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(How's this for a thread hehe)

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Don't mess with me, it'll be the LAST mistake you ever make

Name: Claire IronForge
Age: Unknown, though she looks at least 10 years of age due to how differently a vampire ages
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

She has tiny little wings that she somehow grew when she was turned
Alignment (Dawnguard or with IronForge's army.): Unknown, she doesn't really align herself with her father nor does she really wanna get involved in anything both sides have to do, though she is good, that's for sure
History: She was born as a biological daughter to Cain IronForge, a human turned vampire who grew up with a temper. She was taught to listen to her father and to follow his ways, which worked for the first years until she met a human who changed her views on the world, however, Cain disliked her friendship with the human and had her killed, which caused Claire to despise him and she wanted nothing to do with either side, however, she pretends to obey her father, though she hates it.
Magic (IF a wizard, healer/priest or assassin): Basic vampire magic which includes regeneration, speed, strength, a vicious bite, and she can drink the blood of her enemies, though she prefers animal blood

In order to survive you have to pretend to follow the enemy. And that is where I come in, I make the perfect spy against my father, he hardly even suspects it.

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Name: Yurina Aki Shinoa

Age: 17

Sexuality: Lesbian

Species: Elf

Appearance: She is usually wearing a white cloak and a White tunic/black pants combo when in the field, she wears the same thing when on base.

Occupation: Dawnguard leader

History: Yurina is the last surviving member of the true royal family. She has long since gone into hiding since her face is plastered over all the wanted posters throughout the kingdom. She still heads into the city every now and then behind her mask or under and illusion spell to change her appearance. She won’t stop until Cain and his cronies are brought to justice.

Magic: Minor illusion magic

Other: is trained in archery and alchemy, along with fighting with daggers

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I want Claire to meet Yurina

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Wanna have them meet

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Where at?

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IDK I would think the guard is with my character too

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Naturally yes, but let's hold off until the rp has gone on for a bit ok?

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Okay, I still wanna RP with you

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No arguments here

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Angel Hated | 3 comments Basic Information
Name: Angel Delancy
Nickname/Alias: Del, Light, shorty.
Gender: female
Age: 16
Race: half human, half elf.
occupation: Assassin

Appearance Information
Appearance: Light pale, blue eye's,she has long hair that changes colors with each form she takes. her nose is small, she has small elf ears.
image: description
Clothing: usually depends on how she feels. she could be wearing a black outfit one day and a ivy green the next.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130.0 lb

Psychological Analysis
Personality: keeps to herself, tells little about herself. she usually works alone. she makes friends easily but doesn't interact unless needed too. only the people that actually know and understand her she'll have conversations with.
Likes: chocolate, horses, daggers, fights, quiet, etc.
Dislikes: talking, vanilla, swords.
Fears: her past, swimming.

Ability Analysis
Magic: can create a small ball of light but can mostly cast shadow or dark magic
Strength(s): invulnerable to both age and disease, light-footed and has amazing eyesight.
Weakness(es): lust, and water
Skill(s): highly and professionally flexible, quick.
Weapon(s): double daggers.
image: description

Miscellaneous Information
History: not saying, she doesn't like to tell her past unless asked personally or needed too.
Family Members: little sister named Aura Delancy
Relationship Status: single
Sexuality: bisexual
Relationships in General: friendships: decent, never been in a actual relationship.

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Where's her history and which side is she on?

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Angel Hated | 3 comments Xander wrote: "Where's her history and which side is she on?"

she doesn't exactly have a side. she's on either. and her history is like any other persons. but her home no longer exists, her area was burned and destroyed, her people were killed, the only survivors of the attack was her and her little sister. they live in the forest mostly and grew up for themselves, Angel taught herself how to be an assassin and how to use her magic and weapons.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 31 comments Name: Tsumi Sugashima
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
History: Tusmi lived alone most her life. After her mother past away. Her father had left them. Tsumi got abused by her mum. Tsumi has scars coving her back and stomach
Magic: Shadow and fire magic
Other: Tsumi is shy , caring and a lovable person, she keeps her history a secret, she wishes for a friend to listing to her past but keep it secret

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Jean... History has to be 3-5 sentences.

