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Small and rustic, a bit cluttered but always clean. It always smells like flowers and sometimes tea, and always has a warm and cozy feel.

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Green eyes narrowed in concentration, Valentina bit her lip as she stared at the metal vase of red roses in front of her. After a moment's thought, she carefully extracted two that she thought were too dead to be able to sell as 'fresh' roses, setting them aside. They were just barely turning brown, not too noticeable, but she wanted her shop to stay bright and beautiful. If she didn't catch dead ones sooner rather than later, she might miss them and it might mess everything up. Still, the dead ones wouldn't go to waste. She picked up the dead roses, along with a few other dead flowers, as she headed toward the back of the shop.

Above her, there was a metal wire from one side of the room, about a foot out of her reach, with clothespins on it. A few other bunches of dead flowers were already hung, arranged in a tasteful bouquet to display when dried. It was too humid to do it too well here, but it just took longer. And she wasn't picky about how long it would take. In a few days if she thought they were rotting instead of drying, she'd just move them to the actual drying area in the backroom, which was actually sealed against moisture. She stood at the small table tucked in the back corner underneath the wire, carefully wrapping the stems of the newly selected bundle with twine to keep the grouping together.

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It had been six full years, no breaks in between that Charlie had been in the gorgeous land of France, after being offered a once-in-a-lifetime paid job for a photgrapher for Vouge Magazine, France, ever since she had graduated high school it has been the job that she had known and loved with all of her heart, not even taking one second to focus on anything else. For days, sometimes weeks on end she would put of going out with friends to simply work, that is how much she loved her job. Then, finally after a full six years, she took a break. It was nearing Christmas time, and gathering up all of her courage she asked for a well deserved rest, only to find out that she was had been overworking herself, and she should have gotten one her first year in France. With much gusto, she ran out of the headquarters screaming with joy to pack her bags to head back home to Warwick.

Charlie loved her friends, they were like a second family to her. Even after a full six years, all she could think about were the looks on Dallas' and Val's faces when she would return to surprise them. After saying hello to her parents, and settling down in her studio, and catching on missed hours of sleep, she ripped through the town crusing down on her cherry red harley to Val's Violets. Rumor is, a certain someone could be found there. Opening the shop, she took off her helmet, and walked in only to find it empty. Looking around in confusion she peeked her head in through doors only to see a woman with brown locks in a room with dead flowers. Interesting. "Funny, I could have sworn it said open. Should I come back another time?" She asked, only seeing her from behind not able to catch a glimpse of the face.

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Valentina perked up when she heard footsteps in the store, and was all set to greet them and do the whole 'can I help you?' spiel, when she heard the voice behind her. It sounded familiar, and she rose one eyebrow slightly as she turned to greet them. "Charlie!" She cheered, dropping the flowers to the ground and running over to her. She launched herself at the taller girl, hugging her tightly. She held on for a moment before pulling back, her hands still on Charlie's arms as Val looked up at her. "Where have you been? I mean, I know where you've been but where have you been?" She demanded, though she was grinning. She glanced around her shop, suddenly equal parts embarrassed and proud of it.

After all, Charlie was this big hot-shot photographer with all this success behind her. And Valentina? What had she done? She had opened a tiny little shop that, while not failing, wasn't exactly crowded. And she sold flowers. Val wasn't jealous, it was just a sudden sharp reminder of the difference between them. While Val came from high standing and stepped down to this, Charlie had pulled herself up to where she had been.

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Charlie knew that Valentina would be here, but she didn't know if it was simply one of her employees or someone else, yet as she saw the bright shining face smiling as if she was the sun herself, tears welled up, and before she knew it she was crying the big softie she really was, dropping her helmet towards the ground, she gripped her with no intentions of letting go, showing all of her teeth, if the moment hadn't been sweet she would have looked crazy. "My God. I've missed you so much!" Hiccups were placed in between, and there was a slight foreign accent on the tip of her tounge as she spoke once more.

Glancing around, she could only feel pride in her dearest friend, she had pursued what she wanted even if her parents didn't agree with that, the way she had left things in Warwick weren't the best. She had runa way from her problems, only to hope that six years would help the pain scab over, but here was one of her best friends brightneing peoples days with smiles and flowers. How unbelievably noble. "Val. Oh God, I have so much to tell you, I just got back, and I had to see you, oh, by the way, I have a bike now! A-And a tattoo! There is so much! And you! You've started your own buisness! It's gorgeous!"

