let go.
“Calm down child,” Syannis muttered running his hand down Igbys neck.
The gold on his fingers glinted as they hit the light each one having a different name etched onto his surface. He wore only four this time unlike the eight he sometimes had on. Riding with many rings was slightly annoying, more annoying than having his hair out, hence why he only wore four. Four which he refused to take off unless absolutely necessary. And it was only necessary when he died, his siblings died or they left. But this was all beside the point. He should be much more concerned on here and now then in the past. He had finally gotten Tenma out into the world this was not an opportunity he would turn down.

(Sorry this post is slightly uneventful I didn't want to do to many times skips so I will leave it here))

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((I'm dying of cold.))

Kaito just nodded and looked at the horse. With the help of a stable boy, he managed to get on the horse that was almost twice his size, despite being one of the smallest horses they had available. Kaito's teacher wasn't the best and often skipped things, and such things included on how to actually get on the horse. Usually the teacher would pick Kaito up and put him on the saddle, despite Kaito's constant protesting. He's learned to stay on the horse without falling or being thrown off, so that was good. He took a deep breath and looked at the horse nervously. "Move.. Please?" He said, as if asking nicely would actually work. The horse just neighed and started to eat the grass on the ground. Kaito sighed and looked at Syannis. "Yeah, horses don't seem to like me." he said as the horse neighed again, startling Kaito. Sure, he was normally good with horses, he had to if he wanted to keep them away from Minami who was deadly afraid of the creatures. But that didn't mean he knew how to ride one. Suddenly, the horse neighed again and just turned around, walking in the opposite direction of the town. He just continued to panic as the horse carried him away.

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((It's fine. I should replying to Yaoi roleplay eventually, hopefully today if I remember.))

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allurxa | 47 comments A sharp, angry expression soon found its way onto Ren’s face. He bit his lip gently, a habit he formed whenever he was angry or worried. Ren roughly crossed his arms over his chest in an aggressive manner, as if he was letting everyone know that he was pissed off. Ren had gotten into an argument with his sister again, although it was pretty normal for them now. This time it was different though. She wanted Ren to use his abilities to help people, but Ren was too much of a selfish bastard to care about anyone but himself. He continued along the path, probably going to his favorite tavern to drown his sorrows in beer. Ren almost knocked into a few people, muttering a string of curse words after every time, not even bothering to apologize. He continued to look down, not paying any attention to his surroundings.

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Liam hurried through the village. He wanted to purchase something that he knew would be out of stock soon. Dodging people left and right, Liam continued to run. He muttered a string of apologies as he did so, and fumbled with some coins in his pocket. Today, he was wearing a pair of glasses that were just a little bit too big for him. They continuously slid down his nose. Using his free hand, Liam pushed the glasses up higher and continued to head towards the shop. He wanted to purchase food from one of the vendors in town, but it was a very popular item. Sighing before muttering another apology, his head whipped around when he heard someone make an annoyed comment. Distracted by said person, Liam ran into someone else. They were slightly bigger than him, but they both ended up on the floor. His coins got thrown up into the air, and landed on the ground a short distance away from him. People just kept walking around the two of them. Liam landed on his behind with a soft "oof", not noticing that his money was gone. On top of that, his glasses slid down his nose once more. Ouch.. He thought, before looking up at the stranger he had run into. He widened his eyes slightly and averted his gaze in an almost embarrassed manner. While he didn't wish to run into anyone, he definitely didn't want to run into a cute boy! "I'm sorry.." He said softly, hoping he wouldn't be angry, as he already seemed to be in a bad mood.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren was about to change direction, when he crashed into another male, sending him crashing into the ground. The impact with the ground caused dagger to fall from its hilt, sliding across the ground near where the other boy’s coins had landed. A very, very angry look crossed his face, as he shot a nasty glare in the direction of the other boy. Ren was about to curse him out, but instead took a quick moment to inspect the other male’s face. shit.shit.shit.shit! Ren thought. Holy hell, the other male was attractive. No. Ren didn’t have time for frivolous things such as love or attraction or anything. He was already getting ahead of himself. “God- What the hell is wrong with you?!” Ren snapped, venom dripping heavily from his voice. His pupils had narrowed into soft slits, due to the fact that he was enraged. No, he was livid. “Don’t you know how to fucking look when you’re walking?!” Did Ren feel bad about being a complete dick?! No. Actually, maybe a little.

