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UNSOLVED: One specific book > British Contemporary Romance - two women who were bestfriends meet again in adulthood after having children with each other's partner/crush

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Serene  Djent (tintagliafyre) | 10 comments I actually remember a lot of detail about this book because I read it more than once. But I simply cannot find it anywhere! I am going to describe the book in a chronological order of events even though the book begins with (Alice) moving back to her childhood town with her husband (Mark).

So two teenagers are bestfriends. One has blonde hair and I think her name is Alice. She is outgoing and has tons of boyfriends. She fancies this guy who is in the year above and plays guitar (can't remember his name at all). The other is tall with long red hair, again I can't be sure but I think her name is Catherine, She is reserved, shy and has very strict parents.

"Catherine" meets this tall, tan labourer I THINK called "Mark". They fall for each other and loses her virginity to him. She keeps him from "Alice" because she's worried for some reason but Alice grows suspicious and follows her (I remember "Catherine" wearing a green skirt and beads or something like that). She finds them and "Catherine" introduces her to "Mark". Of course, they hit it off and they also sleep together. "Alice" finds out she is pregnant so she and "Mark" elope, leaving "Catherine" behind.

"Catherine" finds out she is also pregnant but upon telling her mum, she beats her and forces her to get an abortion (I specifically remember her sitting between her two parents as she sadly gives the doctor consent without wanting to).

Fast forward something like 16 years later and Alice and Mark move back to town. Mark is super successful and they have a beautiful house with a son and two daughters (can't remember their names but the youngest has nickname of "Muffin" bc of something to do with her eyes). Catherine is also married to Alice's old school crush - the guy who plays guitar - and has two daughters. They're having problems and he currently lives on a canal boat and teaches a music class at the local school. His mother disapproves of Catherine because she thinks he can do a lot better but spoils her grandchildren.

Catherine goes to Alice's welcoming party where they have a bust up and she tells her about the abortion.

I can't remember much of the middle bit but Alice meets Guitar Guy after he teaches her son. He also has a run in with the son after he tries to pick up weed but it's just oregano. Guitar Guy is offered a place in a band who are going on tour. I think the consensus is bc they are probably going to split up anyway, Catherine is fine with him going.

Alice tries it on with guitar guy and Mark tries it on with Catherine but it doesn't work out. In the end, Alice divorces Mark and Catherine boards a train to confess her love to Guitar Guy and when he comes back, she wants to work things out. Alice and Catherine become friends again.

I read this book in 2008 I think - I hope someone can help me!

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Nell | 18 comments Omg I totally read this book too but I can’t seem to find it either because I don’t remember the title. I thought it was a Sophie Kinsella book (when she was writing as Madeline Wickham) but none of the descriptions fit. And yes I remember there being an Alice and Mark so I certain those names are correct. I’m going to keep looking lol

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Nell | 18 comments Okay so I think it’s “A Desirable Residence” by Madeline Wickham. “Catherine” is Liz and “guitar guy” is Jonathan. Mark is Marcus. I had to read the description a couple times, but I’m pretty sure this is it.

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Serene ~~
Is Nell's suggestion your book? A Desirable Residence??

Please let us know yea or nay.

Also ~~
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Good luck!

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Serene  Djent (tintagliafyre) | 10 comments Nell wrote: "Okay so I think it’s “A Desirable Residence” by Madeline Wickham. “Catherine” is Liz and “guitar guy” is Jonathan. Mark is Marcus. I had to read the description a couple times, but I’m pretty sure ..."

Unfortunately, no but thank you so much Nell! I'll try to keep bumping this, thanks Kate 😊

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Rainbowheart | 16894 comments Still looking, Serene?

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