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Here we go?

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The werecat construction worker

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I was thinking your an actor my guy is the worker that makes the set fixing things

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M I thought we were doing MxM

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Lol it’s all good

Name: Devin Grim
Age: 20
Species: werecat
Appearance: https://pin.it/t432jyyxxgal73

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((I’m going to start))

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Devin was at work early working on the new set. He was on a break and he was in the area of the studio laying on his side. Taking a nap. He was a car so sleeping almost anywhere was eat for him.

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Devin got up stretch and walk outside and eat his lunch. He stay away from the others. He usually eat and sneak a beer or two before he goes back to work.

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Devin stop and heard someone call out. He eyes look side ways and narrow his eyes. Why is this actor calling me. Thinking to himself, “Please please don’t be talking to me.’ He went and act like he heard nothing and keep eating.

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((Sorry if I’m not detailed just I have to get the fell of my character))

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Devin look at him and up he was very slender man but, he was very cut and fit man. “Hello there.” With okay I’m saying hi now leave me alone. He wasn’t a bad person just don’t like being close to anyone nor try to fall in love with anyone or any friendship. “I have to go to work now.” He narrow his eyes pissed he couldn’t have his beer now.

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Devin knew that his buddy were on an hour break and the next thing he need recurred two people. He sigh and walk up to the actor, “Hey i barely know you but, could you not tell anyone I’m drinking beer right now. I always have 2 beers after break before work.” He was a bit of a beer drinker.

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Devin let out a small chuckle, “Nice have you try Irish whiskey before. i try it once it literally kick my ass.” He stop very fast realize why is he so open out of nowhere. He open one tall boy “its a large can of beer if you didn’t know that.”

((How do you feel about cussing and mature scene))

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((Okay just let you know. Mature scene is allow here too....but, if you like pm that I’m okay with that.))

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Devin start to ask if he want to go to the bar but he knows how he gets when his drinking to much. And he does become a cat when he drink a lot. He open his mouth and shut it, “Seems we are both much drinkers.” This is the first time he spoken a lot to someone.”

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Devin chuckle because knowing he couldn’t be kick out from a few bars because the owner had a huge crush on him. He smirk and open his can. He start to drink after drinking the first he open the second. He got a text he look down seeing what he said.

‘Seems like this guy is making you smile. That’s unusual isn’t brother. Flirting aren’t you.’

He stop drinking and it was still half the van left. He look up and look around trying to see where his brother was hiding. His eyes widen in a little shock and drop the cam and storm off back into the building.

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Luke was pissed as hell and went to the corner and took a nap. He knew he was going to bar after work. It was Friday had the weekend off.

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Devin was finishing of his last project and look at the man. “Where I tag along? I got to finished a project before I head out.” He had to finished before he went home or it would bother him.

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Devin smile understanding and went to back to work after an hour he stop he fix his tools and organizing it. He clean up real fast and went there he actually change of cloths showing a little of his body with the muscle. He went to the bar said. He walk in knowing this were one of the owner like him a lot.

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Devin smile and nodded. He wasn’t going to say his name. When he was thinking that the bar owner ran right behind him, “Devin you finally show up. You know when you come all your drinks are free man!” He look at the bar owner, “Andy serious man.”

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Andy hug him friendly but showing more than that. “We use to date is all.”

Devin narrow his eyes and turned around gave him the look to get him the strongest liquor they had.

Andy nodded and walk off and got what Devin want.

((Sorry didn’t reply didn’t notice you change your profile pic lol))

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Devin look at him was a bit a little take back with all this question coming out.

Andy show up with a very foreign liquor gave it to Devin. “This boy is super serious a work freak. But sadly he was the one that broke up with me. For really no reason. Just saying I was in his way of something important. But I know him will he didn’t mean it in a mean way. He does come out cold but his a nice guy. Not the social one I have to say. “. Andy smile saying it all because the truth was he was the first and only person that dare Devin.

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Andy smirk, “So you try to approach him and get him to talk. One two reason people do that. One they fell sorry for them and the second you have a small crush aka you see him attractive.”

Devin narrow his eyes, “You know I’m here.” He walk off taking several huge gulps of the drink.

Andy smile and look at Devin walking away, “If you want him you need to step up his game. One he has no idea how many people want him. Second his family is loaded with money but right now he step to the side not to show the money he want work and earn his money like everyone else.”

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Andy new that secret but it was something he couldn’t share with anyone. “it’s a family secret and if he shares to many people his family can hunt him down. “ Andy look at Devin seeing Devin drunk already. “If you want to get anything from him right now is the perfect time.” Pointing at Devin.

