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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Mystery/Thriller—The plot centers on a teenage girl who realizes she's reincarnated and her friend is trying to kill her and her boyfriend

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Fws | 2 comments I read this book in about 2009, but it seemed a little dated then—like maybe the late 80's, early 90's. Thriller/mystery/romance type book set in modern times (80's/90's when it was written)
It read like a young adult book, with a really twist-y plot and teenage characters and romance and thriller elements. The main character was a teenage girl—I don't remember any names—and there was also a boyfriend, and a female friend who might have been related to the main character(maybe a cousin? Or a step-sister?)
The female friend is really clingy and weird and maybe jealous, and the boyfriend is really attached to the MC too. Eventually, the MC goes to a hypnotist because of weird thoughts and dreams she's been having (one, I remember, was when she got in her car and wanted to get a burger at a restaurant that she'd never been to before, but somehow she knew the name of. It turns out that restaurant had closed in the 1950's).
The hypnotist tells the MC she's reincarnated, and I can't remember what happens until the very end, when the MC and her boyfriend go to an old abandoned gas station (I think for an anniversary or something? Maybe the gas station was in one of their families?) and the female friend shows up and threatens to burn it down. It turns out all of this had happened before in the 1950's, and the MC and her boyfriend were a different teenage couple and the female friend was a jealous ex-boyfriend of the MC. The female friend somehow knows all of the reincarnation stuff—the MC and boyfriend had no idea about past lives.
The gas station burned all the way down then and had been rebuilt, I think it gets burned down with the female friend in it at the end of the book, while the MC and her boyfriend escape.
If it helps at all, I think the friend wore glasses and had short brown hair—I don't know if this was ever in a description but that's how I remember seeing her while I was reading.
This sounds super crazy all together but I promise it was a real book and not a fever dream—if this sounds familiar at all or even just reminds you of an author let me know the name/title/more plot points! I have not been able to find this book and its been a super long time and it feels like when there's a word at the tip of your tongue....ugh so awful when you can't remember the title.
Thank you so much!!

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Maybe, something from Christopher Pike?

What location did the story take place: suburb, big city, London, etc?
Anything about the cover?
Part of a series?
How far in the story does the reader find out that the girl is reincarnated? Does the reader know right at the beginning?

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Fws | 2 comments It was definitely a small town, in North America. Probably midwest

The reader finds out about the reincarnation along with the character, so a little before climax like 3 quarters of the way in. Before that, we are completely in the dark.

I dont think it was part of a series...and I cant remember the cover at all.

I'm going to look more into Christopher Pike he looks really promising, thank you!

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Courtney (andforamoment) | 302 comments There was a book I read but the MC's friend was a guy and he was trying to kill her and her bf. He had killed them their past life.

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Kris | 34447 comments Mod
This doesn't sound like your book, but I'll mention it just in case you're interested - Love Him Forever by Cherie Bennett.

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
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Bren fall in love with the sea. | 284 comments There is a Christopher Pike book with a very similiar plot called "The Immortal" but that happens on an island. It maybe by him though, it sounds like something he would write.

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