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Vic Tyler (authorvictyler) | 3 comments NOW CLOSED.
Thank you all!


I'm looking for people to review an advanced copy of my newest work, Adoring You.

It does have explicit sexual content.

I've linked the book, so you can take a look at the description and see if it interests you.

Adoring You (Troublesome Affections, #0) by Vic Tyler

If interested, please message me!
Mobi, ePub, and PDF available


Fame. Glamour. Stardom.
There's nothing Michele could want that she can't have.
Except for the attention of the man acting like she doesn't exist.
It was by pure accident that she fell on him - and maybe, for him - upon a chance encounter. After sharing one night of musical passion, she can't help but hope for more, only to leave broken-hearted. Because when another person is involved, he has to want her just as much as she wants him.

Music. Passion. Innovation.
Peter's life was simple before her.
The only thing on his mind was his travels and his work.
Until her voice and her smile started to consume his thoughts. What started as curiosity turned to intrigue and then to something more. When his job calls him back to reality, he must choose between his head or his heart.

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Fiona Fog (fionaandbuffy) | 75 comments Me! I'll read it sounds interesting.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Elmore (jae28293) | 6 comments This is my kind of book! It sounds so good! 💖

message 4: by Vic (new)

Vic Tyler (authorvictyler) | 3 comments Awesome! Messaged both of you :)

B. C. Booklover (bcbooklover) | 367 comments This one sounds like a winner and right up my alley! Steamy is a prerequisite for me!

Tori - Novel Life (novellife) Oh I am so interesting in this! The Blurb sounds so interesting! Are ARCs still available?

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Vic Tyler (authorvictyler) | 3 comments Messaged!

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Ammy Myers (ammymyers) | 0 comments Sounds good!

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Esha Aeron (eshaaeron) | 8 comments Am i too late..??

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