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Owned by Finnick and Ryland.

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Looking up from her phone, Elizabeth found the address of the building that another student had texted her. It didn’t look as bad as she thought it would, since most tattoo shops were a bit old and worn out. Pleased, she stuffed her phone in the back pocket of her jeans and headed inside.

The girl was dressed in all black, with black boots, black ripped up jeans, and a black hoodie. Because of that, her fire colored hair and light blue eyes stood out. Sometimes it was to make her hair stand out, the way she dressed, and other times it was because she liked the color black. This time was because of the later. With her eyes scanning the shop, Isabella made her way to the front of the shop where she hoped she would find someone. She kept cool, wanting to come of as if she was doing something perfectly normal, where in reality she was a bit nervous because this was her first tattoo.

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Ryland had decided to go out and have fun in this small rinky dink of a town. Business wasn't slow but he had time since he seemed to always get his work done quickly. No, Ryland wasn't a fast tattooer because he was sloppy, quite the opposite actually. He felt the most himself with his machine in his hand and he doesn't stand for wimps. No the ones who feel the pain but tap out not even halfway through the session. He's and artist and it irks him when his canvas decided he can't stand their own choice. They came to him not the other way around.

Ryland was a bit disheveled because he slept just woke up. He lives in the loft space above the shop because it's easier on him and he got kicked from his last apartment because of the landlord. With a coffee in one hand, he walked to the front of the shop when he heard the sound of the doors entrance. He, himself, was dressed in jeans a loose shirt and untied motorcycle boots. His hair said I just woke up and to be honest it wasn't a lie. "Can I help you?" he asked after a drink of his coffee. There was a glimmer in his eyes but that was because he thought this girl here must be a fiesty one.

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Elizabeth stuffed her hands into the pockets of her hoodie where she fidgeted with her fingers. Wow. I can’t believe I’m doing this. It took her a lot a convincing by her classmate, herself, and instagram photos. Even now she was still thinking of turning around. It wasn’t because of the pain, but more like the commitment if that even made sense.

Trying to distract herself from her thoughts, Elizabeth looked around the shop for any of the workers. It was then that someone appeared, looking like a hot mess, more of the mess than hot if anything. Her brows raised a bit in confusion. Did he really just fucken wake up? Elizabeth just stared at him in belief. He even went about as if that was perfectly normal. Though she kinda digged the whole sleepy and messy look on him, it disappointed her because it only meant he was careless and she wouldn’t want to get her first tattoo done by some places that had their workers sleeping. Fuck. I can’t back out now. “I’m looking to get a simple tattoo done. Do you have any spaces open?” She asked him straightforward.

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"I assumed that was why you're here but follow me," he said with a small smirk on his face. Most people thought he was careless with his work upon seeing him. Finn knew, though, that he was good and just because he looked like he just woke up and he did, didn't mean he wouldn't do his best work. As Ryland turned and was walking toward the back where his setup was he didn't see if the girl followed him. It was her choice to get a tattoo and if she followed through it was still her choice. Even as an incubus he couldn't make someone sleep with him, only push them to want to sleep with him because they already wanted to in their subconscious. He could seduce but they have to cross the line.

If the girl did decide to follow she would fine a very neat and tidy work space. His desk was clean with no papers scattered across. Not even a splotch of ink could be seen on any surface. He liked to make sure everything was an spick and span. He looked like a mess and seemed out of place in his own room. He walked in sat his coffee on the desk before going over to a hanging bookshelf filled with binders. They held sketches and pictures of his work. "Take a seat," he said as he searched through the binders. It wasn't that he didn't think she knew what she wanted but sometimes it helped for color schemes.

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“Then why did you ask,” she mumbled more to herself than to him, rolling her eyes while she did so. Either way, she did follow him. As she did, Elizabeth looked around the shop, seeing if she would find anyone else in the shop, either getting a tattoo done or being the one that was getting the tatto done. Actually, she was looking more for the later than the first because she was hoping someone else would do her. Seriously, this guy was not going to do her first tattoo.

However, she started to question that idea when she reached a station. Seeing how everything was set up, all tidy and clean, it made her think that he wasn’t as bad as she thought at first. But then again, maybe it wasn’t his station. Maybe they didn’t have their own stations. She wasn’t sure. “I actually don’t know what I want,” she admits to him and takes a seat. She pulled her hands out of her pocket and moved one of them to push her red hair out of her face. “I want something simple, and not in an obvious place.” She kinda felt dumb that she didn’t know what she wanted, and she didn’t like that she felt that way.

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Ryland was to surprise to hear she didn't know what she wanted. Many people come in expecting him to just read their minds and give them what they want when he can't. "Here, look through this," he said as he went over and handed her the binder that he had just been holding a minute ago. As she looked through the thing, he decided to get hi equipment out and placed on the tables beside the chair she was setting him. The most important piece being the tattoo machine. He like using it more so that the old ways of sticks and hammers. The tattoo machine went faster and was easier.

"Also if you see a few things you like I can sketch something up." He's and artist, most of his work was custom pieces because one they looked better that just going off an image and two people were able to say it's a one of a kind. Ryland through this whole time was walking back and forth through the room. Not pacing but checking all his inventory. Especially his ink, so he can make sure to write down what needs ordered and that he also using good ink that will last longer in the skin. For someone so disheveled and a mess and seemed rather orderly with hoe his setup is.

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Elizabeth bit at her lower lip when he handed her the binder. She had a hard time picking what she wanted sometimes, because she didn’t want to regret it, and well, if she wasn’t content with her tattoo, she’ll regret it. She took the binder from him and started to flip through the options. They all looked good, but nothing stood out to her. What was I thinking? Should I really do this? Elizabeth tilted her head back a little and softly groaned.