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Also, just to limit things a tad bit and to add a challenge. Mainly roles of wizard, priest/cleric, or assassins can use magic. wizards and mages can use elemental magic, priests and clerics of course heal, revive, or ward against the undead. Assassins can use minor illusion and shadow magic.

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Xander wanna RP with your elf character and my vampire princess.

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Yea, they can meet up somewhere in town I suppose. Or maybe in the forest, if she snuck out.

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Okay :D you choose

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Forest it is then.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) Basic Information
Name: Johanna GhostBlade
Origin: GhostBlade is a nickname given to her by the public for her ability to stab you without being near you, which although this is because of her weapon of choice, most assume her to be using spirits.
Nickname/Alias: Lady Venom (As she is known among assassins and to the public), Jo
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, she assumes it to be in her late twenties
Class: Assassin
Occupation: For the right price, she'll kill anything.

Appearance Information
Related image
Image result for selene underworld trench coat
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 111 lbs
Notable Features: Johanna, or Lady Venom, as she is known by the public, is most known for her bizzarre weaponry. (See Weapons)

Psychological Analysis
Personality: Johanna is not a social creature. She was raised as an assassin, which makes likfe kinda difficult for her whenever she is in social situations or in crowds and cannot get to the high off the ground quiet places she prefers.
The dark
Clean kills
Lack of shadows
vegetarian food
Messy situations
Johanna is afraid of dungeons. For a large part of her life she was in a dungeon, so she kinda has PTSD about them.

Ability Analysis
Johanna utilizes only four spells.
The first is the blood spell that awakens her twin scorpions, Jathan and Syl.
The second is a stealth spell that allows her to melt in and out of shadows, as well as travel between shadows.
And the third is a spell that allows her to see in conditions that normal humans cannot see, even with her advanced training, such as absolute darkness or through fog and storms.
The final spell simply protects her from her own arrows. Her explosive arrows will not explode if she is within the blast zone and her poison arrows will not affect her.
Johanna is both immune to and able to detect by smell most poisons as part of her training, which makes it difficult to hurt her without launching an actual attack effort.
Johanna has training with various forms of weaponry, which allows her to fight with virtually anything she can get her hands on.
Johanna's chain-knives' mechanisms can be jammed if you can hit them hard enough, which will force her to draw them back and feed out chain manualy.
While Jathan and Syl cannot be killed, if they run out of their respective compounds they are little more than living charms.
Johanna's lack of ability to function socially leaves her socially awkward, which prevents her from performing acts of diplomacy or engaging in typical conversation with normal people.
Johanna is an assassin, which means she is an expert on the human body and killing, as well as mixing poisons and stealth.
Weapon(s): (Strap in, folks, this junk's about to get crazy.)
Johanna has three main weapons and one incredibly unique charm, and except for her throwing knives, all of her weapons are bizzarre.
For starters, she has two knives concealed within the sleeves of her clothing, one for each arm. The appear to be kusarigama knives, although they behave somewhat differently due to a mechanism residing on her shoulderblades that feeds out the chain and pulls the knives back. (THink along the lines of the Blades of Exile from God of War series, but the size of Raizo's kusarigama from Ninja Assassin.)
Image result for kusarigama blade ninja assassin
The next weapon is her bow and arrows. The bow itself is not unique, although it is pitch black, but the arrows are. She carries several different kinds of arrows in her quiver. The arrows with red fletchings are explosive and carry gunpowder in the arrowhead, which detonats on impact with a target. Arrows with a white fletching release a thick smoke that smells foul enough to put a cheap tavern to shame and obscures vision. Green fletched arrows are normal, and orange fletched arrows contain a paralytic cocktail of poisons, rarely lethal although good at taking down targets.
Image result for bow and arrows
Then there is her charm, a pair of scorpions which she has named Jathan and Syl. Jathan is the darker scorpion and Syl is the lighter one. On their own they are not unique, if only flashy, but as Jo purchased the charm from a mage, there is more to them than meets the eye. They are not alive until blood is shed on the amulet, at which point whichever scorpion the blood landed on wakes up and acts under Johanna's command. They have a hollow chamber in their bodies where, in Jathan, there is a poison cocktail that can floor a large bear almost immediately, and in Syl, there is a compound that acts as both the antidote to Jathan's venom and as a medicine that speeds healing.
Image result for scorpion necklace
Lastly is her throwing knives, which are the only non-bizzare weapon she owns. The has a holster carrying six knives each on both thighs.
Image result for throwing knife

