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Adrian's Moms murder
Zachary Bellis Zachary Dec 12, 2018 11:15AM
Ok so phobia 100% killed Adrian's mom. With all of the proof that you have it HAS to be true. I have 3 examples of this "fact". First, The saying on the card, to all of the anarchists this is his special saying so right in the beginning you have the suspicion that it is him. Next, the monster that Adrian said he used to see in his dreams, I mean I would have to think that is just Phobia playing with his mind.....Right? Last, the dream/ fear state the Phobia put Adrian in about his mom, I mean out of all of his fears( which I envision that is many) he picks this one. And when you think about it, this fear has already come to fruition. She is dead, she already fell to her death, why bring back this. But, it also could be something he is still scared about, but I don't think that is the case. If you have anything to add please do I love this series and want to know more so add to this discussion when you feel the need. (this is my own opinion if you have a different one please add that too. Thank you for reading this)

Lady Indomitable died after the defeat of Ace Anarchy, right? Assuming that is true, if Max's quarantine hadn't been completed (or built) yet when she died then it is totally possible that Max accidentally took her powers. However, Marissa Meyer seems to give a lot of clues suggesting that Phobia killed her, so either theory could work!

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I think that Max accidentally did. He can take away powers, and that is why Adrian's mom stopped flying..? Idk that's just my guess but your's is a REALLY good theory. I think that Phobia has to do something with it, just maybe not killed her.

gabriella :) Both of these therories are my guesses. I feel it would be better plot for it to have been Max, and it makes sense. But Phobia seems like a good guess ...more
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