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Members' Area > December 8, 2018 many Tolkien's books available in U.S. Kindle store for 2.99. Including Fall of Gondolin.

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message 1: by Xopher (new)

Xopher Butzgy | 6 comments have fun!

message 2: by Xopher (new)

Xopher Butzgy | 6 comments Sorry! many of Tolkien's books... So excited I forgot how to write.

message 3: by Vivienne (new)

Vivienne (vivienneor) | 2 comments Were these authorised editions I wonder?

Looking to buy a copy of Tales From the Perilous Realm yesterday and noticed a low cost edition though looking at the imprint was not a publisher that I recognised and certainly not HarperCollins or Houghton Mifflin.

I downloaded a sample and the copyright page looked dodgy.

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