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message 1: by Kathi, Moderator & Book Lover (new)

Kathi | 3152 comments Mod
Please welcome our new co-moderators, Chris and Shel.

Chris has been a member since 2011, and Shel since 2009. Many of you know Shel as the discussion leader for some of our Series Reads.

I want to thank them for agreeing to moderate the group with me. We will do our best to keep things organized and we hope all of you, as members, will help keep the discussions active and lively.


message 2: by Leserling (new)

Leserling Belana (vorleser) | 54 comments Welcome, and thanks for all the work you're doing. xxx

message 3: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) Congrats to Shel and Chris!

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Mcclanahan (clovis-man) | 480 comments All our moderators, past and present, deserve a lot of thanks. Not exactly a glamorous job, but essential for the well-being of the group. Kudos!

message 5: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 1003 comments Applause to Chris and Shel for stepping up - and thanks to Kathi - known you in this group for a long time (lurker more than poster) great team to keep us going!

message 6: by Chris, Moderator (new)

Chris (heroncfr) | 513 comments Mod
Hi everyone! I'm looking forward to being a moderator …. please be patient as I figure it out! Candiss, Nick and now Kathi have set a high bar....

message 7: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 108 comments Welcome Chris and Shel! Grateful that you dedication your time for this group.

message 8: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments Chris and Shel!

How great! I really look forward to seeing what all youz guyz can do.

It was not only wonderful, but essential for me to have the multi-talented Candiss along with me to share the responsibilities. I hope you all find the experience as rewarding as I did.

And... now I can devote more time to reading the BOTMs and getting in on discussions. Hasn't happened yet, but.....

message 9: by DivaDiane (new)

DivaDiane | 172 comments Thank you for taking on the job, Chris and Shel!! Much appreciated!

message 10: by John (new)

John (johnoc29) | 7 comments I may not read all the books each month, but I love the group...thank you.

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