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Jen (jenwesner) | 154 comments Mod
Time for spoilers! Feel free to discuss any and all things here. It's a spoiler folder, so don't read these posts if you don't want to be spoiled. This is where we talk about it all.

Colleen (On Semi Hiatus until Jan 23) Scidmore (colleensreadingadventures) | 2 comments I'm starting Chapter 10 and I think it's pretty apparent Verity can move and is not brain dead. I think she has had something to do with her girls' deaths and is picking off her kids one by one so she can have Jeremy to herself. Unless there is some total turnaround with her manuscript I think it's pretty apparent she is evil and Lowen needs to watch her back Verity is toying with her.

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Madison (ramblingbookreader) I shouldn’t say anything because I’ve read it all. Lol

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Beth  | 2 comments Do you guys think Verity did all those horrible things to her children? Did you like the way the author left the story open-ended for the reader to decide?

Personally, I liked the the way it ended. It gave me something to ponder

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Melinda | 10 comments I’m taking my time reading this since I have other books I’m reading too. I just finished chapter 6 and I’m so disturbed! I need something happy now.

Laura • lauralovestoread | 1 comments My mind is racing after finishing Verity. I mean I. Still in the mindset that she did all of these terrible things and then wrote a letter to excuse herself of it all. Oh man I loved this wild ride! Definitely creeped out when she caught her on all fours crawling around!!

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Jennifer | 7 comments Sorry I am late to the discussion, January wasn't great and I had a hard time focusing on things. I read Verity back in December and I can't get it out of my head. I finished it late at night and then I couldn't get to sleep. I love this book and I hope she writes another thriller. I hope Verity didn't harm her kids, the book she wrote was very dusturbing. I love how Colleen ended the book. The letter Verity wrote was definitely a shock and that's why I can't wrap my head around everything that happened. Honestly, this book was just as disturbing as Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough.

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