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Diane S ☔ An oldie but we hope goodie!

Angela M Thanks , Diane. I hope so !

Esil Me too! It will be the 4th book I read by her this year.

Esil I’m going to start tonight. It looks like there are 4 parts. Should we comment after each part?

Angela M Commenting after each part sounds good. Probably will start tomorrow, but maybe later tonight. Hope it’s good!

Esil I just finished part 1. I must say that I’m finding it quite weird. I don’t understand Lily’s attraction to Marcus. And I find her obsession with Seanad overwrought. The tension over what happened between Marcus and Seanad is so heightened that it’s hard to imagine that the truth will meet the expectations O’Farrell has created. But it looks like I’m about to find out. The one redeeming feature is that the writing is very strong, as usual. Despite the oddness of the story, I could probably read anything written by this author.

Angela M I’m just starting this today so I’ll come back later .

Angela M I finished Part 1 and it is definitely pretty weird. I found it odd and very wreckless that Lily moved in without really knowing much about Marcus . In finding it eerie that she’s seeing a “ghost” . Anxious to continue to see what is going on, but not feeling like it’s my kind of story, even though as you said, Lise , the writing is strong.
Hoping for a surprise that will make me enjoy the story more .
I’m going to wrap some Christmas presents so I won’t get back to it until later.

Esil Have you finished your shopping, Angela? I’m jealous. I ended up spending a fair bit of today Christmas shopping but it still have a fair bit :)

I’m not sure who’s kind of story it is! The ghost is definitely weird, especially when you find out that Seanad is alive.

Angela M Lise, I did finish, but I bought a lot online , especially for the two youngest grandkids. I’m not up for traipsing around finding toys. I get a list for them because it’s hard to know what they have and what Santa is bringing and what their other grandparents are getting them. I found all of their gifts pretty much on Amazon. I think I ordered one thing from Walmart. The three older grandkids want gift cards or cash so they can shop the after Christmas sales. For Bob’s kids , it’s also gift cards . So some was easy!
I also buy a gift for my niece’s and nephew’s kids, but also bought on Amazon. I did go to the mall for some things for my husband and I’m
glad to be done ! If I was still working, I’m sure I wouldn’t be done !

Diane S ☔ Finished part one. As you both noted the writing is exquisite, but all around i think I'm liking this more than you both. Like the mysterious sir and gothic undertones. But agree about lily and Marcus, doesn't seem like much of a love story since Marcus seems cold most of the time. Just using her for sex. At first I thought it Sinead was either trying to drive her away or take over her body so she could have her revenge on Marcus. Now that we find out she's alive I'm not sure what to think. Is Lily crazy? Seeing things that aren't there. Sinead meeting Aiden is another twist. A very unusual story from this author.

Most of my shopping done, though it is all staring at me waiting to be wrapped. First my back and now this darn stomach virus, has really set me back.

Angela M Diane , I was thinking that maybe Lily might not be mentally stable too but I guess we’ll see . On to the next part .

Hope you feel better .

message 13: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I just finished the second part, and must admit that I liked it a lot more than the first part. I liked how it weaves back and forth between when Sinead meets Markus and when she leaves Markus. I feel like Sienad is more of a real character than Lily. But it all fits well together, especially when you realize at the end of part 2 that Markus zeroes in on Lily the day after Sinead leaves him. Markus is definitely a piece of work. I can’t stand him, but O’Farrell does a good job of depicting him.

Diane — I’m so sorry to hear about your back and stomach bug. This is an especially crappy time of year to be sick. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

When it comes wrapping, I’m resigned to the fact that I usually wrap presents late into the night on December 23rd. Fortunately my kids are old enough that I don’t have to wrap presents without them knowing what I’m doing...

Angela M I just finished Part 2 and I think I can safely say
at this point that this won’t be my favorite of hers, but yet I’m still totally interested in finding out what will happen , what Lily will do. I do feel that Sinead is more developed as a character. Not sure what to make of Aiden either . I’m hoping that there will be something more meaningful than Marcus is a jerk - lol !

Diane S ☔ I finished part 2 as well. I did like the back and forth, comparisons between the beginning and end of their relationship. I was hoping for something more nefarious than just cheating. Not that it isn't a good enough reason for Sinead to leave. Still, why would Lily see her ghost if she's not desd. So strange, unless Sinead is playing g tricks on her.

Thank, feeling a little better tonight, hoping to be much improved by tomorrow.

message 16: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I finished it. I ended up liking it more by the end than I did during the first half. I think I’ll end up giving it a 3.5 star rating. Marcus is a recognizable self centred rat — the last third really highlights these qualities. I’m curious if you think that the last scene is one of Lily’s imaginary sightings or for real or meant to be ambiguous. This is different for her O’Farrell but fabulous writing as usual.

For our next read, is there any chance we could start on December 29th rather than January 1st? I’ll be back at work after the holidays on January 2nd and I want to make sure to read it before getting back to work. As you’ve probably noticed, reading books over the weekend is working better for me these days.

Angela M I finished it and I will give it 3 stars . I’m struggling to come up with what to say I thought it was about. Disappointed in a way , but it is one of her earlier books . Just doesn’t compare in depth to her others . I thought that Lily saw Aiden and Sinead in the end . I still can’t figure out her imaging in the first part .

Lise, starting on a weekend is fine for me .

message 18: by Diane S ☔ (last edited Dec 16, 2018 06:27AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Diane S ☔ I finished too. Three for me too. I realize that the sightings of Sinead were meant to convey how past relationships can infiltrate the new. Ofarrell just made this clear in a physical form. It also served to make Lily much more curious about Sinead. I feel though, that for this to be effective, Lily and Marcus would have had a much closer relationship. Never felt neither loved the other, though Lily said she did, it was more tell than show. Ofarrell does write about intense relationships, but this one wasn't a hit for me. Marcus of course was a cad, very self indulgent and am glad Sinead supposedly ended up with Aidan. Glad Lily moved on, but what was the purpose of that last sighting? Just to tie up loose ends? Was kind of silly I thought.

Angela M Diane, you summed it up for me perfectly!

message 21: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil Here is my review:

Diane -- does starting the Miriam Toews book on January 29th work for you?

Diane S ☔ The fine with me, Lise.

Here's the next link

message 23: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil Great! Looking forward to it. I hope you both had a good Christmas.

Diane S ☔ Lovely, both wonderful and exhausting.


Angela M Same as Diane here , lovely and exhausting. Hope you had a good one too , Lise . My husband just left to take my step son to the
airport. Now I have the bedroom and bathroom to clean . Stripped the bed but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for setting up the thread , Diane. I probably won’t be starting it until later on Saturday.

message 26: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil It was lovely but busy until today. This morning we came up to our place in the country. There’s a bit of snow and it’s very quiet. Three or four days of laziness with my husband and kids. Can’t think of anything better!

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