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Recommend a professional ghostwriting agency that can provide exquisite Memoir Autobiography Ghostwriting services

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Lillian Marrero My brother and I have decided to gift our grandfather a memoir on his birthday. As the man has really achieved a lot and had been through many adventures of life, it would be great for him to see his life work and experience discussed beautifully. We are looking for the professional ghostwriting agency that can provide the best and exquisite Memoir Autobiography Ghostwriting service for us. As we have no knowledge about any of the ghostwriting agencies, it would be so great if someone can kindly let me know the best place from where we can get the quality services.

David Rice There is a ghostwriter's guild of sorts called "Association of Ghostwriters." That is probably you best bet for looking.

*HOWEVER,* you will need to be hyper wary of anyone and everyone who advertises their "ghost writing services," as a staggering huge number of them are scams and they produce utter crap. When you do a Google search for "ghost writing," you will want to avoid the businesses that advertise (listed at the top of the search results pages).

Know that a ghost writer will need to spend many hours with your grandfather and must also work with your grandfather daily. It will also be expensive: $10,000 is common.

You will want to talk to people who have used each ghost writer you interview. That means via telephone or face-to-face. You will also wish to read a book or two that the ghost writer has written.

Ghost writing projects are not something to be considered lightly.

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