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Tess of the Road (Tess of the Road, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy with Tess or Tessa in the title, possibly "Tess(a) on the Road" or something similar? In first chapter is trying to figure out where babies come from. *More details* [s]

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eva (calendarbusiness) | 15 comments I read the first maybe ten pages or so and so far all that had happened is that the main character was talking about her plot to figure out where babies came from. She "married" her (little?) sister Jeanne to her cousin Kenneth (9 y/o), talking about her experience at her Aunt (Tilda?)'s wedding and her mother's unhappiness. She has a baby brother named Nedward and half-sister named Seraphina (11 y/o). MC's name possibly Tess or Tessa. Picked it up earlier today (December 9th, 2018), but I have no idea what year it was published (though it looked to be newer, at least in the 2000s but probably after 2010).

The summary said something about how everything in her land was very traditional and that dragons did whatever they pleased. MC grew restless and after some sort of incident, she cut her hair and ran away.

Definitely some sort of medieval setting, I didn't get a lot of information but that was the general vibe I was getting and there was mention of dragons, dragons who turn to humans, and people who spoke a fictional language--don't remember the name of the language but it started with an N?

Not the (female?) author's first novel, she had written two others. Not sure if they tied in at all.

Cover was blue--light blue/grayish path winding to the top of the book, outer edges navy (possibly black) and I think the dark parts were supposed to be forest. Had the girl on the cover, I think she was walking along the path away from the reader?? **not 100% sure about any of the cover details**

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eva (calendarbusiness) | 15 comments Ayshe wrote: "Tess of the Road?"

Yes, that was it!! Thank you!

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