After closing the binder with an unsatisfactied thud, looking for that guy. Once he was close enough, she noticed he got everything ready. She couldn’t turn back now. She would look stupid. “I didn’t really like any of them.” She tells him bluntly. None of them felt like... her. But what was her?Fire! She slightly smirked. “You think you could do a small fire symbol?” She asked him a bit eagerly.

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Ryland had his coffee in his hand and was taking drink when she slammed the binder closed. That irritated him slightly for the sake he had stencils in that binder and hoped nothing got ruined. He had seen beat up binders, pages ripped with wear and being rough led to that quicker. He walked over, grabbed it and placed it back on its shelf. He the sat his coffee down as he waited for her to explain or ask to see more. When she said fire symbol though he almost burst out laughing. This girl just expected him to know what kind she wanted. Although, he stayed silent and walked over to his stool before taking a seat.

"A fire symbol," he asked sarcastically. There was humor in his tone instead of mockery. Then he composed himself and ran a hand through his messy hair. "Can you explain further on what type? Like a flame or an actual symbol?" He couldn't even start without knowing which type of symbol she wanted. He could do a flame, the four elements triangle symbol, etc. Then she had to decide if she wanted color or black and grey. There were many choices that this girl had to make before he could even draw a stencil.

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Elizabeth parted her lips a bit when he grabbed the binder and put it away, seeming a bit not to happy. But she didn’t say anything about it. Instead, she waited for him to say something about her idea. She noticed him look amused by what she said, and she wondered what the hell it was he was thinking. It rubbed her the wrong way when he brothers teased or made fun her, and seeing this guy make fun of her decision was doing the same thing. She just tightened her hands into a fist, feeling them warm up. Calm down. It’s nothing serious, she tells herself. Elizabeth needed to be careful when it came to her emotions, especially when it came to anger. If she wasn’t able to control how she felt, things tended to become hot, literally, and the last thing she wanted to do was expose herself.

So, ignoring his tone, she just leaned her back against the chair and crossed her arms over her chest. “You the artist here, darling. Give me a few ideas, and I’ll obviously pick from it.” She said a bit sarcastically. It was how she combated her anger issues, and bitch attitude, but that only worked sometimes. “Let’s just start with flames. Show me what got.” She paid him a coy smile.

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Ry could easily tell that the girl got annoyed with his humorous try to joke at a fire symbol. There was so many that he had to laugh at it for the sake she thought he would pull something out of his hat. "I am but that doesn't make me a mind reader," he mumbled out as he went to his desk and pulled out a tablet and stylist pen. Usually he would sketch in a sketch book but he was give a vary vague idea and had to draw many things so this would be easier to keep from having to try and mess with paper. "Any specific style your prefer?" he asked just to be sure and try to narrow his field down. He waited for an answer before he moved his stool over to the chair and table. Ryland thought it would allow for his client to see why he was doing as well as get quick answers from her when he asked instead of walking across the room each time.

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Lizzy scooted to the edge of her chair and leaned near the table when the guy came back with what seemed like a tablet. She just chose to ignore his earlier statement. For now, she watched as he took a seat next to her. Her pale blue eyes looked over him for just a moment since she was so close, and she couldn’t help but check him out again. Like she thought before, he was someone she would totally dig, very handsome, and her type. But she brushed that thought aside for now and focused on the tattoo. “Maybe realistic.” She tells him. She already told him she wanted something with flames. “So I’m guessing color too.” Elizabeth added on, actually wanting the both of them to be able to see what she wanted. She didn’t mean to be a bitch, but living with her four brothers kind of made that part of her come out without her even trying.

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Ryland was setting down and had his pen in hand getting ready to start now that he had an idea of where to start. But he couldn't yet start, this girl had moved rather close to him and so instead to making the first line he leaned his face closer to her. "Do you like my personal space?" he asked with a smirk on his face. He just seemed to know that he was this girl's type just for the fact that she checked him out again. Plus he was also an incubus which had it's affects on people. There was a glimmer in his eyes that said play with me. Ry was known for his games but he wouldn't allow this one to get too far for the fact he was working.

After another moment of just starting at this girl and leaning ever so closer, he stopped and turned his attention on sketching out what this girl could possibly want. Color realism? That's what he got from her but there was no way he could to realism with a flame. They are moving and he wouldn't be able to catch that with color realism. So he compromised and decided to stick with a realistic color palette for the tattoo so he could get the detail. He would also show her new school since the sticker like style would make it easier to show movement. With that all decided, Ryland started working on the first design.

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Elizabeth was taken back by his proximity and what he said. She didn’t know if he was making fun of her again, flirting, or just being plain rude. But the look he held in his eyes, it made her feel like he was playing a game with her, one that he wanted her to play. Deep down, she kind of wanted to, even though she didn’t know why. “Very funny,” she said sarcastically. Still, she just pulled away enough to still be able to see what he was drawing but also give him his space.

Elizabeth looked down to her nails and scratched at the red nail polish that started to chip away. This is going to take long. She thought to herself. She knew she should have came in knowing what she wanted. It would have made he whole process easier and faster. But it wasn’t as easy as it looked. Damn it. I know I want something with fire. But how should it look? She really thought about it for a moment, and then an image came to her mind. “Can you do an actual flame? With colors like my hair? It could be small and maybe come out of something?” She finally said, smiling at the small idea.

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Ryland knew he had hit something within her but he needed to work. Work comes before play but he definitely is the type to schedule in time to have fun. But he got to work was working on the fourth design when she spoke up about what she wanted, or at least asked him questions. and he wasn't too happy about her question. There was no way someone could do a realistic flame, it's just about impossible. a realism flame tattoo wasn't going to happen and he knew some clients hate being told that the artist can't do something.

