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Lady of the Lake (The Witcher, #5)
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Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
Finished the book? Discuss all you like! Spoilers allowed!

Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
So....turns out the Emperor is Ciri's father...I did not see that coming!

Dakota Kemp | 33 comments Yeah, I kinda spoiled that particular twist for myself by playing The Witcher III video game before I had read the The Lady of the Lake. :/ I'm not sure how I feel about it though. Did you feel like it had sufficient foreshadowing to be a good twist? Or did you think it felt like he tried to make a shocking reveal out of something that he'd not actually planned for?

Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
I didn't feel like there was any foreshadowing for that reveal. it was like it was supposed to be a big plot twist but I was just like "that's weird. Isn't he dead?" It was also kind of disappointing because Ciri's parents were supposed to have a romantic love story but it turns out Duny didn't actually love Pavetta.

Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
I think I'm done with this series. Anyone else?

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