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Looking immediately concerned at the tears, Val frowned slightly, squirming from Charlie to go lunge behind the counter and produce a box of kleenex, frantically pulling some out and shoving a handful at her worryingly. It took her a moment to realize that they were happy tears and maybe she didn't need to jump to conclusions so fast. "I missed you too!" She practically cheered, dropping the kleenex to hug her again. A good deal shorter, she stretched up on her tip-toes, grinning widely.

At last, she pulled back, not a lot, just enough to look up at her and start to chatter. "oh come on, it's nothing. It's small and it's not like I make a lot of money and you're successful and your business! You're famous! I just have this little shop and a boy and not that much come on." She insisted, "Tell me all about it! Traveling and taking pictures and everything." She shook her gently, grinning.

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Feeling Val reaching she eased up a little on her cobra like hold to let her get what she needed, only to feel a multitude of tissue being stuffed into her face. Letting out a small laugh she grabbed them dabbing her face. She hadn't had tears when she had went to go see Dallas, but the two had shared some silent solidarity over the protection of Valentina. "First of, what your doing? It is not nothing. It is absolutely beautiful, and just like you to own a flowershop. Second, you have a boy? How could you not tell me!? Why wasn't that the first thing out your mouth!? We can talk about me later this is so much more important. Third, when am I meeting him so I approve of him?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows like some type of weirdo.

This was nice. She missed this dynamic so much. Coming back was one of the best thing she had ever done, she felt like such an idiot. There were so many times when she could have gone home, but didn't because she thought it had still been an internship. "Also, I got you something. Follow me out to my bike, but keep talking!" She squealed not letting go of her best friends hand.

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"It's just flowers, but it makes me happy." Val admitted, nodding slightly. She was grinning as Charlie continued to interrogate her, though she let out a startled squeak as Charlie pulled her, though she let herself be towed along. "There's so much I could tell you about everything in the last few years." It felt weird to talk about herself, but she wanted Charlie to know everything. There were some things you couldn't just text or call about, and by the time she'd decided it to bite the bullet and tell Charlie that way anyway, it was too late and it would have seemed weird. So she couldn't help but babble on about things to Charlie, and the most important thing to her was Finn.

"He's a sweetheart, I promise. He can come across a little cold to some people but he doesn't really mean it it's just how he seems he really does care. He's never lost his temper around me at all even because of something else happening unrelated to us and he would never dream of ever even raising his voice to me. Dallas doesn't like him much but Finn means the world to me. If it came down to it I'd give up anything for him, even my shop. But he would never even dream of asking me to and that's one of the reasons I love him." She smiled slightly to herself, reaching into her pocket with her free hand to pull out her phone. As she continued talking she unlocked it, pulling up her photos. "He owns the tattoo place across the street, actually. We, uh, we live together." She held up her phone, displaying a picture one of her other friends had taken of her and Finn when they were moving in. She was grinning, reaching up to wipe blue paint on Finn's laughing face, clearly in retaliation for the blue smears already across her own cheek.

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Listening to her taking on and on about being in love dramatically lifted her spirits. Not simply in love with a man either, with her friends, the shop, the flowers themselves. A smile was plastered onto Charlie's face, unable to stop. Her friends were here prospering and she was living for it, the things thag they had been through that she hadn't been there for, had made them stronger, yet they didn't even exclude her, instead both of them had talked as if no time had passed at all. It brought even more tears to her eyez, and for a moment she just had to stop and pull her friend into another hug, because the yearning in her heart had finally stopped. Pulling away once more, she took this chance to look at the pictures pulled up on her phine before grinning lime the cheshire cat. "Wow. I don't know what to say except... I don't approve." Her tone went dead serious before she let out a laugh. "I mean why is it that you find someone super hot and I'm loneellyyyyyuhhh!" She whined before letitng out a another chuckle. "Val. I am so happy for you. Seriously." Gripping her hands, she walked out the shop leading her to a nice compact red motorcycle.