"Okay doll," he started off. "Nobody that works here can do a color realism flame. I worked under some of the best artists and a color realism flame hasn't been done. Fire is a moving object and that is what has to be captured. I can do color illustration and fire would look ten times better than color realism." Ryland had dealt with some difficult canvases in the past but this girl was asking a lot for a realistic flame. "I promise the flame won't look cartoonist with color illustration either." He knew that would be another question because illustration is always comprehended as cartoonish but not in the tattooing industry. That would actually be more new school that illustration.

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Lizzy was disappointed to hear that drawing a flame like she wanted was impossible, but she didn’t entirely belive him. After having to stay up looking through picture after pictures of all tattoo types, she was sure she saw a realistic tattoo at least once. But that didn’t even annoy her as much as what her called. “First thing, don’t call me doll.” She tells him before going on, “and if it won’t look realistic, then it’ll look a bit cartoonish. Do I look like a child to you.” She gives him a straight face. She lifted her chin towards his tablet, indicating to the drawings that he already had sketched out. “Let me see what you have so far.” She moved over to the edge of the chair to see what he had done already. “Kind of disappointing that your not as good as I thought.” She said with a half shrug, when in reality, she didn’t even think he was that good in the first place. She just needed to make fun of to make this whole thing into a joke rather than an issue and get angry.

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Ryland look her straight in the eyes before he got up from his stool. His tablet was placed on his desk and he want I've to the table beside the chair she was seated in and packed his machine up. He wasn't anything that he wouldn't tattoo her but he wanted to make sure if she started a fight, his shit was ruined. After that was done he went back to the stool and sat down before looking this kid in the eyes again. "If you don't think I'm a good enough artist then you should to your research on who will be tattooing you." He wasn't lying there.

Many first time people getting tattoos don't look into the artist that will be tattooing them. They don't see how good or poor their work is and some of the time they come out with a fucked up tattoo. "Now either you decide on what you want and I tattoo you or you leave and waste my time like the child your acting like." Ryland had said calmly that he couldn't do a color realism flame yet this girl decided that she could belittle him because he was being honest and even gave another option of what he could do but no.

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Elizabeth’s lips parted in shock as she watched him get up and pack his stuff. Was this guy serious? He was being so extra for no reason. At least that’s what she thought. It was his fault he wasn’t able to do something, not hers. So why would he get mad that she commented at his lack of artistic abilities. It really was getting her annoyed, and she felt herself warm up. She took in a deep breath, trying to calm down. But it wasn’t helping. Her hands warmed up and she moved them into her lap for now, feeling the heat radiate through her clothings.

“I actually did my research into this shop already, buddy .” She glared at him. Obviously she wouldn’t have came here had she not seen what they did to one of her classmates. “But fine, whatever. I’ll make it easy for you. We could go with a black fire symbol tattoo made with one line. Or is that too hard?” She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head at him as if she was talking to a child herself. She really felt hot now, and this talk wasn’t helping.

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He laughed and shook his head. "Of course you looked into the shop but not its artist." A shop was a shop, many places had apprentices doing tattoos as well as their actual tattooist. You can't just trust research on a shop, but the artist because every artist had different styles. He and his best friend tattooed and two different styles all the time. It was just how people like to do their work.

"If I say no are you gonna want to complain to the owner?" he asked as a way to see if this girl even knew who he was. He hadn't introduced himself, there wasn't even a name in the room he brought her to. Nothing in there suggested he was remotely high in the business. Everything looked like he was just another tattoo artist working there. "Besides I prefer color over black and grey." Ryland was testing her for the fact that she was being snarky with him and trying to tell him what he can and can't do. That wasn't how he like things to go, he was the artist and he took her ideas and was trying to bring them to reality but no. It's too much to ask for.

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Elizabeth’s jaw clenched and her teeth gritted. This guy really was annoying. Pft, and she thought her four brothers where a pain in the ass. “Why does it matter if I did my research or not. It’s none of your business and it’s not like it’ll be effecting you.” She shot back. She could feel her blood boil. Literally. Couldn’t he make things easy and just do what he asked for. Was he trying to get under her skin and in her head, because it was working. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I need to calm down. Damn it. He’s so annoying. Ugh! Mother fucker!

With anger in her eyes, Elizabeth abruptly stood up from her chair and looked down to him. “What the fuck is your problem?!” She felt heat spread through her veins and down her arms. Her fist were clenched angrily, trying to keep the fire in her blood inside. “It doesn’t matter what the fuck you prefer. It’s my body, so it’s my choice. Why the fuck would you say no? I gave you a simple ass tattoo because you can’t do a realistic flame. Do you want me to complain to your manager?” Her chest was slightly heaving and she was sure she was going to explode at any moment. She was already on edge. He was right about her being a feisty one.

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Ryland took every bit of venom she had as she was technically yelling at him. Honestly he looked kind of smug the whole time she went off. The reason that he was saying no was because she came in asking for a color flame symbol and was pissed that he couldn't do realism flames but he gave a different solution to the problem. Instead of allowing him to draw something out she gets pissed, insults his work, then tries to give him something that he should be able to get right by her standards. So what was his problem? He was trying to give her a tattoo she wanted not one she thought he could do right.

"You researched the shop, yet you can't even tell that you have the owner in the same room as you trying to give you a bitchin ass tattoo," he laughed out. If she really wanted to complain about him she would have to find Finnick but even then his friend won't do anything other than tell him to stop pissing off customers, but this hasn't been the first time he's had situations like this come up. "Now you can with let me tattoo you with a good design or you can walk out." Ryland had a good idea for a design but it wasn't "realistic" like she wanted but it would look damn awesome.

