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Why did I write The Templar Map?

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Kevin Hill If you've seen the film, National Treasure, you are somewhat aware of the story of the Templar Knights and the vast treasure they escaped with. The order of the Templar began with 9 knights of Jewish decent, who traveled to Jerusalem on a secret quest. They knew something tremendous was hidden beneath the Temple of Solomon. Solomon, as you know, was son of King David, and it just so happened, that the Jewish knights were of that linage. The knights tunneled for 9 years, and when they found what they knew was there, they traveled to Rome. After an audience with the pope, they were wealthy!

What would the pope have paid dearly for? That is the question. But whatever it was, he wanted it kept secret. Maybe that is why the pope later conspired with the king of France to slaughter the Templar knights--giving rise to the belief that Friday the 13th is unlucky. For it was on that day so long ago, that the king, greatly in debt, lusting after the wealth of the Templar, sent in the thugs to murder the Templar.

Many good knights were killed. However, many escaped with the Templar fleet, and a vast sum of treasure. Of course the murder of the Templar knights had been cleared with the good pope.

And how did I, a writer looking for a good story, happen upon the historical accounts of the Templar knights? The wife and I decided to vacation on the Danish island of Bornholm. Little did I know of the connection the island had to the knights Templar, or rennes le chateau, from which Dan Brown barrowed heavily to create his Da Vinci code. After reading about the island, I discovered it had been from there that the danish king, conspiring with Templar and once again the pope, invaded Estonia. And here on Bornholm, just as around Rennes le Chateau, the Templar left churches laid out at astonishing locations, that when connected on a map, each point being precisely the same distance from the others, they create a five-sided star. Why would they do that? Was it a reference to what they had sold the pope?

I became fascinated with the story. So much so that I created a detective novel around it. What if, I asked, what the Templar sold the pope was an object, say a may to King Solomon's mines. And what if the earthquake caused the church by Martin Luther, makes a monk steal the artifact. It disappears for hundreds of years, and resurfaces in LA when a widow is going through the belongings of her late husband. When she inquires about the object, she is attacked. Her house is broken into and she is threatened. Sophie Devonshire, the widow, seeks the help of Private Detective named Jason Dalton.

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Kevin Hill I also wanted to mention that book 2 of the series is a book that I love dearly. I allow the reader to see not only the PI, Connor Marin, and the action of the story, but also to see how the life of the police officer who is pursuing Connor, and how that cop, Lieutenant Harry Deutz, forces himself into the case as his marriage falls apart, and it reveals what he learns about himself and life, by chasing Connor and his team of helpers ... including a sly, old German spy.

Kevin Hill I know that the title The Killer Trap sounds harsh and simplistic, but it is a fun book. I wrote because I had a character who I loved and who first took form in my writing about 10 years ago. He was this cop who changes because of the pain he goes through. I needed to show that to readers, and finally found a way to do it in this book. I hope you enjoy it. I know that reaching and trying to touch readers in a way that makes them feel and love and understand a character in this genre is rare and usually not done. But I gave it a whirl. Perhaps I did it it well and you will feel something for the character and care about him and others in the book. Or, I failed miserably. You be the judge! K.R. Hill

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