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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA, Fantasy - Book Series (~7 books) - Series starts following a girl who doesn't know she has wolf blood before she finds her mate (a wolf).

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Katelyn | 2 comments I read this book around 2013 when it was shared on itunes as a free book. I read it through the itunes book app on my phone at the time.

The first couple books focus on a girl and her mate (a wolf) as she becomes aware of the wolf world. She discovers she is mated because the wolf that lives across the street sees her sunbathing and somehow that is enough for his to know they are mated. She almost instantaneously develops a tattoo on her back(?). There are other wolves (?) and/or nefarious forces that don't want them to be together. I think she has specific powers that can 'save the world'. As the story develops more wolves, and other creatures, become involved and we start to follow their story lines as well. All couples when they find their mate develop a tattoo that matches (?) their mates. They are then able to be aware of each other in their minds. SPOILER

Towards the end she and the wolves battle a witch (?) who is trying to do something evil. They ultimately win.

That's about all I can remember without further prompting. Unfortunately, my internet search using this information yielded quite a bit of YA and adult human/wolf story lines, but nothing that matches what I read.

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Katelyn | 2 comments Figured it out! It is called "Prince of Wolves" by Quinn Loftis.


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