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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA, medieval fiction, follows a boy through his life until he jumps off a cliff to attempt to save a girl that was kidnapped by guys and eventually ends up at an academy and gets trained. Wants to be a grey marshel. Spoilers.

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Marauder | 1 comments Young adult book, medieval fiction, written by a guy (I think), took him 7 years to write. The book follows a boy who lives in the forrest w/ mom and dad, dad is a royal forestor or something, so they both have some sneaking skills. Dad beats kid once for something. There is a town and the town gets sacked at one point (they are in the attic before it happens and leave for some reason) the men are gone for some reason, not positive. Before it was sacked a part was with him with a group of friends and them calling someone a coward and jumping into a super cold river. Once the town is sacked, they kidnapped the kids/women and he follows them. Leaves his shoes in a bush and clims vines kr something. He leads the men to the slavers and gets most of them back. He learns his female friend is still gone, Chase after her, and ends up jumping off a cliff because they are escaping in a canoe with her. I think a rock or hammer is thrown down and breaks one of the canoes, and then ends up jumping himself and almost dies (blacks out). Wakes up, and somehow gets into a city and taken up by a high ranking guard for a while. He wants to be a guard himself and goes to the recruitment office, but over hears that a squad got beat up by a lone GREY MARSHEL (big part of the book) and decides he wants to be that. He has to get in by finishing top 80? In an obstacle race and gets the 80th? position. First or second night in the training grounds, he sneaks into secret room full of epic equipment, but they get caught by someone. His enemy is twin (enemy guy, twin is a girl) and eventually falls in love w/ girl but she was using him for something and ends up dumping her. He gets selected for this mission to a castle he went to with his family once when they moved to the city (hey I remembered how they got there I think) and got chased by wolf's. Anyways, they took a nurse or something (the other part of the compound trained female healers j guess) but she was the freak. Bunch of booby traps in the castle, giant snake in there and a guy tries to kill the kid and girl on top of one of the points of the castle. Almost die but girl throws knife and misses, but throws shoe and causes him to fall off, avaing their life. Serpent comes up a looks boy in eye and the leaves. Very end of the book he jumps off of a super high place (30+ feet) and lands without and harm in super hero pose, and stone mason looks on in awe. That's all I know, I might've messed up some portions of the story and mixed them with something else, but I hope not. Oh, the author eluded to the next book because the girl is alive and is going to be sacrificed to some gods who only kill virgins, so he is going to rescue her. Good luck, that k you for any information you can find. The grey marshel is the biggest clue j had, so if it helps you, great.

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Cycad | 111 comments This might be Jonathan Renshaw's Dawn of Wonder.

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Randi (shecantcomplain) | 18 comments Definitely Dawn of Wonder.

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Marauder ~~
Is Dawn of Wonder your book?
We love to know when something is solved, and only you can tells us if this is solved. Please let us know!
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