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message 1: by Jamie (last edited Dec 08, 2018 08:24PM) (new)

Jamie Jack | 0 comments I am planning to start a paid author services business some time in the new year, but until then I would like to offer free proofreads for nonfiction and fiction (any genre). I am offering this for free in hopes of getting testimonials for my future website.

I have worked with words for a long time. Starting in middle school and extending into college, I was an assistant for various English teachers, instructors, and professors. I have experience as a proofreader for a major utility company and as a medical language editor. I am also a voracious romance fiction reader (one or more books a day). I have published 4 cookbooks on Amazon.

Things I will look for when proofreading:
Wrong words
Grammar and punctuation issues
Formatting problems
Self-editing errors (words left in/removed by mistake while an author edits--been there, done that!)

If I notice other big problems (like POV, plot holes, pacing, etc., for fiction or information gaps, lack of clarity, etc., for nonfiction), I will point them out, but I will not specifically look for them.

I work in Word and will use the Track changes feature so you can decide what of my edits to keep.

Feel free to PM me here or reply to this post.


message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 4 comments Hi Jamie,

Are you still free to do this?

I have a completed Sci-fi/ YA novel (107k).

Here's an unofficial blurb:

To all the girls under mother’s watchful eye, the purpose of life is straightforward. Please mother. To please mother, you must never show any weakness, no matter how unbearable it gets. This is simply what life is, nothing more, nothing less.
With her time twin, Clara, by her side, Clarissa strives for pure perfection to never let mother down.
If all there is to life is what she sees here with mother, who is this stranger that appears out of nowhere? Why does this stranger seem to understand Clarissa better then she even understands herself? In her attempt to find the answers to these questions, Clarissa discovers an unfortunate truth about the world she knows.
Forced into a completely different world, away from all that she knows and placed with a family of strangers, how will Clarissa cope? What happens when years of pleasing mother finally starts to show it’s damage?

message 3: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Winkler (goodreadscomrebecca_winkler) | 26 comments Jamie Brydone-Jack wrote: "I am planning to start a paid author services business some time in the new year, but until then I would like to offer free proofreads for nonfiction and fiction (any genre). I am offering this for..."

Hello Jamie,
I have a ms ready and would love for you to proofread. It is a romance/suspense novel. note: there are a few erotic scenes. Here is the back cover of the book. It is in the hands of beta-readers now. Prior to publishing it in January *crosses fingers*, I would love one more proofread due to some changes made from the original ms. Thanks, and I'll understand if you don't proof "R" rated. :)
Back cover text for Winter Garden:

Winter Garden—

Detective Jack Sledge used to have a life, although it’s hard for him to remember back that far. After serving two tours in Afghanistan, and working ten years solving cold cases in Atlanta and Chicago, he’s had enough of death and grieving.
Jack heads to his hometown of Winter Garden, Florida to take a long-deserved respite. When ready to get back to work as a detective with the Winter Garden Police Department he finds his greatest challenge to be a personal one - Sarah.

A formidable detective in her own right, Sarah Stone is used to taking care of herself. She is emotionally vulnerable, yet a passionate siren when the guns come off. She’s willing to take off more than her weapons when she comes face to face with Jack. He’s falling hard for the first time in his life, and refuses to let Sarah slip through his fingers. Is her protective wall impenetrable? Can she trust enough to actually fall in love?

Winter Garden is a gripping story about testing the commitment, love, loyalty, and trust between Jack and Sarah. Disguised as a married couple, they face the danger of working undercover to capture a serial killer who’s now in their backyard—and women are still disappearing—women who look like Sarah.

message 4: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Brown | 2 comments Hi Jamie,

I have a few novels that I’m working on. I can send you a few blurbs and you can pick which one interests you he most. Genres I write are Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, YA and Contemporary Romance. Let me know if you’re interested.

message 5: by Blaire (new)

Blaire | 2 comments Hello there,
I have a completed 30K words story.
Genres are romance, drama, horror, action, fantasy
If you are willing to read it, please let me know.
Thank you.

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