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Liam's gaze drifted from the dagger to the angry male in front of him. He flinched when he started going off on him, a hurt look crossing his face. This seemed to catch the attraction of the people around them, who were whispering remarks as they walked by. "I..I said I was sorry!" Liam exclaimed, thick eyebrows furrowing. "And I do! I just got distracted!" Liam replied, trying to stick up for himself. He definitely ran into the wrong person at the wrong time. Reaching for his coins, Liam bit his lip slightly in frustration. Why is he being so mean? He thought, taking his anger a little too personally. As the man continued to speak, Liam was reminded of his mother. He glanced over at him, hazel eyes filling with sorrow. He definitely couldn't handle this. Concentrating, he tried his best to use his abilities to calm the stranger down.

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allurxa | 47 comments Listening to the man ramble on and on was giving Ren a throbbing headache. He didn’t have time for this, or anything really. Ren was simply too selfish to care about anyone but himself for that matter. Opening his mouth to respond, he was about to bark another crude response, when an odd, yet soothing calming sensation began to wash over him. Ren felt his shoulder muscles relax, his face beginning to relax as well. It lost the angry look, making him appear ten times less aggressive, and somewhat attractive even. For some reason, Ren wasn’t even mad anymore, which was really weird for him. He was going to say something rude, but instead, decided not to. “Actually- it’s fine! Really.” Ren said, his voice losing the venom it once had. He reached over, straining his arm slightly in order to grab his dagger, and slide it back into the hilt. And then it hit him. Why was he acting this strange?! It wasn’t like him. Unless. . . Unless the stranger had used some sort of magic on him?!

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Liam had tensed up, hoping the stranger wouldn't notice and get even angrier. Realizing that he hadn't, a smile replaced the nervous expression on his face. "Thank you." He said, gathering the coins and shoving them into his pocket. Liam felt somewhat guilty for manipulating the stranger, but his rage was doing him no good. Taking a deep breath, he flashed a kind smile and readjusted his glasses. Shifting his gaze once more towards the stranger again, he was able to finally get a good look at him. Oh my god, he's so attractive. Liam thought, taking in the other male's features. His curly black hair and his dark brown eyes probably seemed common to most people, but to Liam, they were breathtaking. He sat there, staring at the stranger awestruck. He didn't even notice that the other male had started to realize what was going on.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren couldn’t get mad, and he didn’t understand why. The fact that he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get mad was making him even more frustrated, although he didn’t feel frustrated, which just made him feel even worse. He just felt. . . Calm. Which Ren hated, because it was something he hardly ever felt. In his not so fit of hidden rage, Ren took a moment to admire the other stranger. God, his hair looked so soft, he just wanted to run his hands through it. And his face. Oh god, Ren had never seen anyone that attractive before. Ren could get lost in those eyes. No- Ren couldn’t think that way. It wasn’t like him, and he didn’t deserve it. Without even knowing him, Ren could tell he was a kind person, just by the way he spoke and how he reacted to Ren’s horrid attitude. He wanted to get mad. He wanted to get really, really mad, but he only felt the irritating sense of calm. “W-What. . .What did you do to me?” Ren asked, a very, very slight hint of venom lacing his voice. It was all he could muster, due to the unseen force preventing him from lashing out.

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Liam snapped out of his thoughts and sighed softly. He really, really didn't want to tell the stranger. People didn't usually have a positive reaction when he admitted to manipulating them. "Please don't get mad..but I used my abilities to make you calm down." Liam said quickly, hoping that maybe Ren wouldn't understand what he had said due to talking too quickly. A few seconds went by before Liam apologized. Feeling really guilty, he stopped the use of his abilities on the stranger. "There, I stopped." He said, smiling slightly. Liam stood up, hoping that the encounter would be over with. After all, Ren was calmed, he apologized, and he really needed to get to that food stall. He held out a hand for the stranger to grab before running his free hand through his hair, revealing the single freckle on his forehead.

