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A.K. (alexis_queen) | 31 comments Hi! I'm Alexis.

I'm a well-read beta who is looking to read sci-fi / fantasy, primarily targeted at young adults. I am also interested in books that have Indian characters and/or queer characters, so even if it's not a fantasy or sci-fi book, I might be interested in reading it. I am also willing to read fanfiction, but I will not read any fanfiction for fandoms that I am not in (PM or email me to ask). I will not read anything that has rape or non-con romance or pedophilia.

I'm also open to critique exchanges as I have my own work that I'm looking for feedback on.

If you're interested or have any questions, please PM me or email me at

message 2: by Evette (new)

Evette | 43 comments Hi, I have a realistic literary fantasy grounded in our world about a girl who is looking for her father but stumbles on to a government conspiracy. She's trying to deal with it while getting over the disappearance of her father. Its about 120k. Let me know if you're interested.

message 3: by James (new)

James Penn (jwpenn) | 20 comments I'd be looking for a beta sometime around Dec 26, as I will need until then to clean up the rough draft. This is the third book in a series but unless you wanted to read the first two, you could just jump in with the third, since they're supposed to be readable stand-alone. If you're interested, message me please.
Short blurb:
4 teens travel through time to try to save the world from changes that evil genius scientists from the future have made to the timeline. In this book, they go back to Valley Forge to stop a superbug from wiping out the main force of the continental army before trying to cripple the scientists' ability to time travel

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 4 comments Hey, I've got a Scif-fi/ YA novel. I'm currently going through it again just to make it look more like a manuscript but that shouldn't take long unless you don't mind the presentation too much.

To all the girls under mother’s watchful eye, the purpose of life is straightforward. Please mother. To please mother, you must never show any weakness, no matter how unbearable it gets. This is simply what life is, nothing more, nothing less.
With her time twin, Clara, by her side, Clarissa strives for pure perfection to never let mother down.
If all there is to life is what she sees here with mother, who is this stranger that appears out of nowhere? Why does this stranger seem to understand Clarissa better then she even understands herself? In her attempt to find the answers to these questions, Clarissa discovers an unfortunate truth about the world she knows.
Forced into a completely different world, away from all that she knows and placed with a family of strangers, how will Clarissa cope? What happens when years of pleasing mother finally starts to show it’s damage?

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Mark Kasniak | 19 comments Lisa wrote: "Hey, I've got a Scif-fi/ YA novel. I'm currently going through it again just to make it look more like a manuscript but that shouldn't take long unless you don't mind the presentation too much.


Hi, Alexis

I have YA dystopian, 93K. Please let me know if interested, thanks.

After becoming sick, Phillip Spencer saw something he was never supposed to see… Phillip Spencer saw the world of the volunteers. Who are the volunteers? Nobody really knows for sure, but after the conclusion of the great wars in 2029 it was believed that the volunteers came to visit Earth and had bestowed upon its remaining citizens vast amounts of knowledge and technologies.
One hundred years later, the population of New America and of West Chester Grove section 9 where Phillip resides no longer has a soul alive who can recall who or what the volunteers truly are or what they looked like. But now that Phillip has seen them and knows the truth behind how the volunteers are secretly controlling his world, he’s determined to blow their secret.
And what is the volunteers’ secret?
A conspiracy that the entire physical world that Phillip is a part of is not real. Everything people see, taste, touch, smell, or interact with is phony, and all that truly exists is the people’s minds interacting with each other’s in an internet-like grid.
With help from some unlikely friends who have also each fallen ill and have seen the volunteers world, Phillip will embark on a journey that will send him jumping through worlds, in the hopes of convincing the people of his town that all is not as it seems.
Mind-bending and filled with deceit, The Volunteers just may change your mind when it comes to being red pilled and your readiness to accept society’s far away and small voices who are willing to lay their lives on the line to expose propaganda and thought control.

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message 6: by Abby (new)

Abby | 49 comments I emailed you :)

message 7: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 28 comments Hi Alexis!

I have a YA Fantasy novel that I'm working on called Caged Kingdom. I'd like a beta reader for the first 5 chapters or first 10k.

Blurb: Thirteen years old Ayla is angry. She is angry at her uncle for selling her off for some cheap bucks, angry at being kept in a cage like some animal, angry at being treated like she was nothing. But she isn’t sure what to feel when she is shoved head first into the betrayal and magic and wonder that came along with the Morguis.

The Morguis are creatures with power and magic, and they are organising a Tournament to find the bride for their Prince. At first, she wants the power that could come with the opportunity but as time goes by, it is clear that she is nothing but a pawn for the greater scheme of things. Rebels are starting to attack. Demons are getting stronger, day and day.

Ixan is not a place for a human girl.

Caged Kingdom is the first book of a series, Birth of a Dark Queen.

Note - This is not a cliche ‘girl goes into a dangerous tournament and wins and the prince falls in love with her’ story nor does she join the rebels. I have used a lot of YA cliches and tropes and tried turned them around. This story has magic, betrayal, secrets, friendships, many twists and a bit of romance. It’s pretty fast paced and humorous in places and dark in other. If you are interested, please contact me.

Thank you

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