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message 1: by Marcelo (new)

Marcelo | 2 comments So I finally joined the fun with an all new Kindle Paperwhite 2018.

First 4 days went great, read my books and put it in sleep mode without noticing any problem whatsoever.

Waking up yesterday I noticed the battery had dropped from 70 something to 11 - so I thought I might have left in on or something. Restored it to full 100% during the day and unplugged it. After a while went back and saw it was losing battery VERY quickly.

At this point I started searching online for possible causes, so I put in airplane mode, looked for updates and checked for indexing books: there was 1 so I thought I had this solved.

This evening I put it to sleep with 84%, in flight mode and no indexing books - only to wake up 7 hours later and only 14% battery remaining.

Any help?

message 2: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 425 comments check again for indexing
check and see if device is full
leave wireless on for a while as an update might be trying to download
do a reboot by holding the power button in for a full 30 seconds

message 3: by Marcelo (new)

Marcelo | 2 comments The reboot did the trick!

Once again I’m really happy with my Kindle! 😊😊😊

message 4: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 425 comments excellent!

message 5: by LaSonya (new)

LaSonya | 2 comments I’ve noticed a massive battery drain on my HD8. It’s really bad for holding charge. I find myself not using it much for that reason. Any suggestions?

message 6: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 425 comments hes, check and see what's running

pull down menu
gear/cog icon
running apps

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