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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 189 comments So thankful for Anita Dickason for the wonderful banners she is doing for the book promotion from the Miami Book Fair. She has inspired me to make banners for all of our books.

Dennis and I take author photos everywhere we go so I have lots of really fun author photos of him. I am using a different one for each of the banners ie: Dennis with a werewolf skeleton for "Mythicals", Kitt Peak telescopes in background for "Wormholes", holding a cat and reading "The Cerulean's Secret" to the cat, (the year that book came out I picked a day and called it "National Read to Your Cat Day"), with Robbie the Robot (who is retired and living at the Atomic Museum in Las Vegas) for "The Neuromorphs". They do attract attention and I do get lots of emails about them.

Posting the books from the Miami Book Fair promotion and targeted to not only on home schoolers but also grandparents has had a lot of feedback and likes.

Thanks so much Anita, your encouragement has helped me so much and your creativity has given me great ideas.

Warm holiday greetings,

message 2: by Anita (new)

Anita Dickason (anitadickason) | 66 comments Thank you so much for that. I did enjoy the project. It was a challenge to find a background that would work as each novel was unique, and was also liked by the author. That is why most everyone received three draft selections to choose from. I look forward to seeing your posts on Twitter.

Happy holidays to you as well.

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