Miscellaneous Information
History: TBA (I gotta write it and it's gonna be long AF. I may have to re-post her as two parts once it's done.)
Family Members:
Unknown, she presumes them to be dead or to have abandoned her as an infant.
Relationship Status: Single (Not that no one has tried, she just has a habit of shanking drunks who try to get touchy feely, and that scares the hell out a lot of guys.)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships in General:
Employed by Cain IronForge
Theme Song:

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Tsumi wrote: "Name: Tsumi Sugashima
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
History: Tusmi lived alone most her life. After her..."

Okay. I'm sorry, but adding periods does not make it a proper sentence. "After her mother past away." Is not a proper sentence. Sure, it has has a subject, but it needs a verb phrase. "After her mother past away..." What happened? Her father left, but why? Did her mother have reason for abusing her? Also... You spelled listening wrong. You spelled it as "Listing."

(I'm not telling you to change it, I'm just saying what I saw. I'm not exactly sure about Xander's standards, so don't take my word on it.)

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Jon the Shady Author- "Just remember if we get caught, you're deaf and I don't speak English." wrote: "

Basic Information

Name: Johanna GhostBlade
Origin: GhostBlade is a nickname given to her by the public for her ability to stab you without being near you, which although this is because..."

ah! i love her! <3

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Isnt this the same person that refused to revise her UnOrdinary character and tried keeping her at a 10 or 20?

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I think that was someone else. (I'm not exactly sure.)

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Yeah it was

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) So, is Johannna accepted

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Yeah Johanna is approved XD {Unless any other mods see otherwise.}

message 31: by Florida_Man16 (new)

Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) YAY! (I already have a plot idea too.)

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 31 comments Name: Sai Ashwood
Age: early 20s
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bi
Alignment (Dawnguard or with IronForge's army.): None
History: Sai's first kill as when she was 5, her father forced and abused her, she stabbed him and ran, she lived alone and never had anyone look after her,
Magic (IF a wizard, healer/priest or assassin): Assassin, shadow magic
Other: Sai weapons are Kunai, she wears a mask at night and a hood in the day, she has a kunai holder strapped to the thigh,

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Under magic: it's asking what types of magic does your oc have? Assassins typically have illusion or shadow magic, sometimes even both please list assassin under occupation and fix the magic tab. Then she'll be approved.

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Kit-Kat Nocturnium

Name: Samantha Revinar
Nickname: Sam
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Sam has long blonde hair that she has down, unless she is on a job, and then she pulls it into a tight ponytail. Sam has a long scar going from her eyebrow across her right eye to her cheekbone.
Alignment: Dawnguard
Occupation: assassin
History: Sam’s mother died during childbirth, so her father took care of her. Her father was a smalltime woodcarver so had some experience with knives, and taught Sam self defense. Sam learned quickly, and moved onto more advanced things. She bought custom knives from a local blacksmith. They were longer knives, about the size of her forearm. Sam would often go out into the woods to practice, testing her abilities.
One day, when Sam had gone off to practice, she came home to find her father being attacked. It was a traveling bandit, trying to steal their possessions, and Sam’s father ha stories to stop him. Sam went to defend her father, but the bandit was experienced. Sam managed to defeat the bandit, killing him in the process. She hadn’t escaped unscathed. She could hardly see out of her right eye. Her father took her to a healer, who was able to fix her up, closing the wound. Sam eventually regained her vision, but was left with a nasty scar.
Magic: minor shadow magic

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Approved kat

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Kit-Kat Thanks!