Devin look at the guy that came up flirting with him. He narrow his eyes not carring for this guy. The guy put his hand on Devin hip. Devin drank more of his drink. “Back off your not my type of guy I like.”

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Devin turned around to face Sam, “Nah they think I’m drunk but the truth is that I’m very alert just not great at balance when I’m drunk. By the way Andy meant I’m sociable right now he doesn’t mean to ask for things like that. It’s funny Andy means if you want to get to know me it’s the best time because I’m pretty social when I’m drinking.”

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Devin smirk, “The image of my family. Everything I say or do does go back to my family. Second I’m not a normal person. “. Only hint he was giving this guy about what he is. “By the way what’s your name?”

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Devin narrow his eyes it was time he knew this guy is hitting on him he going to make sure he likes him no matter what. He grab Sam hand and drag him to a place for them to be alone. “I can sense your interest in me. But you have t really decide what you really want but before that question you also have to be at peace about this about me.” He close his eyes and slowly turned into a small domestic fluffy black cat with icy blue eyes. He seat down and look up at Sam waiting to see his reaction.

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Devin narrow his eyes about to do something.

Andy sense what he did and open the door and grab Devin in the neck spot, “Dude you should know someone more before that. Telling someone your a were cat. If your family finds out your both deep shit.”

Devin hissed and made a noise of a cat sounding like it’s talking but it sounds like blah blah. He swap Andy nose.

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Andy was getting really jealous of this guy because this person was human and he was a werecat just like him. He want to stay to make sure nothing stupid happen like him blurting pit more about their kind.

Devin hissed with more anger. He knew what Andy was he was making sure he want going to say about their kind. But he had no idea he was jealous.

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Andy step back and narrow his eyes not knowing what to say now. He grab Devin. “I have to talk to him now”. Both left the room, “What the hell man put kind aren’t suppose to shift in front of humans like that. “

Devin turned back, “Dude come on maybe I scarred him off.”

Andy slap his forehead hard.

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Devin couldn’t help this anymore and turned back and start to get pissed. He told Andy before he shifted, “your acting like a stupid baby girly cat than a king of cats.”

Andy eyes widen in great anger and shift and attack Devin. He didn’t care anymore he already send a text to hDevins older brothers about the problem. He lung and bite onto devins hind leg.

Devin hissed and made a very loud painful noise.

Andy: https://pin.it/i3efl6rh4z7e6c

Sorry I been gone so long

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Andy growled loudly and stalk off where no one else. Saw his form. He couldn’t believe his lose control of his emotion. But he spoke about the authority.

Devin stay at his cat form scarred on what just happen. His eyes widen and shaking. He was about to say something or show the guy something until someone burst in.

Emery , “What in the hell is wrong with you!” He walk up to Devin and grab him roughly and carry him like a domestic cat. He look at the other guy and narrow his eyes, “it be wise of you to leave this scene.”

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Emery want to explain any of this and knowing Andy is still but in the long run he was very nice person and don’t like anyone unhappy. He walk out and saw Andy, “Andy I’m busy at the moment dude sorry but you have to talk to this about it all.” He then walk off wondering if this might be the one.

Andy widen his eyes wondering what it had to be him again. He sigh and look at the door.

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Andy grab his hair and pull it up in a messy bun some was coming undone on side most of it stay in the bun. He look at Sam again and sigh. “please follow me to my car. Something big is happening at the moment so they want me to go to my house. I will explain a a lot of things tonight.” He knew it wasnt at all safe to talk at his bar.

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Sam took off driving where they went it was a 30 minute drive from where his house was. “Name is Andy nightlight. I know I know stupid name. I’m what you call a werecat. Your buddy is as well. But each of us shift into all kind and different species of a cat. We aren’t nothing like a stupid dog they get the power of the moon. But we don’t get super power with nothing. We just shift and have the power of the cat we turn into. Their wars between family werecat they aren’t at all something small you can hind from. Right now your a human and in his way he mark you as his human. When we turn into our cat form it is our way we are showing our submissive side. Basically he mark you and now his enemy is going to after you. They are spy around my bar and you were in danger they other guy was Evan (I forgot my character name lol) older brother. “. He stop to let it soak in the human mind.

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Andy quickly break and start to laugh super hard. He then look at him with a look saying are you a crazy person. “I didn’t make you!”

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Andy smack his head. “I didn’t mark you. I didn’t decide to turn infringe of you. The one that’s transforming in front of someone is our way we mark you. I only turn because Damien challenge authority I don’t like being challenge like that. But didn’t change because I’m interest in you. I stay of my own species.” He start driving again.

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Andy look at him and smile softly. “My house and by the way the answer is that Andy mark you!” He look at a huge black gate coming up and smile.

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