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Mariam and Laila
Emily La Barba Emily Dec 09, 2018 03:48PM
What would you call the relationship between Mariam and Laila? How have they grown so close and do you believe this has left an impression on both the women? Why or why not?

Mariam and Laila's relationship was a complicated one. I would call it neither a sisterhood nor a mother-daughter relationship. They both seemed to hate each other, as is the custom, but had an inner, even deeper affection for each other which makes their relationship unlike any other of the characters in the story.
Looking back at there pasts, Laila's life starts where Mariam's ends. They both face the same desires- to escape from the fate which they see ahead of them- and yet are very different from each other

Objectively in the novel, Mariam seems to take on a motherly role around Laila, even through pretense at times in which is it completely necessarily to tell someone that she is Laila's mother (i.e. during the birth of Zalmai).

Otherwise, however, I imagine the two are confidants and with a kinship of sisterhood throughout the journey they both endure in Rasheed's home. This felt most true upon Laila's final visit to Mariam's kolba, during which Laila accepted carrying Mariam's soul and life with her in every next action. Their endurance of life felt concurrent. Although separated by a few years, it generally didn't feel like an entire generation of separation between the two.

Regardless of what it was, sisterhood or mother-daughter relationship, the kinship of the two women is undeniable, and any label for this alignment of existence and life and death and souls will remain an understatement of it, in my opinion.

I would call it a mother and daughter relationship, in the beginning Mariam isn't pleased with Laila around. But after a while after circumstances of abuse and hardship, they grow strongly together. Mariam is taking the caring role of a mother/ grandmother after Laila gives birth to Aziza. The relationship definitely left an impression. The circumstances and hardship bonded them together and also they lost both of there family member(s). I believe Mariam always felt some kind of guilt of being an 'Harami' and guilt towards her mother. She felt unwanted. When Laila gave birth to her daughter Aziza, I believe Mariam felt the true feeling of being loved and the feeling of being wanted.

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