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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Going to try another 100 books again.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments For the Authors' Challenge I will read 20 books.

3/4 books by David Weber
Echoes of Honor
In Enemy Hands
Through Fiery Trials

4/4 books by Robert B. Parker
Walking Shadow
Shrink Rap
Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues
Thin Air

4/4 books by Paul Tremblay
A Head Full of Ghosts
The Little Sleep
No Sleep Till Wonderland
Disappearance at Devil's Rock

3/2 books by Bernard Cornwell
Enemy of God
The Burning Land

2/3 books by Brad Thor
The Athena Project
Black List

2/3 books by John Sandford
Heat Lightning


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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments For the serial challenge:

I will start 11/17 new series:
1. The 164th Regiment series by Chris Glatte read 26 January.
2. The Long Earth series by Terry Pratchett read 27 January.
3. The Templar Trilogy by Jack Whyte read 23 February.
4. Perry Masson series by Earle Stanley Gardner read 4 March.
5. John Mason Kemp Series by Philip McCutcheon Read 13 March.
6. The Hinder Stars by C. J. Cherryh. Read 26 March
7. Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Series by Faye Kellerman Read 30 March.
8. Krondor's Sons by Raymond E. Feist
9. Lightbringer by Brent Weeks read 5 July.
10. The Singular Menace by John Sandford read 2 Sep.
11. Sean Dillon by Jack Higgins red 7 Sep.
Gladiator by Simon Scarrow
The Sunshine Lands by S.M. Sterling
The Generals by S.M. Sterling
Pony Soldiers by Chet Cunningham
Donald Cameron Naval Thriller Series by Philip McCutcheon
Mathilda of Westminster by Paul Doherty
The King of Ys by Poul Anderson
Conan by Robert Jordan
Hugh Corbett by Paul Doherty
The Cleric Quintet by R.A. Salvatore
Hopalong Cassidy by Louis L'Amour
War of the Roses by Conn Iggulden
Clandestine Operations by W.E.B. Griffin

I will finish 5/7 series for a total of 8/11 books:
Isaac Biddlecomb by James L. Nelson (2 books left)
The Lords of Creation by S.M. Sterling (1 book left) Read 27 April.
The Arthur Books by Bernard Cornwell (2 books left)2 Read 31 August. Finished 6 December.
The Butchers Boy by Thomas Perry (2 books left) 1 read 14 August. Finished November 16.
Brainship Series by Anne McCaffrey (1 book left)read 31 August.
Conqueror by Conn Iggulden (2 books left) 1 read.

I will read 1/2 series from start to finish for a total of 2/4 books:
Samuel Bowater by James L. Nelson
Mark Grenevich by Paul Tremblay Finished 24 September.

And I will read 18/36 books in series I started prior to 2019.
The Victim
The Burning Room
In Enemy Hands
Heat Lightning
The Athena Project
Walking Shadow
Echoes of Honor
Fool Moon
Shrink Rap
Trouble Is My Business
Cloak and Silence
Black List
Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues
Requiem For An Assassin
The Burning Land
Thin Air

Total of 68 books.


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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Monthly Challenges:
January-Marathon Challenge: 9/9; 3093/3200
Acrylic Painting Techniques
The Victim
The Little Sleep
The Burning Room
The Long Patrol
The Long Earth
A Head Full of Ghosts
In Enemy Hands

February-Shades of Blue 1/4:
Heat Lightning

Quarterly Challenges:

Annual Challenges:

54/100 books

18691/37500 pages

TBR Challenge (see note 2): 17/30

Kind of Big Deal Challenge (see note 3): 10/10

Authors' Works Challenge (see note 4): 17/20

Serial Reader Challenge (See note 5): 39/68
Series Started 11/17
8/11 books to finish 5/7 series.
2/4 books to read 1/2 series from start to finish.
18/37 books in series already started.

Color Challenge: 10/10
Acrylic Painting Techniques 13. 5 Colors
The Victim 8. Dark Blue
The Little Sleep 5. Yellow
The Burning Room 1. White
Inheritor 7. Light Blue
The Long Patrol 6. Green
Artemis 11. Black
Knights of the Black and White 3. Red
Walking Shadow 4. Orange
The Black Prism 18. Word describe color.

message 7: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Off and running with Acrylic Painting Techniques. Not a big start, but a start.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Just finished The Victim which was really good until the end. I was very disappointed in the ending of the story and feel it turned a book that should have been 4 1/2 stars into barely 3.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Moving along slowly, I have finished another Harry Bosch book. The Burning Room Harry Bosch #17 by Michael Connelly.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Read Inheritor. Another excellent book by the amazing C.J. Cherryh.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finished The Long Patrol which was an unexpected read and a good one. Had need of a war story, I guess. This wasn't on any list, I just stumbled across it and said "Oh, that looks interesting!" and was 30 pages into before you could say Goodreads.

message 12: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments I managed to finish The Long Earth but I really don't know why I stayed with it. I'll give it 2 stars only because I did manage to finish the book. Totally pointless, rambling mess that should never have seen print.

message 13: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finsihed A Head Full of Ghosts and all I can say is WOW.

message 14: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments In Enemy Hands for another 5 star book. Two 5 stars in a row, will it continue? Anyway, this book advances several of my annual challenges and allowed me to meet the January challenge goal.

message 15: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finished Heat Lightning. Okay book, about average, I guess.

message 16: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Read Artemis. Not as good as The Martian, not by a long shot. But it was ok,

message 17: by Greg (last edited Feb 23, 2019 09:47PM) (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Well, at long last, I finished Knights of the Black and White book 1 of the Templar Trilogy by Jack Whyte. Sometimes this book read like a text book and was just as dry, at others, it got rather exciting. Unfortunately, there was far more of the former than the latter. Took me about 17 days to wade through this one. Don't think I'll be reading book 2.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Read The Athena Project book 10 of the Scott Horvath series by Brad Thor and one of the better ones of the series so far.

message 19: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Walking Shadow Another good Spencer novel. 21 down and only 26 more to go, give or take a few novellas.

message 20: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I another marvelous book by C.J. Cherryh. And a new addition to one of the very best space operas ever written.

message 21: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Read The Ritual Bath by Faye Kellerman. Pretty good. First book of hers I every read.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finished Strike From The Sea. Another good book by Douglas Reeman.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finally finished In the Courts of the Crimson Kings. I have been falling asleep whenever I start to read lately and it has really slowed down my reading output. A book that should only take a few days took me three weeks.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments I have finished Through Fiery Trials, book 10 of the Safehold series by David Weber. This finishes this series, again. At least until David writes book 11.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments I finally managed to wade through to the end of Prince of the Blood even though I had decided to put it aside a couple of times. A very cliché plot and I was very disappointed as I've like several of Raymond E. Feist's books.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms to get a further taste of The Game of Thrones since we will never see book 6 of the series.

message 27: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finished The Black Prism and two annual challenges because of it. I finished the Color Challenge and the Kind of a Big Deal Challenge.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finsihed another great book by Conn Iggulden. Khan: Empire of Silver book 4 of the Conqueror series.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finally. I have finished Sarum: The Novel of England which I have been reading off and on since February! 912 pages.

message 30: by Greg (new)

Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments I have finished Enemy of God and have relegated The Ship Errant to the yuck pile.

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Greg (lupercross) | 1618 comments Finished two more by Paul Tremblay. Four by him this year for the Author's challenge.

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