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allurxa | 47 comments All of a sudden, the calming feeling began to melt away. He could feel his muscles tensing up, and the burning feeling of anger building up in his system once more. At first, Ren didn’t really know what to say. He didn’t really know how to react, considering he had never been. . . Manipulated before. Gingerly taking the male’s hand, he pulled himself up, and dusted his pants off. Surely this man had ulterior motives, right?! Why else would he control him like that. Maybe he was being watched- or. Ren didn’t really know, but he intended to find out. “T-Thanks.” Ren replied, his voice hard, laced with venom again. He bit back the curse words that he could feel building up on his tongue. Ren decided that his best option was to follow him or something, to see what the hell was actually going on.

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((Sorry for the short reply;;))
Liam was beyond shocked when the other male didn't start yelling at him. A part of him wanted to ask for his name, but hearing the venom in his voice kept him from asking for it. At least he isn't cursing me out. He thought. Liam smiled slightly and nodded once the other male took his hand, before departing. This time, he didn't run. He walked to make sure he wouldn't bump into anyone else. Although, he was speed walking. He glanced around at the people passing by him. A few people had the food he had wanted from the stall. Grumbling under his breath, he walked a bit faster.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren couldn’t understand why he was so suspicious of the other male. It didn’t make sense to Ren why he had used his abilities on him though. And his logic was very, very flawed. But something just didn’t add up, and Ren intended to find out what it was. He watched as the man started to disappear into the crowd of people, and began following him. Ren was dodging people left and right, making sure not to lose his trail. He kept behind, so hopefully the other male wouldn’t notice that he was being followed. Ren ran a hand through his hair, almost bumping into another person. He was able to get away, barely grazing their shoulder by accident. Mumbling a quick, halfhearted apology, he walked away, coming to a stop at one of the stands, where he was able to keep his eye on the man.

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Liam continued on his path towards the many stalls ahead. He looked around, lips pursing into a small frown. "Hm..Maybe I should find a shortcut." Liam muttered to himself, and stopped for a moment. He looked around, and noticed one of many alleyways that he could take to get to his location quicker. He turned on his heel and hurried down the alley. Liam didn't notice he was being watched at first, but he did feel someone's gaze on him. Glancing around nervously once more, Liam shook his head. I'm just being paranoid. He thought before moving on.

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allurxa | 47 comments After waiting a few seconds, Ren turned on his heel, making his way towards the alley entrance. After thinking it over, Ren decided that the most logical reason was that the man had been sent by one of the sides, hoping to get him to pick one. Ren had been pestered by both sides before, seeing that he was a very capable fighter and or healer. Something in the back of his mind (the logical part) was telling him that it had just been an accident, and nothing else was at play there; But, as usual, Ren refused to listen to it. Ren hadn’t stepped foot in the alley before, but he hoped that there would be a dead end somewhere, and he’d be able to “interrogate” the man from earlier. Ren continued to keep his distance, ducking behind a corner when he saw the man glance over. Shit. I hope he didn’t see me. . . Ren thought, biting his bottom lip nervously. He let his hand drop to the dagger stashed away on his hilt, and pulled it out, twirling it in his fingers.

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Liam's eyebrow's furrowed, a nervous expression crossing his face. Of course if he needed to use self defense he would, but the efficiency of that depended on the skill level of the person in pursuit of him. He did in face notice Ren, but only a slight glimpse of his legs when he ducked behind the corner. He definitely didn't expect it to be the stranger he had encountered before, so his first thought was the enemy. Backing up a bit, he glanced behind him to see if there was a way to get out. Liam didn't have the ability to beat someone in a fair fight. As a spy, his skill sets were on the more stealthy and tricky side. "Hello?" Liam asked softly, hoping that maybe it was an animal or something. His heart dropped when he noticed that he had taken the wrong alleyway. He really needed to work on his sense of direction in times like this.

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allurxa | 47 comments Fuck, Liam had noticed him after all. Ren took a deep breath, unsure why he was so nervous. He had done stuff like this plenty of times before. Threatening people- that is. Stepping out from the shadows, Ren advanced forwards towards Liam. He stopped a few yards from him, gripping his dagger tightly. “I know why you’re here. I know what you’re trying to do.” Ren attempted to say sternly, but he just sounded like an asshole. God, what was he doing at this point?! Ren was acting like a complete idiot, and refused to believe that the man had bumped into him on accident. Noooo, he had to come up with some crazy theory like a madman.