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 575 comments Mod
Both approved

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 31 comments Xander what about my Oc?

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 31 comments Guess what i'm eating

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Kit-Kat Pancakes

message 41: by Pancake (new)

Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 31 comments Katarina wrote: "Pancakes"

No, Stuffing my face with chocolate

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Tsumi is approved as well

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Part 1, Snowfall


{Full Name}: Yukino Kiera Cadwell
{Nickname}: Yuki, Yui, Yu, Snow, or Snowfall {Only Sekijiro calls her this.}
{Name Origins}: Yukino means "to be like snow"
{Ethnicity}: Nocturnium
{Age}: 16
{Occupation}: Mage/Member of the Dawnguard
{Gender}: Female

~Insert Image!~
Image result for anime girl with blue hair
{Face Claim} N/A
{Hair}: Blue
{Skin Tone}: Porcelain
{Eyes}: Red
{Height}: 5'7"
{Weight}: 123 lbs
{Body Frame}: Slender
{Other Distinguishing Features/Important Info}: She looks almost exactly like her mother now, except that she isn't well.. ahem.. developed.


There are many people who believe some couples shouldn't have kids, because well, they can't take care of them because their irresponsible. Well, with Yuki and Etheral's parents, they were not only irresponsible, but also cruel people.

Their parents, Claire and Max were both terrible people who just happened to cross paths one terrible night. Claire was a vampire, and well, Max was a mage who used his magic to kill others. Claire had been passing through when she smelled blood. She followed the scent and found herself in-front of a mere mortal, whose hands and outfit were covered in blood. On the floor laid a dead woman, his ex fiance, and a dead man. His fiance had found out about his little "hobby" and was planning on cancelling the wedding, and well, he got angry. He killed her and her brother.

Claire had found him and only laughed. Intrigued by the woman, Max decided to talk to her. Claire had no intentions in killing him, for she had been intrigued by him as well. So, they talked and soon found out they had a lot in common. They came closer and closer as partners in crime and eventually had their first child. They agreed on the name Sekijiro. They didn't want a child, but they kept him because they honestly believed they could use him when he got older. Soon enough they had Yukino and Etheral, and then Akiko, Then Mitsu, then Katzumi, and finally little Akito. The only reason they kept the little brats because one day they would be proven useful.

However, this story isn't about Claire and Max, they only happen to be part of the story. This story is about the kids they gave birth to, one in particular, Yuki. See, Yuki was the second eldest child of this family, beating her younger twin only by 5 minutes. So that meant she had to be strong and protect her younger siblings, even if it meant she had to shoulder all the pain and responsibilities. Anyways, On with the actual story, shall we?

Yuki was born on the stroke of midnight, it was exactly a year since their parents had met, and it was a great coincident that one of their children was born then. However, when Yuki was born, they weren't exactly expecting to have twins. In fact, Yuki wasn't even supposed to be born, just her younger twin Etheral. How such a big mistake could have been made on the doctors side was a complete mystery. However, her parents didn't really mind. It only meant another pawn for their future plans. As the twins grew up, it became clearer and clearer to the parents that Yuki looked almost exactly like their mother. Because of this, she often was compared to her mother. Which, wasn't always the best for the poor little child's self esteem. Having been compared to her mother, only made her angry, sad, and pressured to be someone extremely strong.

The family lived in a small village within Nocturnium. Despite it only being a small village, there were quite a bit of people there. A lot of the families were rather large, including Yuki's own family. When Yuki was 5, she decided she'd go outside on her own, without her elder brother. She went outside and made a few friends, whom she really seemed to like. When she came back, while she was extremely happy, Sekijiro was panicking. He had been super worried and was trying to stop Mitsu, Etheral and Akiko from crying. The two, while being only 4 at the time, had noticed their big sister's absence and were also very worried, scared something happened to her. Sekijiro didn't really know how to handle them, only being a child himself then, he couldn't stop them from crying despite his desperate attempts. When Yuki came home, her sisters and younger twin were still crying. She managed to comfort them, but it took a while to calm the anxious Sekijiro. It was a very eventful day, but it didn't really end there.

