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Diana Okay so I like starting off with this question. Who would you cast as Dan and Emily?

For Dan I kept imagining someone like Matthew Fox. Not sure if he fits the part or I'm just obsessed with Lost right now lol. No spoilers please ;)


It would be cool to see Cory M Grant as Dan too.


For Emily I was thinking of someone like Ginnifer Goodwin. Probably because she's a teacher and has a pixie cut in OUaT.


Who do you guys think would best fit the role?

Also, do you guys mind that we bump it up to 14 chapters a week? I know it's a lot from five, but I just want to finish on time. ^_^

Kelly Rose | 60 comments I don't know where to begin!

This story is so fun. It reminds me of the romance novels I used to read as a teen but I don't have to worry about weird stuff because it's Catholic.

I'm really liking the story so far. I feel like every time I'm reading it, I have a dopey smile on my face, or am laughing from the crazy descriptions. The characters feel realistic and relatable too. Plus they're using some of my favorite names: Dan, Emily, Elizabeth, Gianna, Maximillian, etc.

Okay so for Dan I was kinda just imagining Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons, yes I'm biased, but when I hear Dan that's who I think of lol.

I think Sebastian Stan could pull off Dan too, but that might just be my inner Bucky fan talking.
sorry, not sorry

Matthew Fox actually fits the description pretty well though. And I could totally see Cory Grant too.

I'm not sure with Emily. I guess I kind of just imagined Emma Watson when she had short hair.

Oh yeah, I forgot she was a teacher, Mary Margaret would be a good choice.

I wouldn't mind bumping it up because I enjoy reading it, though I'm just not sure if I can keep up. I'm cramming reading a bunch of books at the moment and getting behind in all of them. Just let me know what you decide and I'll try my best.

Diana Exactly! That's why Catholic romance is the best. ^_^

Yeah I definitely agree with relatable. I felt myself relating to Emily when she glued a French flag to a pretzel canister as a bank in hopes of saving to vacate to France one day. But the thing was, it was only a third full with mostly pennies lol. Oh and the fact that she drowns her sorrows in chocolate. Couldn't agree more. XD

Hmmm Dan in a Christmas story? I'm just thinking of him from this video lol.

As for Bucky, I can totally see it. Especially since he has the beard in that gif. :)

Emma Watson is a good choice too!

I'm actually reading a bunch of books too. I think I'll bump it up to only seven chapters. We should get it done in January which is still Christmas-y.

Kelly Rose | 60 comments I'm just figuring this out haha.

I know right! I'm just thinking of how she doesn't wear makeup and her hair just might be her best feature. Then she cuts it lol (but it goes for a good cause). I'm still thinking about doing that with my hair. Now I'm just imagining Jo from Little Women


But yeah, there was something else relatable but I can't remember at the moment.

Whoa, how did I not see that video yet 😂 Now I want it to happen even more. I'm getting off topic but hopefully this means they'll come out with a Christmas album someday lol.

Alrighty seven chapters sounds good. (Sorry, I still have to catch up with the latest discussion, but I will soon!)

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