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Liam raised an eyebrow at him, and stood still, almost defensively. "What are you even talking about..? I apologized for running into you and that was that." He said, biting his lip in slight annoyance. His gaze landed on the dagger in the other man's hand and he inhaled sharply. "What are you even trying to accomplish?" Liam asked carefully, as he debated on using his abilities once more.

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allurxa | 47 comments A look of annoyance sprung to his face. “Don’t play dumb.” He spat, venom lacing his voice. “I don’t care which side you’re on. I’m still not joining.” Ren was acting like a huge idiot. He had no proof, except something in the back of his mind telling him that this man might be a spy of some sort, perhaps sent to test his abilities? Although that wouldn’t make a lot of sense because others had already been sent to do that quite some time ago. Gripping the dagger a bit tighter, he slid it back into the hilt. Although he let his hand linger slightly, just in case.

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Liam relaxed a little bit more and then huffed an exasperated sigh. "My name is Liam and I am a spy for the rebel side." He began, hoping the other male wouldn't lash out at him. "I promise that I have no hidden intentions, and it was simply an accident when I bumped into you. Again, I'm sorry." Liam said, glancing at the ground. He really wished the other male wasn't so mean. He would definitely be more likable. He prepared to calm the other male down if things went bad.

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allurxa | 47 comments He..he appears to be telling the truth.. thought Ren, as he became a bit lost in his own thoughts. Maybe Ren was just paranoid, although he had every right to be. He could be less of a jerk though, although that requires effort that Ren would rather not put in. “And that’s the truth?” Ren asked, his voice softening a bit. Honestly, Ren could be nice at times, and maybe . . . Just maybe, this could be one of those times. Ren bit back all the rude things he could have said, and instead replied with a simple: “Alright then. . .I apologize for my mistake.” Ren’s faze shifted from the Liam, to the ground, and back. He was a bit nervous now, although he tried not to let it show. He had made a fool of himself, hadn’t he?

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A soft but still nervous smile danced across Liam's lips. "I-It's okay, I assure you." He said, his nervousness seemingly fading. He shifted his feet awkwardly before noticing the other male's behavior. Did I make things awkward? Why does he seem nervous? Liam thought before taking a step closer to him. "I'm Liam, what's your name?" He asked, holding out his hand for a handshake. He was quick to forgive people on certain matters, and this was Liam's downfall. Despite people breaking his trust often, he still hasn't learned to be careful around others.

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allurxa | 47 comments Raising an eyebrow slightly, Ren was taken aback by the male’s sudden kindness. He wasn’t used to that, so he was a bit unsure on how to respond. Hoping he wouldn’t sound weird, Ren quickly thought of a response. Liam, huh? “It’s Al-“ he started to say. “Ren. My name is Ren.” Alexi was his birth name, but words couldn’t begin to describe how much he despised the name. Ren hesitated for a slight second, before reaching his own hand out towards Liam’s. “It’s nice to meet you. And- I’m sorry about before?” Ren tried his best to be sincere, but he sounded somewhat sarcastic.

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((these two awkward gays make me so happy eee <3))

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Liam nodded. "Nice to meet you, I guess." He said, not intentionally being rude. He shook Ren's hand before letting his arm rest at his side. "It's quite alright," Liam replied, noticing how awkward the silence became. He crossed his arms, spacing out before looking up at Ren. "Do you.. maybe wanna grab something to eat with me?" Liam asked somewhat nervously.

((sorry it's shorttt))

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allurxa | 47 comments I guess? Ren thought, but soon brushed away the thought. He was slightly taken aback by Liam’s sudden question, but the least he could do was accept the offer after being so rude to him. And, Liam was pretty handsome. . . “Oh- uh- That sounds nice. . .?” Ren was tripping over his own words at this point. Being nice, or just generally non rude was quite the struggle for him. “Sorry- Yeah, do you have a place in mind?”