While their parents hadn't done anything much yet, that day they decided would be the day they stopped acting like they actually loved the children, sick of the children and their constant whining. Their parents, came home, once again covered in blood. Their younger siblings didn't know of it yet, but Yuki and Sekijiro were fully aware of their parents true colors. Yuki had already sent everyone to bed and quickly went to the door to greet their angry parents.

Claire and Max were actually quite furious because their target had escaped. So, naturally, they took their anger out on Yuki. Yuki was the only one in the family who hadn't had her fangs grown in yet, and well, they were quite mad about that. Sekijiro was the first, so obviously, they didn't dare to touch him. Despite Sekijiro's protest, Claire slapped Yuki, who had been late greeting them. However, Yuki took the hit and only continued to smile, which seemed to aggravate the already angry parents. Before they managed to do anything else, Max led their parents to the dining room to eat dinner.

The years continued like this, and eventually their younger siblings found out. Of course, Yuki prevented them from hitting any of her siblings, but in return, she received their end of the abuse. It never seemed to bother her, after all, she still had her best friends, right? So, despite her pain, she continued to smile, continued to be happy, and pretended everything was perfectly okay. However, that's when she lost even her best friends.

One day, she went outside to meet up with her friends, excited to give them their christmas presents. But she stopped. She didn't know why, but she found herself glued in place. She heard her closest friends voice, talking about her and about how she amounted up to nothing. While Yuki was heartbroken, she pretended she didn't hear it, and forced herself to forget it and bury it. This actually continued for a few more months until her friends got tired of her.

They had started being rude to her a few weeks back, but the girl just wouldn't take a hint. While Yuki knew that they didn't really like her, she pretended she didn't know, she thought if she told herself that it would be okay enough times, it would be true. But, that was never the case. Things change. Friends leaves. Life was a cruel reality that waited for no one. They kicked her and began to beat her up. However, everyday she'd come back and it'd only repeat. Only because she was too naive to see that she should just give up.

At home was no better. It was the same as it was when she went outside. A home was supposed to be a safe haven, but for her, it was hell. Everyday, it was constant abuse, constant harsh words, constantly being told she was nothing, that she was weak. It helped no better that she was a late bloomer, even for a half vampire. Heck, even her youngest brother already had his fangs in! The world wasn't fair, it was always changing. And well, it just happened to change the small, precious little happy child Yuki used to be. She was going to be something great, be somebody who would change the world for the better, until she realized the world wasn't worth changing. It wasn't worth the pain.

'Well, at least she still had her siblings, right?' Thoughts like those only seemed to bring hell to Yuki's little life. Her parents came home early, absolutely furious. Yuki wasn't home yet, she was still out shopping for supplies for dinner. While she was gone, her parents managed to wreak havoc on the house. Injuring her younger siblings, and killing the youngest and newest member of the family, Akito. Akito had only been 1 at the time, and they killed him. Yuki was supposed to come home, wait for her parents and surprise them by telling them she finally got her fangs in. But, well, as always, life had different plans. When Yuki got home, she heard crying and yelling and quickly ran inside. She saw her younger sisters and brother on the ground, and Sekijiro unconscious on the floor. She turned her head to see... Akito dead.

Yukino, well, she finally broke. What with all the pressure, the hate, the abuse, the heartbreak, and now the lost of a precious little brother of hers. All her anger managed to break free, the feelings of sadness and hate she had been bottling up for years. She lashed out and everything went black. When she came back to it, she was standing there, covered in blood. Not her blood, but her parents. Her siblings were still crying and Yuki went to comfort them, telling them everything would be okay now. Yuki rushed Sekijiro to the town medic. She told him about everything that had happened, and he understood. He didn't say a word about it to the rest of the village. That night, the sky snowed. As if the cold winter sky was crying. It snowed, and a path of bloody footprints stained the pure white snow. It was such a beautiful night, but it was a sad day for every Cadwell Sibling.

