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message 1: by Louise (last edited Dec 23, 2018 01:55PM) (new)

Louise | 491 comments Mod
In 2012 New York Review Books announced a new series called "NYRB Lit", a new e-book series devoted to publishing contemporary literary fiction and narrative non-fiction from around the world. All of the books in the series have been published to great acclaim in their own countries and are now available to US and Canadian readers.

10 ebooks have been published so far and they are:

The Water Theatre by Lindsay Clarke.
Publication date: September 4, 2012

Beirut, I Love You: A Memoir by Zena el Khalil.
Publication date: October 16, 2012

1948 by Yoram Kaniuk, translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris.
Publication date: November 27, 2012

Ravan and Eddie by Kiran Nagarkar.
Publication date: December 11, 2012

On the Edge by Markus Werner, translated from the German by Robert E. Goodwin.
Publication date: February 12, 2013

In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist by Ruchama King Feuerman.
Publication date: September 17, 2013

Arzee the Dwarf by Chandrahas Choudhury.
Publication date: October 8, 2013

The Dove Flyer by Eli Amir, translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
Publication date: February 11, 2014

Traitor by Stephen Daisley.
Publication date: March 18, 2014

Sweet Haven by Lakambini Sitoy.
Publication date: May 20, 2014

message 2: by Louise (new)

Louise | 491 comments Mod
Since none have been published in over 4 years I am guessing NYRB is not continuing with the series, which is too bad because they were certainly very affordable.

message 3: by WndyJW (new)

WndyJW | 288 comments That is too bad. I like reading a mix of trusted older classics and taking a chance on a new writer.

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