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Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose (Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Chronicles, #1)
Archive: Other Books > Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose by Stephanie Laurens - 4 stars

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annapi | 4910 comments Lady Osbaldestone has her three grandchildren (aged 9, 7 & 5) over for Christmas because their father has the mumps. Their rambunctious exploits have caused trouble in the small town so in an effort to keep them occupied, she enlists their help in finding out where the town's geese have disappeared to, an important undertaking as if they are not found, no one in town will have a goose for Christmas dinner. An inveterate matchmaker, she also recruits them in her attempt to throw the town recluse, Lord Longfellow, together with Miss Eugenia Fitzgibbon.

This Christmas adventure was a delightful read. The children were quite mature for their age (compared to today's kids!), learning quickly from their grandmother. The romance was sweet, with the wounded warrior and the strong, compassionate woman. The village people were all interesting characters, and the mystery of the geese plausible enough. I hope this series keeps going every year, though I wonder what will happen when the kids become too old to be cute. I imagine Lady O will have other grandchildren to keep her occupied every Christmas!

Theresa | 6306 comments Or it will be the youngsters from all the couples joined up in these stories!

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