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The Illegal Gardener
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Archive: Other Books > The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village, #1) – Sara Alexi - 3 stars

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Linda C (libladynylindac) | 1082 comments Juliet, an English born Greek to English translator, recently divorced has bought a house in Greece. She has 24 year old twin sons off on their own and a childhood friend, Michelle, who has pursued their friendship for years with little response from Juliet. This new beginning in a run-down house provides a much needed sense of independence. She hires Pakistani illegal immigrant, Aaman, to clear the yard and do maintenance inside the house. The stilted friendship is fraught at first with communication and cultural difference, but develops when they unburden themselves concerning their problem backgrounds, find common interests and fight bureaucratic problems. I found most of it very well done but the transition from strangers to friends after an eventful day of heart to heart disclosures after less than a week of knowing each other seemed a little forced and unrealistic.

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Booknblues | 5743 comments This sounds interesting, but I'm wondering why it was only 3 stars?

Linda C (libladynylindac) | 1082 comments Mostly for the transitioning from strangers to friends; happened after about a week. It started like a unique situation but turned into a predictable read.

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