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This guy really had a death wish. Did he really want her to burn him in place? Even though technically he didn’t know about her powers. But here he was sitting before her looking smug and finding this whole thing funny. Fuck this. Fuck him. I should just burn his fucken place down. He deserves it. Elizabeth was actually having this fantasy play out in her mind, and just imagining his reaction was satisfying her. She didn’t even care if she exposed herself at the point.

But just when she was about to follow out her crazy idea, she heard him admit to being an owner of the shop, which she hadn’t expected at all. She just assumed he was one of the random workers in the shop. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. Really, it was bad because she couldn’t complain about him and that only made her more pissed. But hearing him laugh like that finally made her break. “Fuck you! If your an actual boss than your doing a shitty job at it. I asked to see your drawings on the tablet and you went to pack your shit, and the only way to get a tattoo is by doing it your way! What kind of fucking owner are you. Fuck you!” Elizabeth flung her right hand to the side as she spoke without even thinking, and before she knew it, a bright flame burst from her hand and swept the room before dying off. Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck! What did I do?! Elizabeth’s eyes widened as she exposed herself, realizing she actually hadn’t want to do that now.

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Ryland had gave a sigh when she started yelling at him about what he done wrong. He packed his shit up because he thought she was going to be throwing it at the wall and his equipment wasn't cheap. Then she had also said his designs weren't as good as she thought the would be. And onto her giving him something easy to tattoo was insulting his ability as an artist. No way was he going to allow that to happen. He would give her a flame, in color that had a beautiful design only if only she would allow him to.

Ry being an incubus demon had some other perks other than seducing but they weren't as strong as a normal demon was. So, when the fire burst from his hands he was quick to protect himself by dodging out of the way. His eyes had enveloped in black as he moved out of the way. He waited long enough to turn back around that his eyes settled back to their original look. He huffed as he looked at this girl, "pay for the damages." his room wasn't destroyed but there was enough that it was damaged. His tablet was a goner and the upholstery of his stool and chair was ruined. There was also the binders that had some charing to the outside. "You will be paying for the damages," he said as he moved to stand in front of the door as a way to stop her from escaping what she done. Ryland didn't even question what she was but he wanted to be reimbursed for what she ruined. This was his lively hood that she let flames hit.

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Elizabeth stayed frozen in place. Any heat she felt in her body was now gone and just replaced by the fast beat of her heart. No.No.No. What did I do? What the fuck did I do? She thought miserably as her pale frightened eyes scanned the workplace, looking at the aftermath of her powers. The scent of burnt objects lingered in the air, and many of those objects were ruined or charred. She hadn’t meant for this to happen. She just lost control. Elizabeth then realized that she could have hurt him, and her eyes quickly went to look over him.

“I’m so sorry. I-I... I didn’t mean to. Please don’t tell anyone. Please.” She started off, her voice shaking. Any sarcastic bitch tone from early was gone by now. She was just frightened and confused, that much evident in her eyes. “Are you hurt? Did I burn you? I really am sorry.” Elizabeth asked, genuinely concerned. Yeah she made rude remarks and acted tough, but the last thing she wanted was to hurt anyone. She also couldn’t stop thinking about was how her secret was exposed. What was she going to do? How was she going to explain this to him? He didn’t ask her about it yet, and instead focused on her paying him back, which was another problem she had to face. She swallowed, looking back around her. How was she going to all this back? “B-but... I can’t... I don’t have enough money.” She admits. Her family already struggled with paying for their little apartment. She had originally planned on using the little money she saved up for the tattoo. She felt so stupid at the moment and so ashamed of herself. She hated when she lost control over her feelings.

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Ryland had been injured in the attack but he wasn't even worried about it. The only tale tell sign was the burn on the back of his arm which could barely be seen anyway. He was pissed at the fact that his workroom was in flames because of the fact this girl couldn't handle herself. He had gotten so angry just listening to her go on, in a different tone now that she was in trouble, that his eyes turned solid black in a blink then normal the next blink he took. One could of thought it was a part of their imagination that caused that.

It was the fact that this girl couldn't pay for any of the damages that made him heave. He had to explain what happened in his room to Finnick then also come up with an excuse to tell the insurance company. Ry had so much on his plate with this little incident that he wouldn't even be able to focus on anything else. The insurance company would pay back money but not enough for everything he had in the room. His machine were months of saving from his time as an apprentice back in Vegas. He spent years earning the money to open up his own shop and here was what he had to deal with. "What's your name?" he asked as he was trying to figure out a way to find a solution to this mess. Ryland ignored everything else, the questions she asked, even her apology. Just because she was sorry didn't mean he was going to let her off the hook. He worked too hard to allow some angry girl to get away with years of hard work ruined.

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As Elizabeth waited for him to say something, she saw his eyes turn all black, and she softly gasped in fear. But when she looked closer, they were normal. Did I imagine it? Or is he different, too? Maybe thats why he’s not freaking out at what I did.Elizabeth started to think to herself, because it made sense, besides the fact that she probably could have imagined the whole thing. But she wasn’t thinking about that for too long, because he asked her for her name and soon enough she was reminded of the mess that surrounded her.

“Elizabeth Asher.” She said in a low voice, her eyes looking to the ground because of how embarrassed she was. How could she have let this happen? She’s been trying for so long to keep her anger under control, her powers under control, and she thought she was doing a good job. But turns out she’s wrong. “What if I work for you? I’ll do anything you need. Clean the shop. Work the front desk. Take care of appointments.” She tells him as she looked back up to him. She knew she had to do something. “I’ll give you what I already have.” She moved to start pulling out her money from her pocket.