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Liam didn't expect Ren to agree. "! It's a food stall but before you judge, the food is really good!" He said, talking somewhat fast. He wanted to get to know Ren, because Liam couldn't help but wonder. He definitely doesn't seem like a jerk at heart. After all, here he is being nice. Liam then realized he had given out some important info to Ren. "Oh. Please don't tell anyone about what I do for work. I shouldn't have told you in the first place." He said nervously. Liam was annoyed at himself, but at the same time, Ren didn't seem like the type to tell secrets. Liam would rather be safe than sorry, though.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren nodded in response. He hadn’t been to a food stall in a while, so it was exciting for him, although he didn’t show it. He opened his mouth to say something, but quickly cut himself off. Even though Liam seemed like a genuinely good person, he couldn’t allow himself to get close with anyone. Not after last time. Upon hearing Liam’s request, Ren replied with a simple: “I won’t tell anyone, you have my word.” Although he wasn’t sure if his “word” meant anything anymore. Ren noticed how nervous Liam seemed, so he thought sharing one of his own secrets might help. “Here- since I know one of your secrets, I’ll tell you one of mine. Ren. . .isn’t my actual name.” He admitted.

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Liam raised an eyebrow as Ren began to speak. "Really?" He asked. He wondered why Ren didn't go by his real name. A part of him wanted to ask, but he didn't want to pry. He smiled slightly, and began walking. "Follow me, we just have to hurry because they might sell out!" Liam said. picking up the pace a bit. He glanced behind him and smiled slightly. "Thanks, by the way." He said in response to what he had said earlier.

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allurxa | 47 comments A slight smile tugged at the corners of Ren’s lips, but as soon as it was there, it disappeared. He began walking faster, to match Liam’s current speed. Honestly, Ren was a bit shocked that Liam didn’t pry, but he was also glad. It was something that Ren didn’t enjoy explaining, because it didn’t really make sense. Shaking his head slightly, “You don’t have to thank me, alright?” Ren asked, in response to Liam’s apology.

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Liam nodded, trying to match his walking pace with Ren's. "So..did something happen before I ran into you? You seemed to have been in a really bad mood." Liam asked gently. Despite how rude he had been towards Liam earlier, he only wanted happiness for the other male. That is one of Liam's faults. Despite the way he gets treated by some, he wants the best for each and every individual. He pulled out the coins he had been keeping in his pocket, and counted them. A frown tugged at his lips. "I must've lost a few when I ran into you earlier." Liam said, turning to look behind him. He groaned, annoyed.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren raised an eyebrow slightly, somewhat shocked that Liam even asked. He shook his head gently, “I got into a stupid agreement, that’s all..” Ren admitted. Although, it wasn’t stupid. Maybe his sister was right, and he should use his abilities to help people. Hearing Liam speak about the coins he must have lost, Ren felt a slight pang of guilt hit him. He fished around in his pocket for his own coins, “How many did you lose?” Ren asked, prepared to give Liam some of his. He felt bad about earlier, which was odd for him.

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Liam had a tendency to only carry the amount of coins he needed for the day rather than everything he owned. This was to avoid losing all of his money in case he got robbed, this was Liam's own paranoia and not due to personal experience, though. "Oh, I'm sorry." Liam replied, frowning a little more. He raised his eyebrows, surprised. "Three..but you don't need to give me any! I'll just order something different." Liam exclaimed, despite really wanting the other food. He smiled softly, putting the coins back in his pocket.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren shook his head, already making up his mind. “I’ll pay, alright?” He asked, although it wasn’t a question at this point. Ren had enough money to pay for both, due to the large sum of money he was left after his father passed. Ren reached into his pocket and pulled out three of the coins, handing them to Liam. “Here,” he started to say, “And honestly- it’s fine. It was just some stupid argument.” Maybe if Ren said it enough, he’d actually begin to believe it.

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Liam took the coins gingerly, before thanking him. He felt bad for having Ren do this. "Are you sure? It was my fault for running in to you.." Liam said, apologizing softly again. He looked at Ren's facial expression and gave him a questioning look. "Was it really that stupid? If you want to talk about it I'll listen. It's the least I could do, honestly." Liam insisted. While he was nosy sometimes, that wasn't the reason why he wanted Ren to vent. He seemed so upset, and Liam really wanted him to be happy. After all, he was nice when he wasn't yelling at people.