After her brother was healed up, they made a small grave for their baby brother and their parents. While they didn't like their parents, they were still thankful for the little things they had done for them, such as give them a roof to sleep under, food, and bringing them into the world. Yuki, on the other hand, only built the grave to remind her about how she needed to be stronger, how she couldn't let anyone too close or they'll either get hurt or she will. 3 years later, their now all teenagers. Yuki had been practicing her magic ever since finding out that she apparently used it to aid her in her parent's death. They all agreed that'd they would not follow in their parents footsteps and would join the Dawnguard. Their parents had been apart of some cult, and well, they wanted nothing to do with that cult. So instead, they hope to join Dawnguard. They knew it wouldn't be an easy feat earning the Dawnguard's trust, but they could only hope for the best at this point.


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Part 2, Snowfall

~--\\Description Continuation\\--~

Upon first meetings, Yuki usually seems very quiet and serious. She doesn't really care what happens around her unless it affects her or her siblings directly. She's pretty chill and can often be found sleeping somewhere. She always seems to be tired and in some dark room. She's not a fan of going outside and can be quite lazy. She pushes work away from her and someone ends up doing it for her because 'she's not able to do it herself.' She is capable of doing anything by herself, it's just people don't seem to realize that and end up trying to do everything by themselves so she doesn't 'mess' anything up.

When she manages to open up to you though, she can actually be pretty energetic and easy to talk to. She always says action first, think later, but she always seems to have some plan whenever she does something like jump into a fight. No one really knows if she had a plan before hand or she's just making stuff up along the way. She's a bit random and tends to say the random-est things. She's really sweet and often cares a lot about those around her. She wants to help everyone and will, even if they don't want her help. Yuki is also very persistent and seems to be very knowledgeable. Many people don't see her as responsible or even an adult, actually she's often compared to a child which is very upsetting, though she does not allow that to get to her. She's not one to get seriously angry, she may get upset, but hardly angry.

She's not the type to talk about herself or her past and prefers to keep a good distance from other people, even though it may not seem that way. She doesn't like to let others in and seems to be extremely worried about those who she does consider close. She's the type that would normally overcome her fears, like she did with her fear of dogs when she was younger. However, she can't get rid of the fear of losing others. Due to multiple circumstances when she was younger, she tends to push people away from her, even if they just want to help or be friends. She comes off as overprotective and even strong willed to most people, but her siblings know that in reality she's just scared. Hence why they never really get angry at Yuki when she's acting all overprotective, even though they are just as worried for her as she is for them. She does all kinds of dangerous things and tends to throw herself into danger when it comes to protecting her siblings, which worry them greatly.

With all that in mind, it's actually very hard to gain Yuki's trust. She trusts no one to look after her younger siblings and no one other than herself and her elder brother to protect them. She's even protective over her younger twin, and he's only younger than her by 5 minutes. Despite all that, there are times when she's genuinely happy. For example, when she's with her siblings. With them, it's as if her true colors show a bit, even in public. When they are alone, she's free to be herself and is actually pretty sweet. She's a bit stubborn and doesn't like to rely on others, not even her elder brother. She works harder than most may think and actually is pretty skilled in hand to hand combat and sword combat. She trains daily and actually tends to overwork herself, despite her family's constant warnings. Overall, to sum her up, she's a very caring and thoughtful person, and despite her thinking she's weak, she's pretty strong for someone who's been through as much as her.



{Food}: Cake
{Color}: Blue and White (Even though white isn't a color, it's a shade.)
{Instrument}: Piano
{Animal}: Cat

~--\\Other Info\\--~

{Birthday}: October 13th
{Zodiac}: Libra
{Blood type}: AB negative
{Pets}: A small cat named Winter, A Fox named Midnight, and a Cat named Alatar.
Alatar(view spoiler) Winter(view spoiler) Midnight(view spoiler)

{Magic}: Water (Minor Elemental magic.) And very weak vampire magic. (Just the basics, regeneration, speed, strength, etc.)


