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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 575 comments Mod
The center of the maze of walls surrounding the castle. Bastion's edge houses the home of the royals and high - ranking officials. This is the prime source of evil in the land. The castle is surrounded by two sets of stone walls. The only ways in or out of the walls are the central gates of the secret passages that lie beneath the bridge spanning across a small gorge.

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 575 comments Mod
Cain was sitting upon his throne like usual. A blacksmith was kneeling at his boots. "I humbly ask of you sire to bestow more time. Your order is impossible to complete with just three smiths." Dusty came forward and backhanded him with his iron gauntlet. "Watch your tongue peasant. Cain is your king after all. I think it's time you spun the wheel."

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