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Ryland shook his head with a laugh. He had an idea that probably would piss this girl off more after the fact. "No, I don't want you to give up what you have already and our worker deal with their own appointments and we rotate through the front desk because a new face is always best." He took a deep breath before releasing it because he was preparing himself for the reaction he would be getting from Elizabeth. Maybe he should drop this incident but he just didn't have the good will to do that. He wasn't the type to let things blow over so easily especially since everything he worked for is burned. Honestly if his sketches and pictures were salvageable then he would be the happiest person in the world. That was five years worth of his work and for it to be destroyed would break his heart.

"No Elizabeth, you will be my personal assistant and apprentice until you work the money back to repay for damages." Ryland for the feeling this girl didn't like him too well nor would she like to spend a lot more time with him. Most people don't which is a reason for his singleness currently. Plus he also couldn't seem to settle down anymore with someone. "That or I could call the cops and have you arrested for arson on my shop because that's fun too," he half joked because it was the other option. Either she do as he says or he calls the police and sues her and her family for damages and negligence other anger issues and the use of fire. Ry was a big city boy and was ready to bring out the big guns if need be.

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Elizabeth stopped moving when he said he didn’t want her money, which she didn’t understand. He wanted her to pay him back, so why was he stoping her? On top of that, he didn’t want her to work at the front desk. So what did he want her to do?

What he did want her to do was not what she expected. She just stared at him in disbelief with her lips parted in a small O. No. She thought misrebly. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Me? Work next to you? I won’t do that.” She immediately started to protest. She couldn’t stand him, and this was already decided from simply being with him for probably twenty minutes. She didn’t care if her impression of him was all wrong. He just gut on her nerves. She would loose it if she were to constantly be with him. Was this his form of punishment? Just as Elizabeth was about to continue shooting down the idea, he proposed another one which made her shut up. Shit. I can’t have the cops involved. I’d be killed, she thought. Her parents would get angry with the money she would owe and her brother would be disappointed in her. She felt trapped, with no other way out of this, and this guy before her seemed smug about it. Looking down to her boots, she softly sighed. “Fine, I’ll be your assistant and pay you back for the damage.” She looked up to meet his eyes.

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He, of course, heard her fight the idea at first and then turn around when the cops were brought up. He had grew up in a similar situation because he knew when the cops got involved it was trouble back home. He usually got the shit knocked out of him and then would have to make an excuse after that because he was beat at times.

Anyways, Ryland nodded when she agreed to work for him then he looked over his shoulder before looking back at her. "Come with me," he muttered as he turned around. Finally she was able to see his arm where the flame had gotten him. It was a bad burn but it looked worse because of the blackened skin from the charring of his skin. Honestly he would heal fairly well after hooked up with someone but that wasn't his worry right now. Plus he could always charm Sadie, another artist, into sleeping with him. A thing Ryland tried to stay away from was hooking up with her more than a couple of times with the same girl because it meant feels. Not just feelings on the opposite end but also on his. He doesn't want them to be dependent on him.

Ryland lead the way to an office in the back part of the building. It was were he and Finnick done a lot of the paperwork and discussions for the business. He spent a lot of time in this room for the fact that he had a lot of the money to start the place. He also knew where to get everything needed to stock up. "Sit down," he pointed to a chair as he walked over to the desk that held a computer. He was going to get this girl a schedule as well as getting the necessary needs for her to contact him and he contact her. As well as filling out some forms for the sake he needed some stuff on file.

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Elizabeth did as he said and followed him. Man, I really screwed up. Lorenzo Is going to kill me if he finds out. I hope he doesn’t tell mom and dad-. Elizabeth’s train of thoughts were cut off when she noticed the burn on the guys arm. She softly gasped at it, her stomach twisting in guilt. She did that. She had hurt him. Even though he didn’t seem to worried about it at all, she was freaking out from the inside. This was what happened with a small fire. What if one day she did worse and caused a larger fire? What if she really hurt some one... or worse, killed them. A shiver ran through her at the idea, and she pushed it away. Instead, she focused on now.

As she did, she started to wonder why he wasn’t in pain. It was as if this was normal to him. Is he not human?Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder again. He has yet to ask her about her powers, and he was handling the burn pretty well. Not to mention the moment his eyes turned black for a second. Maybe she was right about him. But before she could even further think about that, they reached a room and he was telling her to sit down, and she did as she was told. She was sure this was to make their agreement official.

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Ryland first gotten into a draw and pulled at a stapled stack of papers. It was an application originally but it had the necessary things that he needed documented for her to work her. "Fill the out," he said as he sat the papers and a pen out in front of him and pushed it towards her. "Also I will need and emergency contact." Ry then went on to rummage through the draws again. This time he was looking for his old business card, one of the few originals that he had. When he found one he flipped it over and wrote some things down before he looked onto the computer and looked at his monthly planner.

He was a very disorganized person sometimes but he was learning to fix those habits because he usually over filled himself at time. Soon the printer was going off and he was plucking the paper and writing on it. He waited for her to finish with the application before he continued any further on what he was doing. "Do you have classes?" he asked so he could schedule her times besides he didn't want to be the reason this girl was failing school but he had to have his damages fixed and he found this the best punishment.

