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Suggest books for me > Books about magician who helps cops solve crimes with his/her deduction skills

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message 1: by eva (new)

eva (calendarbusiness) | 15 comments Not a book, but I really enjoyed the Deception TV show and loved the premise of the plot. It ended too soon and I've been looking for books with similar themes. Can be dark, but would prefer at least a bit of humor and fun. Definitely love flashy protagonists.

message 2: by kelgar01 (new)

kelgar01 | 187 comments I haven't read them yet, but Daniel Stashower has the Houdini mysteries... https://www.goodreads.com/series/6675...

message 3: by Keith (new)

Keith | 223 comments The Harry Dresden books (starting with Storm Front) are about a wizard in Chicago who often works with the police.

The Peter Grant books (starting with Rivers of London) are about a police constable in London who discovers he has magical abilities and trains as a wizard (within the police).

message 4: by Joseph (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 441 comments I second the recommendation of the Harry Dresden series.

You might also like the Stephens & Mephisto Mystery Series by Elly Griffiths. The first book is The Zig Zag Girl.

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