Opening a small holding space underneath her seat, she pulled out a small, matte black, box, along with a box of mint-hibiscus tea. Opening the box, you could see a gorgeous sterling silver necklace, elegant but simple. It had a nice locket with a tiger lily engraved in the front, and Val on the back. In it, was filled with Charlie's graduation picture, with Valetina and Dallas at her side celebrating with her. "Suprise!"

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Lily Marie | 101 comments (hey, KT, my high school sophomore Fern is an aspiring florist and I was wondering if she might be able to get a job at Val's Violets? feel free to PM me.)

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Despite the fact that what Charlie added made it obvious she was clearly kidding, Val's heart skipped a beat when Charlie voiced disapproval. Dallas already didn't like Finn; it was hard enough to have two of the most important people to her clashing. She couldn't handle another. So she rushed to reassure Charlie. "Its not just that!" She insisted, gently pushing the other girl with her hip. "I mean yeah he's hot. But you know he just... I don't know. He holds me and even if everything is falling apart it doesn't matter anymore. He makes me feel safe." She chattered cheerfully as she followed the other girl.

"Ooh, I like the red." She noted, though her attention was instantly captured by the shiny things in the other girl's hand. "Ohhh, I love it!" She lit up, almost snatching it from the other girl in her excitement. Almost instantly she started putting it on, though she frowned when she looked up at Charlie. "I don't have anything for you." She looked upset as she clasped the necklace on, biting her lip. "I have the picture from my graduation hanging on the wall behind the counter in my shop." She offered, though she still looked disappointed in herself for not having something in return.

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Watching as the necklace disappeared from the box quicker than the blink of an eye, her smile lit up even more, as if that was even possible. Charlie loved Val with her entire heart. They were so close to the point where even though the two looked completely different, that they had been mistaken for sisters. The moment that Valentina frowned was when her anxiety started acting up. For a few seconds their squeals had come to pause, a gentle, and disappointed voice emmerged instead. What was wrong? Charlie had literally planned everything out so that it would be perfect. Yet she could only smile when she found out what the problem was. "Val. My sweet, sweet Val. You didn't need to get me anything. You didn't even know when I was coming back. You are perfectly fine." Smiling Charlie embraced her in a warm hug before bringing her hands to her friend's cheeks and squeezing to move them up and down. "Okay, Charlie, I promise that I won't obsess over something that I literally have no control over." "Good." Holding her friends hand, she looked across the street to the tattoo parlor with an interesting atmosphere to it.

"Do you think that if I told your boyfriend that I'm your best friend he'd give me a discount? I've been thinking about getting a couple here and there. I have a couple of stensils here and there." She asked tilting her head at the thought of it. "Oh! Also are there any good hotels, apartments, studios, houses, I think I'll be here for awhile." Hearing the offer of the photos from her and Dallas' graduation she shook her head. "You realize that I already have those downloaded digitally. Social media is a thing." She teased before handing her the tea box. "I'm serious Val, it's all good."

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"Tattoos are up to Finn. I try and stay out of interfering with his things I just listen to how his day was and everything." Val hesitated slightly, biting her lip. "Oh! I have a solution to all of our problems! What if I text Finn and see if it's ok if you could stay with us for a little bit until you fine a place in town? It's a chance for you to meet him and ask about tattoos for yourself." She offered, already reaching into her pocket for her phone. "This is not an option!" She insisted, pointing a stern finger at her. "You don't have to stay for long, and truth be told I don't know how thrilled Finn would be if you stayed too long, but at least you have a start and a fallback." Of course, by this point she was already texting Finn. Once she was done, she looked up at Charlie cheerfully.

"Charlie, I love you, but no way was I offering you the picture that is mine." She teased. "I'll figure out something to get you. But that one is mine." With a firm nod, she looked around, glancing back at her shop. "Yes! I got it! Come with me." She grabbed the tea box with a quick but heartfelt 'thank you so much' and grabbed Charlie with her other hand, hauling her back inside. Once in the doors, Charlie was released and the tea box set very carefully by the teapot behind the counter. Then she started moving from flower to flower, occasionally picking some. "I can make you a bouquet. I know it's not much but I can do it for now. I'll get you an actual present later I promise."

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