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Simon Mawer. "Trapeze"

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Radio Interview: Simon Mawer and Diane Rehm (June 12, 2012) talk about his novel Trapeze aka The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

ABC radio interview

"Marian Sutro, an ordinary young woman who, like her real-life counterparts in S[pecial] O[perations] E[xecutive] such as Violette Szabo, Nancy Wake or Noor Inayat Khan, did the most extraordinary things at a time when the ordinary was not enough."

Violette Szabo
Violette Szabo IWM photo
Nancy Wake
Nancy Wake (1945)
Noor Inayat Khan
Noor Inayat Khan

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Tools for Espionage

"Not just a key [...] if you file the metal down at the letter R you'll find a small cavity. In the eye of the letter [...]Inside that cavity -- it's less than two millimeters across -- is what we call a microdot [...] A piece of photographic film little bigger than a full stop." (Simon Mawer. "Trapeze" chapter "England")

Saber with Scabbard - Met - DP215265 "Saber with Scabbard"
"The emerald near the top of the scabbard opens to reveal a secret compartment containing a gold coin marked with the name of Süleyman the Magnificent (1494–1566), the most powerful Ottoman ruler of the sixteenth century."

Pigeon Camera - Flickr - The Central Intelligence Agency "Pigeon Camera"

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Discussion questions about Trapeze found online are here.

The sequel in this series, named for the main character 'Marian Sutro,' is entitled Tightrope . Set after World War II, it nevertheless contains enough backstories to fill the reader in about Marian's experiences as Trapeze ends with a surprising finish. It won the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction.

Though separate from the above series, Simon Mawer has written an acclaimed novel called The Glass Room .

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