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Elizabeth took a hold of the pen and moved the paper work closer to her before starting to work on it. She filled out the required information for herself, thankful that she was eighteen and didn’t require any parents approval for none of the stuff. The last thing she wanted was for her parents to know. They would be angry at her, and also want to find out how she damaged the work place. That would only make hiding her secret much harder and make things just complicated for herself. Not to mention, if they knew she was working, they would want her to pitch in with paying the bills and everything because that was already a problem for them, but she wouldn’t be able to do that because she would be repaying for the damage she caused. It was just one big problem filled with things that could ruin her. However, luck wasn’t on her side. When he asked for an emergency contact number, she immediately thought of her brother. She didn't want him to know, but she knew she had to put something down. Damn it. Hopefully nothing happens for him to actually call him. With a small sigh, Elizabeth said, “My brother, Lorenzo Calderon.” She started off before giving him his number.

Finally, after Elizabeth finished everything, she handed him back the papers. At his question, she answered, “Yeah. I’m a senior at Warwick High.” I can’t believe I’m doing this.

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Ryland nodded and went back to writing on the schedule he had. On it had many on his main appointments as well as parties and events he has in his busy life. He wrote in blue pen times of when Elizabeth would be working as well as circling the day she would have to be at the shop. She would be starting next week with him on Monday from five to nine. Four hours with him during the week if she worked but weekends were much longer. He marked Friday from five to closing. Closing was a dependable time because sometimes they had early nights then others they didn't close until three in the morning.

When the application was given back he looked over all the information and back to her. "I should give your guardian a call," he said as he continued reading over the info now in front of him. "Let them know what has happened and how you'll be paying back for what has happened." After he looked over everything he went to a filing cabinet and stored her app there for the time being. Then he returned to his seat looking at the girl in front of him. He should bring her hell but right now he felt like she had done that to herself already.

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Elizabeth waited for him to do everything else. She just watched his movements as he jotted down what he needed to. She couldn’t stop thinking of how bad she screwed up. It made her angry, actually, because of how things turned out, but also embarrassed and afraid. She knew she shouldn’t be thinking this way because it wouldn’t help her current situation. But that was hard to do. To distract herself from how she felt, she started to think about him, whose name she still didn’t know, and how he may not be a human. She was tempted to bring it up. Maybe he would help her figure out what she is exactly. Well, she knew she was a fire bender, but wanted to know more about it, and if there were others like her.

However, those thoughts left when he brought up talking to her guardians. The color drained from her face and her eyes widened. “No... you can’t do that.” She tells him, slightly freaking out from the inside. “I’m eighteen. There’s no need to tell them. I’m my own guardian.” Elizabeth was quick to explain. But she was still afraid that he wouldn’t listen so she added, “Please, don’t tell them. They already have problems of there own. Please, I’m already going to pay you back.” Elizabeth begged him as he pale blue eyes followed him around when he moved.

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Ryland allowed his brows to raise when she started on that he shouldn't call her guardian. It wasn't her choice if he should or not because he had the right to demand payment. "No? By law you're a legal adult but you still go to school and therefor I can still call your guardians because I doubt that you aren't nor leaving with them." He looked back down at the papers he was filling out before continuing, "okay but I know how problems to be dealing with as well." That was true and it would be a while before his problems got sorted because honestly the money Elizabeth would be earning was just about none and everything would be coming from his own pocket truly.

When he felt satisfied with everything he had put together and handed it over to Elizabeth. Starting next week she will start work. Working Monday, Thursday and Friday the first week then Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday the next. Each week will alternate the days she works so that they weren't filled with similar things. It would also give her a longer breaks from him. "The business card has my name and contact info on it if you need it," he muttered as he stood up and headed towards the door. During the middle of the time spent in the office Ryland arm started to kill him, he needed to get it taken care of before he done anything else for the day. He also left Elizabeth on her own to find her own way out as well as not to hear her complain about her new schedule. And as for the card, the front had the shops names, phone number, and website but the back read:
ryland baines
warwick web: @the.inkubus

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“C’mon. You can’t do that. Please.” Elizabeth begged again even though he said he could do whatever he wanted. Wasn’t it enough that she was going to be his personal assistant and be around him? What more does he want from her? She was going to get hell from her family for what she did, and it was all an accident in the first place. But it seemed like he was determined on doing what he wanted, and after handing her everything she needed he left her. She looked down to her schedule, groaning at the times he picked. I can’t believe I’ll have to see him again. She thought miserably. She looked over his business card that held his name, and read it aloud to herself. “Ryland Baines.” This was her personal devil, that was for sure. With a sigh, she got up and left the shop.

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the end

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It was Monday, and Elizabeth was dragging herself to the tattoo shop that she worked at apparently. As much as she didn’t want to be here, especially after the big fight she had with her brother and the attack still having an after affect on her, she knew she had to. But Elizabeth’s emotions were so bottled up, that she felt she was going to explode at the simplest thing. She still hasn’t spoken to her best friend, Salem, about what happened, even though she witnessed the fight. She was too ashamed, and too angry. She knew what she said was wrong, calling Lorenzo her half brother to his face. But she had been so angry, so hurt, that she wanted to get back at him badly, and that was the first thing that came to her mind. Just thinking about it made her eyes rim with tears, but she forced herself not to cry. She had work to day.

So finally, Elizabeth walked into the tattoo shop, dressed in ripped up black jeans, a white tank top, and a beaten up denim jacket with the same black boots she had on last time. She kept cool, no frown or a smile. She didn’t want to give away the turbulence that she felt was going on inside of her. “Ryland?” She called out once she walked up to the desk. I can’t believe I’m doing this. As if fate hated her, she was also working with him now. Could life get any worse?