{Dislikes & Fears}:
-The dark
Her Parents
Losing someone Important

{Sexuality and Status}:
-Single, Pansexual

-Sekijiro Cadwell (Elder Brother, 17, Alive.), Etheral Cadwell (Younger Twin, 16, Alive.), Akiko Cadwell (Younger Sister, 15, Alive.), Katzumi Cadwell (Younger Brother, 13, Alive), Mitsu Cadwell (Younger sister, 15, Alive)


{Theme Song}: ✔ Julia Brennan - Inner Demons



"I lost the things precious to me because I was weak. So to keep it from ever happening again... I have to become strong." -To her Elder Brother.
"How am I supposed to keep smiling when everything I care about only continues to crumble around me? How can I be happy when nothing good ever happens? Please, tell me if you know so much, how am I supposed to let others in if all they do is continue to hurt me?!" -To her elder brother
"Sometimes it's better to be alone. No one can betray you, no one can hurt you."
"Today, my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings."
"Sometimes it's easier to pretend you don't care than to admit it's killing you inside."

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I might add more to her personality later, but this is the best I can think of right now. It's late, and I'm tired. So, it may have a few mistakes in there :3 (i'm not sure, again, I'm tired and I don't feel like reading through the character rn.)

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My young vamp is named Claire XD

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(Hope she doesnt sound OP, immortality is the worse and more of a curse then blessing)
Name: KiKi Shinowa
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Zombie or ghoul, she can't really remember, she usually eats dead peoples' brains anyways.
Sexuality: Lesbian

Face Claim: Kyouko Kirigiri
Alignment (Dawnguard or with IronForge's army.): Dawnguard
Occupation: Leader of her five team squad
History: Not much is known about KiKi, she keeps her past well buried, but for those who do know, she used to be a part of IronForge's army, no no, she wasn't there just to be there, she was forced and blackmailed into working for him at a young age by holding her younger brother hostage, unknown to her they had cruelly tortured him to being beyond broken.
KiKi never knew, however, and in her younger brother Shinka's eyes, she didn't care, despite the only reason she was working under IronForge is to ensure his safety. After a while, her mother and father both abandoned them, abandoned KiKi as she was an "Ungrateful little brat" and abandoned Shinka because he was worthless and deserved to die in her parents' eyes.

The day Shinka was released he had changed, grew distant from her sister despite being a day apart from each other. He started blaming her about what happened and didn't accept any apology she had given him. He had snapped, broke. During the night her brother committed suicide, just to be out of the world, convincing himself that he was a useless burden. KiKi was deeply heartbroken and this time she blamed it on IronForge and directly attacked one of their strongholds, killing 5 guards but it wasn't enough. That fateful day was the day she died and a day she could easily remember. Why? Because it was storming outside, the most horrific sound of thunder and downpour. Her death was quick but painful, however, IronForge wasn't done with her, he wanted her to suffer for her crimes and had her turned into an undead, doomed to come back to life and doomed to be alone forever, a curse that sticks with her throughout her years. Immortality. Sounds great right, not really. Imagine reliving a death everytime you died, same pain, same everything.
Well, she was locked in the dungeons and forced to relive her death, each as painful as the last, some slow, some quick. Never to see the light. Well, until a Dawnguard member infiltrated one of the prisons and freed some prisoners, including her and because of that she became a Dawnguard and ended up forming her squad from people who have the same or worse history than her's, people she can trust.
Personality: KiKi is kind and caring, she tends to be overprotective of her friends and treats her squad like her family. She's loyal, willing to sacrifice herself to save those she loves, despite not many knowing who or what she was. She usually works with weapons like swords and scythes due to not being magic based. Honestly, KiKi wishes she was "normal" with a normal life, normal family, and normal friends, but she gave up on that a while ago. She takes her job seriously and gets it done.
Magic: Because she's undead she can't really stay dead as she'll revive once more or heal quickly, however, the biggest issue is when she loses those close to her and the fact that she has to suffer and watch as IronForge continues taking over. Each death is as painful as the first one which is why she hates it.
Other: She may be Immortal but that doesn't mean her mind is, she suffers through depression, PTSD, anger issues, and social anxiety. Her immortality is what scares her and it's a curse despite people calling it a blessing

