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Rohan M. Vider | 2 comments Hi all,

Would anyone be interested in reviewing my recently self-LITRPG published book Crota on

It can be found at:
Book Blurb:
The Gods Game Volume I, Crota
An epic fantasy, LitRPG and GameLit novel.
By Rohan M. Vider

A Game, played between Gods… where the playing field is the world itself… and the pieces, living beings. A young man caught unwittingly between… in a strange world, without allies or help… must battle for survival…using his wits and magic alone. Pawn or Player… his fate is his to decide… which will he prove to be?
Accidentally summoned from Earth to the world of Myelad, Kyran becomes embroiled in a thousand-year war between the Gods. Through no fault of his own, Kyran earns their ire and is trapped in Crota, an abandoned city haunted by undead, and infested with all manner of beasts and monsters. To escape the Gods’ trap, Kyran must become a Player that even the Gods would learn to fear…

Any and all feedback will be appreciated!


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Rohan M. Vider | 2 comments Crota, The Gods' Game, Volume I is FREE NOW on and will remain so from Friday, December 14, 2018, 12AM PST to Saturday, December 15 12PM PST.

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