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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Girl has a dream, lives with grandmother, goes on adventure with brother. Cover: girl on a boat, cartoon-like.

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Skylar | 1 comments I read this book when I was in middle school which wasn’t too long ago considering I’m a senior. I love it and want to read it again, except there’s one problem; I can’t remember the title

Here’s a few things I remember

There’s a girl on a boat. The cover isn’t realistic it’s like a cartoon that resembles an anime. It’s not an anime though

I really don’t remember much. But I think in the beginning the main character, the girl on the cover of the book, had a dream. Also she lives with her grandma. Her and her brother go on an adventure later on in the book where he ends up getting hurt. I remember at the main end there was a man. I think he might of had some magical powers like a wizard.

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Skylar, I added plot details to the topic header. Feel free to update it using the small "edit" link after the header - on the full desktop website (not the mobile app).

Around what year did you read this book? A range of years is fine.

What happens in the dream? Is it scary or happy? (Or does she have an ambition/dream?)

Do the kids travel far to a realistic place on Earth or a fantasy world?

What kind of boat appears on the cover?

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Duplicate post deleted - please only post your query once, and bookmark this original thread so you don't lose it.

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Skylar is still looking for this and wrote:

When I was in seventh grade hutch was five years ago I read a book which cover is that of a girl on a boat looking in the water- it’s a cartoon looking cover by the way. I can’t really remember much about it. In the end her brother gets hurt or someone casts a spell on him I guess. I’m pretty sure they meet with this warlock or whatever because of the brothers condition. In the beginning when they are on the boat, they arrive on land, and not long after they find this house. I think there was a garden at the house. It was an eerie setting. I know it’s not much of a description but any help will help me.

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Skylar ~~
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