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message 1: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 1 comments Hi All, can we create Telegram/WhatsApp group exclusively for readers?
It would be nice if it functions like this

We could choose a book for month and at the end of the month we discuss the book. It's not necessary u have to read the same book, you can also discuss any book that u read recently and review it which will give a lead to others.

message 2: by Rick (last edited Dec 09, 2018 09:22PM) (new)

Rick (papadrum) | 2 comments

In 2016, my book, "MiXED NUTS" was published. It is the memoir of a Harvard-trained psychotherapist with insights into the human psyche but told with humor in an easy-to-read format that encourages readers to turn the pages.

It remains a five-star rated book on Amazon. In 2019, I am still being asked to lecture at colleges about this book, my career, and my observations.

This Goodreads club asks for Goodreads authors to post to their "Self Promotion thread," but fails to tell us or supply a link of where to FIND that thread. I promise I tried. I can only hope that this is relocated and not just deleted.

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