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Super Sales on Super Heroes (Super Sales on Super Heroes, #1)
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Gentry Race | 2 comments Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining. I wanted to have this space for sharing Harem Lit. Please feel free to share a book or start a discussion about a series you like. We are open to all Harem Lit books and fans so also feel free to invite friends who like the genre.

For me, I loved Super Sales on Super Heroes. However, I personally did not like the stat listings of each girl. Maybe it was because I did the audio version and it sounded like when your local NPR station starts listing off its subsidiary stations. I am like "be done with it already!" haha. But overall, I truly loved the character interactions (I am looking at you Kit).

ÆGEON DAVIS | 13 comments Mod
Agreed. I actually prefer a lot more action in my harem books. Super Ex Heroes and Gods are my cup of tea. Arrand, however, has a way with words and I enjoy his prose.

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