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Kaje Harper | 16566 comments We had a vote tie, and since one book has a gay boy MC, and one a bi girl, I figured we can do both.

This Dec-Jan Book of the month is Elephant Shoe Elephant Shoe by J.S. Edge by J.S. Edge

If his sixteen years experience has taught Mikey Alston only one thing, it’s this:

Life is too damn cruel to face alone…

The ice took our car off the road.
The tree wrecked it.
Tate and I didn’t make it out unscathed.
My parents didn’t make it out alive…
I was eleven, and that’s the day my whole world was ripped away from me.
My brother, David, was twenty-one. All the family I had left, I needed him. He didn’t need me.
David sent me away. Packed me off far across the country from my hometown in Devon – from Tate and everything I’d ever known, to live with grandparents I’d never known.
Six years is a long time.
But now I’m back.
(Not through choice. Not mine, anyway).
And Tate’s still here.
Only… he’s not the boy I left behind.
He won’t speak to me. Won’t speak to anyone.
The one upshot of my return to a life I no longer fit and he’s letting me down spectacularly.
Well, Tate, here’s the thing:
I’m not giving up on you. I’m not everybody else. You can’t shut me out. You need me – we need each other. And we will be friends again. Best friends.
I’m decided.
It’s decided.

Warnings: loss is a theme here, as the blurb shows. Some drinking among teens.

This thread is for discussion of this book - there is no specific reading schedule and you may post at any time. There may be spoilers in the comments, so be aware if you have not yet finished. Especially if you are posting early in the two months, please try to put real plot spoilers into a spoiler-hiding tag - write <*spoiler> before the text and <*/spoiler> at the end of it - with both * removed to make it work, and it will be hidden, revealed only (view spoiler)

I look forward to seeing what the group thinks of this one.

message 2: by El (new) - rated it 5 stars

El Cee (elescee) | 11 comments So happy this is BotM! Gives me an excellent excuse to re-read XD

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments I read this one recently and really enjoyed it. I had one minor quibble about a major plot point (won't spoiler it here) but I liked the characters a lot. I particularly appreciated that the MC sometimes acts like a brat, but it's coming from a lot of pain built up over the years, and the author lets you see both.

message 4: by El (new) - rated it 5 stars

El Cee (elescee) | 11 comments I love how flawed the characters are. Mikey could have me wanting to throttle him on one page only to make me wish I could just wrap him up and take care of him on the next. He totally reminded me of my little brother as a teen in that sense.

message 5: by Iamshadow (new) - added it

Iamshadow | 334 comments Well, I got this for free on Kindle a few months a few months back, I guess now's the time to read it!

Carrie-Anne | 99 comments Yess, I loved this book! Definitely glad more people are reading it :)

message 7: by Benji (last edited Dec 22, 2018 12:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Benji (benjisleuth) | 6 comments 38% LMFAO! (view spoiler) Finding it really hard to put this down.

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments So glad you're enjoying this one - I really liked it, and there are good touches of humor in with the angst.

Benji (benjisleuth) | 6 comments 78% (view spoiler)
My heart just exploded into glitter!

message 10: by Kaje (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments I loved that moment too. There's a lot of history lurking between these characters. And it feels pretty realistic to me.

Benji (benjisleuth) | 6 comments Finished!

And now I'm struggling to put all my feelings into words.

I'm also struggling a little in accepting these characters are not real people that I'll be able to check in with for an update tomorrow, lmao.

Doubt very much I'd have come across this book if not for this group, so thank you, Kaje. Any more recs along the same line as this would be greatly appreciated!

message 12: by Kaje (last edited Dec 31, 2018 09:59AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Benji wrote: "Finished!

And now I'm struggling to put all my feelings into words.

I'm also struggling a little in accepting these characters are not real people that I'll be able to check in with for an update..."

You might like Vivaldi in the Dark trilogy - another one with very real-feeling characters and some angst and some great relationship stuff. (Trigger warning for depression.)
Also Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace!

I'm glad we hooked you up with a favorite book. There's a lot of good stuff out there.

message 13: by El (new) - rated it 5 stars

El Cee (elescee) | 11 comments I am, perhaps, loving this even more on the re-read!

So glad you loved it too, Benji XD Definitely recommend Autoboyography - it was super sweet x

Benji (benjisleuth) | 6 comments Thank you El and Kaje.

I've read Autoboyography already and I enjoyed it (although not as much as I did this one).

Added the other suggestions to my tbr list. Also, discovered many more appealing gems from delving through the threads of this group.

Loads of promising reads lined up. Love it!

message 15: by El (new) - rated it 5 stars

El Cee (elescee) | 11 comments You're welcome, Benji.

And this is free on Amazon right now!


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