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allurxa | 47 comments “I’m positive,” Ren said reassuringly. He wanted Ren to have the coins, it was the least that he could do. What Ren couldn’t understand, was why Liam was so nice to him. He didn’t deserve such treatment, so why was Liam being so kind? “If it isn’t too much trouble..?” Ren asked. He’d never vented to someone before, which was odd, considering how angry he was all the time.

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Liam smiled. "It's not too much trouble. Go ahead." He said, putting the coins in his pocket. He continued walking, and pointed at the stall he wanted to order food from. He listened to Ren as he vented, and waited for him to finish. He wanted to give the other boy advice, but he didn't want to push any boundaries. When Ren officially finished venting, Liam would ask if he could put in his two cents. He nodded every so often, and pointed at the menu for what he wanted to get so he wouldn't interrupt him.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren took a deep breath. “It’s just- my sister keeps nagging on me about my abilities. She wants me to use them to help people. . But I can’t do that without hurting others. If that makes sense?” Ren hoped he wasn’t being annoying by ranting to Liam, but he needed to vent to someone at least. Ren stopped, in order to choose what he wanted. He grabbed his coins quickly, and chose what he wanted to order.

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Liam stood next to Ren at the counter, and listened as he spoke. He smiled when their food was handed to them and led him to a table and chairs so they could sit. Once they were all set, he rested his head on his right hand. "Hm..What are your abilities?" He asked, confused. He ate some of his food, and sat up in his chair.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren carefully grabbed his food, and made his way over to the table with Liam. Sitting down, he began to try and explain what his abilities were exactly. “They’re a bit...weird. I can uh- take emotional or physical pain/wounds from someone, and put them onto myself or other people?” He said in between bites of food. Ren sat back into his chair, waiting for Liam’s response.

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"Woah..really?" Liam asked. "That's so cool! But I can see where your problem is with it." He said, and paused to think for a moment. "How often do you use it?" Liam questioned. Yes, Ren's sister was right. He could use the ability for good, but there were several drawbacks to it. A part of Liam wished he had an ability like that, but he knew if he did he wouldn't want to use it either.

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allurxa | 47 comments Nodding along, Ren was unsure of what he was supposed to do. “Sorry- I feel like I’m being annoying.” Ren continued taking bites of his food, shocked at how good it was. He needed to remember to thank Liam once they were finished. That feeling again.. Ren thought. He was getting too happy again. Ren couldn’t allow that to happen.

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Liam shook his head immediately. "You're not!! It's alright." He said and smiled. "I'm sorry you had an argument like that. It must be hard..having abilities like those." He said trying to sympathize with Ren. He put his hands in his lap, and stopped eating for a bit. "Anything else?" He asked, waning Ren to continue venting if he needed to.

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allurxa | 47 comments Ren shrugged, still feeling like he was being annoying. “It’s- I don’t use them...often.” Ren hated using them, but sometimes he didn’t really have a choice. Shaking his head, Ren replied with a simple: “No.” oh! He had almost forgotten to thank Liam for inviting him. “Hey- Thank you for inviting me..this is really good,” A slight smile graced Ren’s features, but it was only there for a few seconds, until it disappeared back into Ren’s usual look.

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Liam nodded in understanding. "Oh, okay." He said, before smiling again. "Of course! I'm having a nice time." Liam replied before eating a bit more of his food. He was surprised that Ren agreed to come, and even more surprised when he opened up a bit. "Sorry again for using my abilities on you..It was uncalled for, honestly." Liam apologized.

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allurxa | 47 comments Shaking his head once more, Ren disagreed with Liam. “No- no. I- I was getting out of hand, I’m sorry.” Ren felt the need to apologize, which was weird. For some reason, he felt like he could actually talk to Liam, which was a bit odd, considering how closed off Ren was.

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Liam shrugged slightly. "I should've payed attention though." After a few seconds of contemplation, he grinned. "Well, it's all in the past now anyways. Let's forget about it." He suggested, and rested his head on his hands again. He looked Ren in the eyes, his grin getting brighter. "So, what now?"

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