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Jamie Jack | 0 comments Don't know the proper etiquette...if I should just delete this post (If that's possible)

------- I'm no longer offering free beta reads at this point in time --------

I've read some amazing books! But I am moving on with my professional author services.


I am a voracious reader of historical romance (favorites being Regency, medieval, and Scottish) and would love to beta read yours! I've been reading romance for more than 30 years, and I am your target audience.

I have many interests and have had several careers in my lifetime, so I read broadly outside of romance as well. I've been a property inspector, a business services entrepreneur, and specialty food store owner. I am currently a registered nurse and a published cookbook author.

So, I am interested in beta reading nonfiction as well. As an RN, anything medical or health related is in my wheelhouse. I also--honestly--enjoy just about any nonfiction, except for sports or anything extremely highly technical (medium-to-high tech OK!). I read wide and deep!

I have also been a proofreader for a large utility company and a medical language editor before I was an RN. I am also offering free proofreading at this time.

As I said in the subject, these free beta reads and proofreads are a limited time offer, as I plan some time in the new year to go professional. (I am offering free reads in the hopes of getting testimonials.) While I adore being an RN, I would like to cut my hours due to the stress (physical and mental) and would so like to make my passion for words into a viable business.

Feel free to private message me here or reply to this post!

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James Penn (jwpenn) | 20 comments I'd be looking for a beta sometime around Dec 26, as I will need until then to clean up the rough draft. This is the third book in a series but unless you wanted to read the first two, you could just jump in with the third, since they're supposed to be readable stand-alone. message if interested
Short blurb:
4 teens travel through time to try to save the world from changes that evil genius scientists from the future have made to the timeline. In this book, they go back to Valley Forge to stop a superbug from wiping out the main force of the continental army before trying to cripple the scientists' ability to time travel

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William Walters | 111 comments Newcastle is a 182030-word historical fiction/Family Saga about the Richards family led by the tyrannical Wilbur and his manipulative wife Aggatha. The novel follows the family from the period just after the Revolutionary War to the opening days of the Civil War. It is based on the massive plantation NewCastle in South Carolina. You can reach me at if you are interested in editing critique or Beta reads.

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