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Ryland had been in his workroom most of the last couple of days. He was trying to salvage anything he could. He also had a list of what he needed to replace. Most of the list was full of ink names. A few bottle in the back he could save but nothing else. So the inks and colors he barely used were safe. It pissed him off so much and what made it worse was one of the binder was half burnt through. Half the pages weren't able to be saved. Some of Ryland's favorite work had to be trashed because it was ruined. But currently he was setting on the floor, shirtless of course and smoking as a way to calm his nerves. He never smoked much but he needed something to do.

At the front desk, where Elizabeth waited no one was there. At least for a solid minute but a blonde girl with a messy bun came out from on of the other work rooms. "Are you here for Ryland?" she asked with a concerned look. It was mainly because she seen the disaster of his room. "Cause he had to cancel all his session for the week." The blonde had on a pair of rectangular glasses and shirts wordiness grunge band shirt. She also seemed impatient, like she had work to get back to.

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He probably forgot I have to work today. Great. Elizabeth thought to herself after a whole minute of waiting, and it annoyed her. She was sure if she should call out again to him, go look for him, or just leave. She knew, however, that the last option wasn’t actually a good one since she had to work. The firs option didn’t seem to work, and the third option could probably end up bad. Before she could even make up her mind, a blonde headed girl appeared from one of the nearby rooms, catching Elizabeth by surprise. She looked her over, noticing the bands shirt, and hoped she worked here, which she most likely did because that meant she would hopefully have someone to go to if Ryland was annoying her. “Yeah. I’m not here to get a tattoo... ugh, I work here.” She moved her hand a little to gesture to the shop. “I’m supposed to see him, I guess?”

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"Oh, well follow me." The blonde seemed to be hurried as she motioned for Elizabeth to follow to where Ryland's workroom was. "Hey Ry? A girl's here saying she is supposed to work here," she said as she popped her head in. Ryland on the other hand let out a groan as he got up and came out of the room. Some soot seemed to be smudged in places but he looked fine as ever.

"Get back to your client Shannah," he said as he came out. The blonde nodded and ran back off to her room and to her client. "So Elizabeth, you decided to actually show up." He had stated this with a raised brow surprised that he didn't have to call her brother like he thought he would. He took one last drag from the cigarette he was smoking before snuffing it out and throwing it into the trash bin that he had placed inside his room. "Now your gonna help me finish cleaning," he said as he turned back into the room not giving her a chance to argue. Ryland had a lot of shit piled in places. His binder on a stool, all needed new holders. Inks setting on his desk, at least the ones he could save. A few machine laid out on the floor, pieced of them charred. He was trying to see if he could save any of their parts and build a new one for the moment until he had the money to buy new ones.

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Elizabeth followed the girl who seemed to barely acknowledge her and wanted to go back to something. Once they found Ryland, as soon as she had appeared, she disappeared, leaving her all alone with Ryland. She stood before him, her eyes gazing over him. Had she not been working for him and thought he was annoying, she would have thought he was hot. Yeah, he was still someone she would be with, but now knowing him, that wasn’t going to happen.

Hearing what he said, Elizabeth mumbled to herself, “I didn’t have a choice.” With her current relationship with her brother, the last thing she wanted was to have Ryland call him because she wasn’t cooperating. Ugh. Just thinking about how that would end up wanted her to smoke a cigarette too. Not saying anything else, even if she wasn’t pleased with what she had to start off with, Elizabeth followed him into the room that she ruined. Looking at it again reminded her of how horrible that day was, and how she lost control. She took off her jacket to be left with the white tank top so she could work easily, and as she did, she couldn’t help but glance at him, wanting to see if he was still injured on his arm and what he thought about what she did. Maybe she should ask him about that. “What do you want me to start with?” She asked for now.

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Ryland looked at the room before him. There was a deep sadness over the fact that he works years to get his shit together and have his workroom. But they was also a deep anger there, one for see everything he worked for ruined and trashed. The years of hard work and saving just wasted because this had been his life for so long. He had to shake his head to rid himself of his anger as he went and picked up the machine that had been laid out on the floor. He was still working on what he could try to save from them.

"Um... you can start by removing everything from the shelves and putting them in boxes if they can be saved and trash what can't be." The room was full of shelves, some containing ink, his binders, books andsome trinkets that he has collected over time. Ryland by now was at his desk with some tolls setting out as he paid all his attention to the machines. He was hoping to be able to get enough parts to have two machines able to run but so far it wasn't looking good. As for his arm that Elizabeth was looking at, it was mostly healed. It looked red and seemed to have one or two blisters. It no longer looked like a bad burn but like he touched something hot.

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After setting her jacket down, she nodded and started to as he said. She started to work on what he had on the shelves, or what was left of it. As she worked, she thought to herself. His burn is better. But that’s really fast, and he still seems okay with what he saw. Why is he not reacting in the way I thought he would? Is he like me? Is he a vampire like that girl? Is he something else? Ugh. It’s killing me. Should I ask him? Should I do it later? He’s probably still pissed at me so he won’t even talk. Damn it. What do I do?

For a while, Elizabeth worked in silence as she grabbed the stuff from the shelves and examined them to see if they were still okay or not usable anymore, all the while still feeling guilty. Her fingers were dirty from any ash that was created from the fire as she rubbed at the stuff, getting a little on her white tank top. As she worked, she glanced at Ryland a few times, wondering what he was thinking, and if she should ask him. After a long debate in her head, she finally thought herself to ask. She was looking at some ink bottles when she spoke, momentarily looking up to him. “Ryland... can I ask you something?” She started off before finally stopping to look up to him. “About what I did that day.... how come you didn’t freak out? Are you.... like me?” She asked him. For a moment, the indifferent front she had on disappeared and was replaced by confusion, and maybe a little fear.

