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message 1: by Bernie (new)

Bernie Dowling (beedeed) | 4 comments I have my audiobook listed at I won't say the title as I am not trying to promote it but the site. Awesound also sells podcasts. As an author, I receive five times the royalty I do from Audible (also listed there, of course.) My book is also listed $7 cheaper than books of comparable length as I am hoping to sell more through awesound at this price. Buying from awesound helps listeners and authors alike. It is free to join.

message 2: by H.E. (new)

H.E. Wilburson | 12 comments Thanks for the tip Bernie. This is completely new to me and my work is more audiodrama than pure audiobook so will gladly check this out. Many thanks for sharing the information.

message 3: by Bernie (new)

Bernie Dowling (beedeed) | 4 comments As I say H.E, awesound does podcasts and audiodrama sounds a good fit. Mark from awesound is easy to deal with. Good luck with your projects.

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