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UNSOLVED: One specific book > 90s literary novel like The Secret History but NOT The Secret History - group of college kids (maybe?) and a mysterious death

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RF (catachretical) | 1 comments What do I remember? Think I read it in the mid 90s. It was one of those much talked-about books. I *think* it involves a group of college students (typical NE liberal arts college etc) - they become interested in/obsessed with an ancient cult around Cybele/Diana. A demilune pendant and knife is a recurring symbol in the book, and is involved in the (SPOILER) apparent death of one of the characters. Later in the book it turns out the character castrated himself with the knife (in keeping with the old cult) and the 'death' was faked. I just read The Secret History thinking it was this, but no ...

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Maybe this list about castration will have the book you're looking for. Good luck!

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