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Name: Nix Cataracta
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Draconia(Rare and usually hunted for their "wish-granting" though there is no "Wish granting", usually one of the elements. There are 7 in existence over the world)
Sexuality: Straight
Alignment (Dawnguard or with IronForge's army.): Dawnguard
Occupation: I guess she's a warrior
Nix was born a Draconian, a rare peaceful kind of species, however, the peace was gone when IronForge attacked, 6 of them scattered throughout the world but the last thing that was left was a tiny Draconia egg, much smaller than most...the runt, Nix. IronForge, having not expected it to hatch a month later, took it as a trophy, paying no attention to what people said about it "hatching" he didn't care as he had "wiped out" the population of Draconia, so they wouldn't become a threat to him. And a month later the egg shatters, ice and water getting everywhere, a small Draconian girl, she had tiny horns and tiny wings, making her the smallest recorded Draconian in existence, having been so small that he could cup his hand around her and keep her like that, but he'd risk freezing his hands off. She grew up in a cage in the throne room, left as a trophy and at the end of the day she'd be at the cell she was living in. For her it was harsh, she hardly got enough food, she was stuck being seen as just a trophy, but the girl who visited frequently tried helping, Claire, was the name of her new friend and god knows how old Claire really was, the only person who knew was IronForge, Claire's father, and there was no way she would ask him.
For most of her years, she lived alone, occasionally able to hang out with Claire. Until the day she escaped. Now Claire never usually did this, sneak into the castle and free someone, but she couldn't stand how Nix was treated and so Nix was saved by the young vampire who helped her sneak past the border of the city unnoticed, that was when she found Dawnguard and joined them, vowing to be able to help others who need it.
Personality: Nix is shy, suffering from PTSD and severe fear of chains. At first glance, she's seen as pathetic and weak but that would just judge who she was. Inside she's determined to put up a good fight, and despite having not heard a Draconian she ends up talking in Latin or slipping up, usually when swearing.
Magic (IF a wizard, healer/priest or assassin): Ice and water magic due to her being a Water-Ice Draconian.
Other: There are 6 others, Light, Dark, Spirit, Fire-Lava, Earth-Metal(Steel), Air-Wind, all Draconian know Latin, even when they're born as it's the language they speak first. Nix speaks Latin

"Lets 'operor optimus nostri"
(Let's do our best)

((Imma have fun playing Nix as she mostly uses Latin but I'll put what she said in parenthesis or have my Elf healer know what she said))

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*Slaps dat approve button for all*

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Name: Clara Tachibana
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune
Sexuality: Lesbian
Weapon(s): a rapier and a cleric's scepter


Image result for fantasy rapier designs


Image result for cleric staff


Image result for cool female kitsune drawing

Alignment: Dawnguard
Occupation: Cleric/warrior hybrid
History: Most of the kitsune's were taken by Cain. He'd keep them like little dolls or sell them into the sex slave market. Clara was one of the few that Cain especially liked due to her appearance. She was always lead around by a collar and chain that Cain had an iron grip upon. Until one day, she stole a lockpick from a guard when she "bumped" into him. She freed herself and ran for the forest.

Personality: Clara is usually a happy positive person if she knows you. Otherwise she's as shy as a baby hare. She can't keep her secret though due to the giant fluffy tails attached to her. She mainly stays in the forest or if she goes to town, she stays within the dense kitsune populated areas.

Magic: Restoration, Ward Undead, Cure poison, Revive

Other: She has a immense fear of chains, even the clinking of them makes her start shuddering on the spot.

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