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Elise (ellinou) | 524 comments This book was lent to me, but there’s no synopsis on the back of it. So before I started it I went to Goodreads … but there’s no synopsis either! I quickly found out why: there’s nothing to say!

This is the story of the life of a girl. Full stop.

It’s like the biography of someone who is not famous, not interesting and not real. And already I’m not a big fan of biographies of not-made-up people, so…

Okay, despite what this sounds like, it wasn’t too terrible, hence the not-horrific rating (I felt like I had to keep it below 3 stars though). The first part, her childhood, is really boring, but then things get a bit more interesting. And then finally something cool happens, but it’s like 50 pages before the end so it’s more of a conclusion than a climactic moment, so we never get to really see the “after,” which only could have been way more interesting than most of the “before” …

So basically, I didn’t outright hate this book, but I was quite disappointed. I think the only two books I’ve read by Jane Hamilton left me with a sense of lacking, so I doubt I’ll be trying more from her…

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 7255 comments This is one of those books I avoided, because on the rating scale, people either gave it 4-5 or 1-2 stars-and I am usually in the last group when this happens to a book-thanks for reassuring me I made the tight decision!

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5645 comments And I was in the 5-star camp on this one.

Read it in the '90s ...long before Shelfari or Goodreads, so my review isn't very helpful.

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