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Not the author of Cutting for Stone. Deliberate confusion?

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Abraham Verghese I'm the author of Cutting for Stone. Dowry is NOT mine, though the author has the same name. The profile on right is NOT his! How to prevent this confusion/fraud? Dowry popped up on my Amazon page. People ordered it thinking it was me.! Sad.The author of Dowry encourages the confusion if he is not directly responsible for it. Pride in his work should make him make the distinction i am forced to make here.
Abraham Verghese, Author of Cutting for Stone. Stanford.

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ABRAHAM VERGHESE Saw this post only today. Sorry about the confusion. Not deliberate nor am I responsible . This is a social fiction about how Indian women are made to suffer and be bread winners in a male dominated society . As the author of Living Dowry I request readers to also read the back cover which clearly says that I am a naturalist and science writer (and not a medical professional) and then all confusions could be avoided!
Cutting for Stone is not my book.
Abraham Verghese, author of Living Dowry, India

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