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Ryland muttered curses as he worked, especially when he got frustrated. Eventually he had slammed his tools down and got up from the desk he was working at. Pieces among pieces of machine sat upon the desk. Some scattered others waiting to be further disassembled. The things that were salvageable had to be soaked in water and cleaned of the soot residue that resided on them. Ryland fingertips seemed to he cover in black as he ran a hand through his dark hair. He needed to calm and so he turned to pacing for a moment.

Being that he was already irritated, Ryland looked over to Elizabeth with a grimace when she spoke to him. He blamed her for the damage and ruining his years of hard work and effort, all because she got anger. Oh it pissed him off more so now then he had been before she came in because he was frustrated with trying to dissemble his machines. When she asked the question she wanted to Ryland stalked over to her. There was an air of pent up anger around him as he looked down with a smirk. "No Elizabeth, I'm not like you. I'm worse," he whispered into her ear, making sure she didn't see his face as his eyes turned black for a moment. When he pulled back his eyes were normal and he stepped back to give her her space. Ryland could only assume she was some sort of pyromancer.

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Elizabeth watched him after she spoke. She could see how angry he was, and working with the tools and seeing what was still acceptable was only getting him more frustrated. She kind of wished he wasn’t in the room, even if it meant that she would have to work all alone. Because being this close to him, and seeing how he was, if kind of scared her. But she didn’t show it.

However, when he moved closer to her, it was hard to hide the fear she felt. She backed up into the shelf behind her, but he was still too close. She could feel the anger radiating off of him, like it did with her when she’s angry and her skin would heat up. But his was different, and seeing him smirk like that made it much more frightening. She inhaled deeply when she felt him speak, his breath tickling her ear. For the first time in a while, she felt herself go cold at what he said. Wrose? Ideas of what he could be crossed her mind. When he stepped away, she looked at him and spoke of what seemed the worst to her. “A demon,” she whispered. It kind of made sense. The black eyes the last time she saw him, the way he protected himself from the fire, and his behavior.

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Ryland laughed at her guess. He then turned and went towards his desk to look over his things. He was a demon of sorts but he didn't like to let the name stick. He was stronger when it came to sexualized things. Attraction, shameless flirting, sex itself was what he was good at. "I wouldn't call myself that but go ahead darling," he said as he sat on the desktop and looked at her. His legs crossed at the ankles and his arms crossed over his chest. He's had his affects on her, it was part of his nature but he wouldn't act on that knowing this girl was in high school. Ryland, although he seemed bad he had some standards. A freshly turned eighteen year old could cause some trouble. And not to mention the girl had destroyed his workroom. "Would you like to guess again?" he asked with a smirk gracing his lips. This was a game to him nothing more nothing less. He was just amusing himself now.

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A demon. He was something that was like a demon. Knowing that now, and looking at him, it only made the hate and annoyance she had for him worsen. But she knew she couldn’t judge like that, because she wasn’t normal too. Actually, nope. She didn’t like him. There was nothing that couldn’t change that. Demon or not, he was annoying. Maybe his powers would be able to change her mind, but she didn’t know he could do that.

As Ryland moved back to the desk, smiling like that, Elizabeth just watched him, still frozen against the shelf behind her. This guy is crazy. Wasn’t he just angry a few seconds ago? She watched him make fun with this whole situation. But at least, in the end, she didn’t have to worry about having to expose herself, because he wasn’t exactly normal himself. “I don’t know,” she tells him when he said to take a second guess. She didn’t know too much about demons, and she wasn’t really aware of the ones that got power from sex. Elizabeth was still holding the bottle in her hand when she said, “How is this so normal to you?” Elizabeth has more question, but because it was Ryland she was asking, she just asked a few.

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How was this encounter so normal? Oh it wasn't but Ryland was having fun with his esteemed self. He knew of himself and some others who were supernatural creatures. He also learned of Warwick being cursed land and how he couldn't seem to be able to leave which is why he had the tattoo shop. Who would normally setup a tattoo shop in this town? Especially one who had worked in big cities and have large names make him their apprentice.

Her guessing didn't continue and Ryland decided not to let on to what he was. There were many clues as to what he was. A demon of sorts and he had also given her his card which had his social for Warwick. His user being a large clue there. "Normal? You torched my workroom," he said letting that be clear. "My workroom never get lit up like this. I just know how to handle the situation." He wasn't lying as Elizabeth had seen how he had acted when she first torched the room. He could of called the police hit didn't. Then he didn't call her guardian as a way to demand payment for damages. Even now he seemed to be able to handle things.

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At the mention of what she did, Elizabeth looked away shyly and turned to the shelf behind her. “I didn’t mean to,” she mumbled the reminder. But overall, she was glad he didn’t freak out and knew how to handle the situation. Had he called the cops or her brother, she would wish she only had the problems she faced at the moment. Liz gathered more ink bottles and examined them, thinking she might as well work so she could fix her problem. “Y’know, your the only one that knows about my powers. It’s only been a year since I go them.” Speaking about what she could do aloud felt so weird. It was something she couldn’t do with her family or her best friend, yet here she was doing it with someone she didn’t like or really know- but she would find out what he was, later when she’s alone, so she could properly think to herself. “So I still don’t know how to control it... whatever it was.” Elizabeth turned around to him again before walking up to the desk he sat on to put the ink bottles in the box. She didn’t know why she was telling him this. Maybe so he would understand why she did what she did, even though she could never have a good enough excuse for it, and she knew it. But at the same time, after bottling it all up, it felt good to tell someone about her powers. She looked up to him and pushed her red hair out of her eyes, accidentally smudging soot on her cheek as she did so. “So this whole thing is nothing close to normal to me, and I don’t even know how to go about the situation.”

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