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message 1: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Troy | 4 comments Attention Betas: I've been working the last few months on revisions for Notes from the Undead, a WIP about a man who believes he's been turned into a vampire. I've reached an impasse regarding length- at 51k, it's too short to market as a novel, too long for a novella. So I'm reaching out for fresh eyes to answer this essential question: are there underdeveloped sections that I should continue to work on, increasing this to a standard novel length, or is there unnecessary writing that can be sliced for a full-blown novella?

If you're willing to provide feedback on this manuscript, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm also more than willing to do this in exchange for a project of your own, should you need it. 

Please contact me at josnarffle@gmail.com if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!

message 2: by Bruce (new)

Bruce (banlohannon) | 2 comments Hi all. I'm a horror/sci-fi writer who recently retired as a lawyer and am now focusing on my fiction. I've written a couple of novels (Sour Lake and The Black Book of Cyrenaica) that have been well received by the Goodreads community and now am finishing up another, called In the Land of Dead Horses, that is a prequel to Sour Lake. I'm looking for a couple of beta readers. I've spent a heckuva lot of time working on this thing, and I've had it edited, but I really need someone who's conversant with horror fiction, especially horror fiction, to give me a reaction. It is not slasher fiction, and there's a fairly involved set of historical circumstances involved, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Are there people in this community who would be willing to do this sort of thing? The ms is a little under 68,000 words. Any thoughts or guidance in this regard would be much appreciated.

message 3: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Troy | 4 comments Hi - I'm wiling to beta for horror. I'm a reader/writer of this genre, as well as others. You can check out my work and credentials at ladybathoryscloset.blogspot.com. If you like what you see we can set something up.
Be well,

message 4: by Bruce (new)

Bruce (banlohannon) | 2 comments Great, thank you Kathryn! I'll take a look. Same deal with me--check out my website, ninthplanetpress.com. I'll send you a note later today or tomorrow. Best, Bruce

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