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Inside My Library Mind (insidemylibrarymind) | 35 comments Mod
This is the place to discuss all the spoilers about Windwitch!

Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn (thebookishunicorn) | 20 comments Ok so this book had SO MUCH GOING ON! I am still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. *insert confused emoji face here*

Let me start off by saying I wish the author would have kept the chapters focused on one group the whole time, instead of splitting them up between groups. Since the events in each story line didn't affect the others, I didn't see why she split the stories up so much. I think it would have helped with the continuity and also helped me keep myself in the book.

Moving past that, I still really enjoyed this book a lot. I am impressed that during this entire book our main characters never met up (except Iseult and Aeduan). I was expecting a heartfelt reunion at the end, but they are still going their separate ways.

I am really excited to see where these story lines end up going in Bloodwitch, so many surprises in this book I really have no idea what the author has planned next!

Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn (thebookishunicorn) | 20 comments ALSO!

Can we talk about how freaking AMAZING it was when Iseult came into her Weaverwitch powers?!!? I was grinning ear to ear when that part happened! I didn't think she could get anymore badass but I was proved wrong.

Inside My Library Mind (insidemylibrarymind) | 35 comments Mod
Ah regarding the chapter switches - I see how it can be annoying! I always see parallels between the things happening with different timelines (especially Merik-Vivia) but that's probably because I read too much into things 😂

Oh and I am so glad you enjoyed the book!
THAT MOMENT WITH ISEULT IS ICONIC. I love how this book gains momentum and just explodes by the end.

Did Safi become any less annoying for you? 🤞🏻

Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn (thebookishunicorn) | 20 comments Marija (Inside My Library Mind)

The Merik-Vivia switches was the only one that didn't throw me off since they were part of the same story and were in the same city. It was more when we would be following Iseult and then suddenly jump to Merik or Safi that I would have to stop for a sec and reorient myself!

I feel that Safi got to be more of her own character in this book, and got to explore more of who she is. I am really curious to see how her story unfolds with this new alliance with Vaness and the Hell Bards!

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