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Other SK books with this much heart and soul?

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Readhead I was really surprised by the moments of transcendent joy, beauty, and love from the mind of Stephen King. I will never forget the awe George felt in the presence of Bevvie and Richie working out the lindy-hop steps in the night, or the love he and Sadie shared, even in 2012.

Which other SK books have this kind of heart and soul? I want more of this. (And I don’t necessarily mean romance.)

Dennis IT is very good . Aside from the horror part, the story is immaculate. Also , the Stand is great. Nothing comes close to this book though.

Carlos IT, without doubt. Especially when Ben sees Beverly and the last 20 pages of the book.

Melissa Rose Madder was surprising, also, I recently re-read Pet Sematar and aside from the fright of it all, the soul of the book is insane (my review would have more details). I haven't read IT to be able to corroborate the above statements, but it definitely encourages me to go and read now.

Laura The Green Mile for sure! I also read one that was more "YA" about 15 years ago called "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" and I really enjoyed that one too!

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