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Complete Science Communication: A Guide to Connecting with Scientists, Journalists and the Public
Author: Ryan C Fortenberry

About this book
Science communication is a rapidly expanding area, and a key component of many final year undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Authored by a highly regarded chemist and science communicator, this textbook pulls together all aspects of science communication. Complete Science Communication focusses on four major aspects of science communication: writing for non-technical audiences and science journalism; writing for technical audiences and peer-reviewed journal writing; public speaking of science; and public relations. It first showcases how writing in a journalistic style is done and provides a guide for colloquially communicating science. Then, the art of writing scientific papers is conjoined to this idea to make technical manuscripts more digestible, readable, and, hence, citable. These ideas are next taken into the spoken word so that the scientist can engage in telling their science like that natural human art of campfire stories. Finally, all of these communication concepts are wrapped together in a discussion of public relations, providing the scientist with an appreciation for the marketing directors and news disseminators with whom they will work. Written in an accessible way, this textbook will provide science students with an appreciative understanding of communication, marketing, journalism, and public relations. They can incorporate these aspects into their own practices as scientists, allowing them to liaise with practitioners in the communication field.

Book content
The Art and Motivation of Science Communication
Writing Science Through the Tenets of Journalism
Writing Technical Science Like a Journalist
Speaking (not) Like a Scientist
The More Common Presentation, the Poster
Public Relations and Marketing, The Synthesis of Science Communication

Publication details

Print publication date:22 Oct 2018
Copyright year:2019
Print ISBN:978-1-78801-110-5
ePub eISBN:978-1-78801-548-6

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