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UNSOLVED: One specific book > British Chicklit Romance, funny. Girl sleeps (unknowingly) with fiance's older brother, meets fiance's family, older brother tries to stop the wedding thinking she's a gold digger.

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Marta  Sehn | 2 comments Chicklit, romance , the book is about a girl meeting a man in the bar, sleeping with him same night. Day after she is going to country side in England somewhere for a meeting with hers fiances family. The man from the bar shows up there,he is her fiances older brother coming home and will do everything to stop the wedding as he feel the heroine is golddigger. And of course she is the golddigger. the ex fiance is going back to his ex girlfriand, nice and plain. and mary her. so Golddigger hate the older brother, must work ........Don´t remember the tittle nor author but it was funny to read !!
please help me!!

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Kris | 32111 comments Mod
Marta, I added genre and plot details to the topic header. Feel free to update it using the small "edit" link after the header - on the full desktop website (not the mobile app).

Around what year did you read this book? This will help narrow down the search.

What are the main character's jobs/skills/interests? How did the engaged couple meet?

Tips for posting a book request - https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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Marta  Sehn | 2 comments I read the book for like 5 years ago. The ” fiance” is ”old money”, nice and boring. The brother is smarter one, working abroad . USA ?

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